If Bucky had to be honest, looking back, the 1970s were probably his favorite time in American history. Not that he remembered all that many details outside of his missions. But somethin’ about the wide legged pants, sharply pointed collars, and all those Donna Summers songs, made him as close to happy as he’d been since The Fall, even if he only had a few days of it before HYDRA put him back into deep freeze. Not many people got to see the contents of the backpack SHIELD took off him in Romania, but if they had, they’d probably have been surprised by the BeeGee’s greatest hits compilation tucked deep down at the bottom. He figured he was allowed a coupla private jokes, and Stayin’ Alive was one of ‘em.

Although… he’d be the first to admit, polyester was a fuckin’ crime against humanity and he would know, right?


i remember a while back someone requested some serirei and i was like “oh i can do that! Better yet, why don’t i make it a ten page comic that ill never be able to finish for the life of me :D” 

so i yea, i’ve drawn this in the meantime until i finish the actual comic

sorry ;-;

I was workin’ on some quality klance arts for my amazing bro @reader115 and i realised once i finished thaT I DONE FKED UP and put Keith in the COMPLETELY wrong outfit xD So here, have my doodle blooper~ (I’ll post the proper arts in groups cus she’s lettin’ me do art for her fic ‘Make Me Your Home’ ahhh ;3;)

The future fuhrer and his wife

Dean and Sam sharing a bed in another nameless motel. In the morning, when Sam wakes up warm and comfortable, he gets all flustered not only because he’s all wrapped up nice and tight in his big brother’s arms, but because he can feel just how hard Dean is pressed up against his ass. (◕‿◕✿)