How fucked up is it

that I never had to ‘come out’ about being bi but I am so thoroughly in the closet about my hypnosis kink I can’t even talk about it hypnosis with friends in the context of it being intellectually interesting…THIS FOMR SOMSONE WHO GRADUATED IN PSYCHOLOGY AND WROTE A GREAT ESSAY ON HYPNOTISM.

It’s really fucking with me and it’s not bringing me down, I’m in a new chapter of my life and I feel great but it does make me all of a sudden feel the void where all this freedom could (dare I say should?) be. Hypnotism from it’s most unrealistic shitty rp and pathetically acted porn to it’s most serious psychological considerations and everything inbetween is a part of who I passionately am but I fear even talking about it in case somehow somebody magically figures out it’s my kink (just paranoia of course). If I ever worked up the courage and revealed it to be my kink then people would be utterly disgusted if I pursued it as a non-kink thing too because they’d think I was getting off on it and, frankly, at this stage the kink is so repressed (except online) that maybe I would!

How do you come out about being hypno-fetishist SPECIFICALLY?

i think we should all go back to using words like “halp” and “guise” and “meh” and “teh” just my personal opinion and desire to go back to my childhood…the easier days…


I need your help peeps!

‘Tis payday so I’m buying the last bits of my Femme!Tony costume for the work Xmas party.

Which of these jackets is the best for Femme!Tony - left or right?

I’d wear either one again so I’m not bothered which one I go for.  I just want to make sure I pick the right one for the costume!

I’ll be wearing the Black Sabbath tee underneath teamed with a pair of ratty old jeans.


((Okay, so I’m just sorting out the finishing touches to my John Watson cosplay. I have green eyes, so obviously to make it as authentic as possible, I’m about to buy coloured contact lenses. Luckily they do them in prescriptions (hurray!), and these seem the best (and cheapest), but I don’t know what colour to get. What colour is closest to John’s eyes, do you think? ))


Tomorrow, as you’re all well aware, is Halloween! While I’ll be in costume as Black Widow while I’m actually passing candy out, I’ve decided to dress up as Amy Pond during the school day, seeing as my best friend is going as 11.

That’s where you guys come in.

I need help deciding on what exactly to wear. I love all of Amy’s outfits, so I’m having difficulty making a decision. So, does anybody have any suggestions?


Okay, so for art, we have to choose a subject to draw (sort of like my drape in reverse- dark paper with white charcoal) and I don’t know what to pick.  

What I’ve narrowed it down to, though, is:

  • Matt Smith (prbly as the Doctor)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (idk how, Sherlock or some other perfect picture of himself)
  • Weeping Angel or the Silence
  • Tom Hiddleston ( as Loki, maybe?)
  • SOME OTHER RANDOM THING YOU CAN SUGGEST TO ME (fandom related is fine)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnd, for my art sketch, I have to draw something with wings.  SO, I need either ideas or just help me narrow it down, again ;u;   I was thinking either a Weeping Angel (ahahah) or Cas (SPN, idk how I’d do the wings… either from the SPN scene or actually give him wings) or the golden snitch from HP….


Also, I’m thinking of making a separate art blog- yay or nay?