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luna x ginny i see stars nestled in the soft curve of your smile

doodle edit series (pt. 2)

Sometimes I think about a Modern!Thedas AU, and Hawke meeting Anders for the first time, and him being an actual medical doctor in a volunteer clinic, wearing scrubs and all. And it gives me all sorts of… feelings?

Potential Forces spoilers

So is it still considered too hopeful to think that we might get a cool intro from Forces that could be close to on-par with Unleashed’s? I mean I’m just thinking of the possibilities here:

-A brief prologue recapping the (true) ending of Mania with Classic Sonic and the Phantom Ruby being sucked into a portal. Scene goes to black….

-Cut to Modern Sonic’s dimension with him chasing Eggman who is in mad dash towards a powerful energy reading, both which assume is a Chaos Emerald.

-Said energy reading turns out to be a mysterious object (the Phantom Ruby). Eggman unknowingly triggers it’s powers that takes Sonic off guard.

-Phantom Ruby takes the form of Infinite and proceeds to attack Sonic, knocking him out. Scene goes to black again. (Granted it’s not confirmed that the mysterious foe who attacked Sonic even is Infinite but he’s the most likely suspect so far. And even then, this is also under the belief that the Phantom Ruby = Infinite, so a grain of salt for this one).

-Classic Sonic wakes up in a unknown location. Notices Phantom Ruby is not nearby like he’d thought it’d be. Goes off to hopefully find out where he is and how he’ll get back home. Cutscene could lead to tutorial for Classic Sonic gameplay, Green Hill Zone and boss fight with Modern Eggman.

-Modern Sonic wakes up in some cell or prison. Cue basic tutorial stage showcasing Modern Sonic’s attacks. Eventually breaks out, only to notice how much has changed already. That cities have been nearly destroyed and giant Egg-Robos are decimating them all. He doesn’t take time to wonder how long he’s been out for this to happen, he goes off to hopefully find any of his friends who can clue him in as to what has happened.

Admittedly some of these scenes aren’t that well thought out right now. Like the manner in how Sonic would get knocked out. This is all pure brainstorming on my part based on what little we’ve heard of Forces’s Japanese website and speculation regarding Mania’s ending. It may not end up the way I just pictured it, but it was fun to do so. I’m just that intrigued as to what lies in store for how they’ll begin this game.

Art block ew

zooxanthele  asked:

I saw your "tell me what is apple butter" tag and LET ME TELL YOU. ITS GREAT. It's apple sauce but cooked low and slow so it's SUPER concentrated and has a texture like butter. If you live near somewhere that does apple picking and makes cider and such, I can guarantee that they make apple butter and YOU NEED TO TRY IT

OK OH MY GOD between you and @baristastudies telling me how amazing this stuff is….. i’m this close from buying a godamn orchard and making this stuff myself. 

What do I eat it with? Can I bake with it? When does apply sauce become apple butter?  Where can I get a recipe? Cause google has given me 27480617 suggestions? 



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