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im playing akinator trying to get enoch and it is asking if he hunts monsters... do NMDs count as monsters? Or would they be monsters only if they shapeshift into one? HALP ;-;

i think demons are considered monsters! i would answer yes haha


Oops I accidentally mammaled. They aren’t that bad after all.

I couldn’t find good spots at the zoo where I could sit down or stand comfortably to finish a sketch, so I took pics and did them at home instead.

Also, I took tons of photos of primates and was so close to sketching one halp.

  • me: *stays inside reading CLAMP manga for days*
  • me: *goes to work*
  • co-worker: hey how are you whatchu been doin with your time
  • me: *sprinkles sakura blossoms, feathers, etc., stares wistfully into space* time...is not that which we know...but merely that which we seek...to know...for the sake of...that person...

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MY FRIEND ALWAYS COMES UP TO ME AND SMILES CREEPILY WHILE ASKING "so how's your dear boy young cock doing" AND IM SCREAMING now I can't stop thinking of that whenever say Jungkook halp

one of my best friends only refers to him as “Junglecock” so I know how you feel - Alex

I drew the whole (with plenty of emphasis on whole) Drawing Squad
- @peppercat60, @valentineskeleton, @artskullz, @spacejacket, @catgir-doodles, @lazyartz, @smooflarkglick-
The two friends don’t have a tumblr, the one holding on to my pen is Cyborgbears from DeviantArt, and the one screaming “HALP” is penkat is also from DeviantArt! Then there are just some of my OC’s… Hope ya like it!
(If I tagged you, you know who you are)

Werecoyote to the Rescue

Malia imagine where the reader is dating a douche bag guy and she can’t stand him so when he does something wrong she beats the crap out him and she ends up telling the reader she has feelings for her?

TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of abuse, abusive relationship


He hit you. He actually hit you.

He had yelled at you before, called you horrible, horrible things, but never hit you.

The two of you had stood there in shock for a moment, you clutching at the side of your face that was probably bruising. You could tell by looking at him that he was just as surprised as you were at what had happened.

But that expression of surprise on his face quickly turned to one of fear, taking several quick steps away from you. Your head whips around to see Malia stalking towards you and your boyfriend, a murderous expression on her face.

And you felt relief. Malia would take care of him.

The relief turned to dread very, very quickly though. Malia would take care of him.

She was most likely going to “take care of him” by ripping his throat out.

You had to stop her… but maybe you’d let her throw a few punches first?

No, you needed to stop her before she got ahold of him.


Your (now ex) boyfriend was in the hospital. Stopping a were coyote on a warpath proved to me much more difficult than you had previously anticipated. Your ex was lucky Scott had been nearby and was able to pry Malia off before she did any irreversible damage.

You couldn’t really bring yourself to feel much guilt though. The longer you were away from him, the more controlling of you you realize he had been.


“Because I can’t stand watching him treat you like shit anymore, okay?! It’s torture enough that I’ll never get to be with you but to have to watch you every day with him? You know you deserve so much better, (y/n).”

You’re in shock. Malia likes you. Malia likes you? You thought she liked Stiles.

“You like me?” Is your absolutely brilliant response.

“Is that all you got out of that tirade?”

You must have nodded.

“I figured you already noticed. The rest of the pack did.”

(A/n: Does anyone have a better title idea for this one? Halp. It’s late and all the titles I’m thinking of end up being terrible puns.)