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(I’m gonna do this like this ‘cause it’s going to be in a future fic)
You stared at him with shock and fear. You swallowed thickly before daring yourself to speak. “Why’d you kill her?” You didn’t asked because that the insane girl was dead, you asked because you wanted to know WHY. “Well, why not? She was going to kill you weren’t she?” The supposed-to-be-Devil said as if it was the most simple thing he ever said. With a shaking voice you asked “A-are you going to finish me off too?”. “Why? You didn’t exactly did anything.” It was true, you were just kidnapped here to be sacrificed to the “Great lord Lucifer”. “Besides, Can’t I save a pretty damsel in distress?” That comment made you blush and double-take. The Fallen Angel Lucifer calling you pretty? THE King of Sins? THE Morning star? “W-well uh-” “I get it, You think I’m evil. Just like every hairless ape does. But I’ve got to say darling, You don’t look like one.”


“I got my diploma with my left hand up like WOO!“™ 😂🙏🏾🎓

@twice-the-joy and I graduated with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology (respectively), and kept it real ratchy lol. Thanks for millyrockin through the pressure with me (i cant stop making dance references pls halp) 😭 We oooutta here 🎉🎉💃🏽 CLASS OF 2016 STAND UPP!

Important values that super junior has taught us.

Embrace your true self

Beauty sleep is very important

Cherish your fruits before you eat it

Never be afraid to express yourself

Dream dreams and make it happen

Sometimes you just got to yolo in life

And don’t ever let others judge you of the things you love