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“dwight, you ignorant slut.”

michael scott gives me life tbh

wormwoodandhoney  asked:

what is YOUR favorite lgbt disney cross over ship? do you consider yourself a writer? what is your favorite tv romance? dream role in a musical? what should disney remake as a live action next? i'll think of more don't worry.

You’re amazing.

My favorite LGBT Disney crossover ship… I love Aladdin/Hercules, but Flynn/Kristoff is riiiiight behind them. And Quasimodo/Milo, I think I’m the only person to ever put them together, but I think they’re perfect.

I do consider myself a writer even though I haven’t written anything in years at this point… but the OUAT reboot was a fair chunk of writing! I think I’ve always been better with coming up with characters and ideas and not always so great with the nitty gritty of the plots.

Pam/Jim is the only television ship that has ever mattered to me. I am so invested in the Halpert family and always will be.

The Baker in Into the Woods is my ultimate dream role. I love that show so much and want to play that role so badly. Someday I’ll be old enough for someone to reasonably cast me.

You KNOW I want that live action Peter Pan adaptation, but honestly I’d be thrilled to see some more action on The Little Mermaid and Aladdin movies. I need some casting! Tell me M'Onique is going to play Ursula already!