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"Will you marry me?" With Steve and Tony?with fluffy icing on top!!

45. “Will you marry me?”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Steve said, coming up to Tony and wrapping his hand around his waist gently, where he was gazing up at the stars in the black night sky on their balcony, half way up the Tower.

“Yea,” Tony said softly, smiling, and putting a hand around Steve in response. Steve had decided to treat Tony to a home-cooked meal for their 1-year anniversary of being a ‘couple’, and he had to think how he could have been so lucky.

Steve kissed the top of Tony’s head, wanting to nestle into his fluffy hair, but he resisted, and pulled away slightly to look at his face.

“Tony,” Steve started, and Tony looked away from the stars and the city to look back at Steve’s adoring face.

“Hmmm,” He replied, smiling. Steve always wanted to talk about mush-nonsense whenever they did a special night like this. Or just any time really.

“I… You know I love being with you, here, in New York, in the Tower,” Steve gestured around them, “And, you’re happy too, right?”

Tony smiled even wider. “Yes, of course I’m happy Steve. I’m with you,” He said, with a bit of a blush, wanting to look away, cause damn if Steve made him say something more sappy. But he honestly didn’t care where he was, as long as he was with Steve, he knew he’d be happy.

Steve was feeling even better about tonight. He should do this soon, he had rehearsed this, but wanted to do it right.

“Tony,” Steve said again, and pulled away from him to hold his hands. Tony frowned slightly. “I’ll never want to be with anyone else,” he said seriously. “And I know that you’ve never really had a long-term relationship that has worked out, but I really want us to work, and I want everyone to know that me and you are forever - and that I plan on always being by your side.” Steve bit his lip inwardly, and smiled nervously, holding onto Tony’s hands.

“Ok…” Tony said, nodding, smiling albeit confusedly. Steve saw this as as good a moment as any. 

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tumblr-savvy friends, little question? -_-

Is anyone else having problems with random tumblrs reblogging their stuff with links to what I can only presume is a “naughty” site (or something of that ilk)? This has been happening to me pretty much since the beginning and it’s really getting on my nerves! I don’t care what other people wanna post on their tumblrs, if they want to promote their secondary sites, whatever, do what you like; what bothers me is that the links then appear in notes on my art posts, and I’m not always given the option of hiding them. I don’t like seeing them and I don’t want my legitimate followers to have to see them, let alone unwittingly click the links (which I haven’t done, that’s why I say “I can only presume”). 

Anyone know how I can stop this? Or do I just have to keep hiding the notes when I can? As I said, I’ve already written a report once, which stopped it for a while, but now it’s back. 

If anyone has some advice, I’d be ever so grateful! Thanks, all! 


Gotta love when you make your fp mad so you just keep on saying you’re sorry because you’re so anxious and then you feel like you’re manipulating them into feeling sorry for you and so you say you’re sorry more and then you feel like you’re manipulating them so you say you’re sorry-

JSE artists, please at least take a moment to consider this...

I’m making a fan game that I know is going to be good. Like really good.

But we’ve hit a major snag.

We lost the artist who has done all the cut scene art up until now. This is a huge blow to our project, as none of our artists have a similar style.

We need someone who can imitate this style to save this project:

If you can do something even somewhat similar, we need you. Jack doesn’t know it yet but HE needs you because we know he’ll love this game.

We need the game’s epic finale finished. There are, I think, 6 or 7 pieces left, plus one set of faces, like these. 

We’re kind of screwed without it so please contact us if you can help.

I’m really banking on the community here. I promise this is a really good game. And the stuff you’d be doing is the emotional center of the game. We’re talking the epic finale.

Please share this or consider giving this a shot yourself.

Contact me at @katemarie999 or @undyrus-forever if you can join.

I was workin’ on some quality klance arts for my amazing bro @reader115 and i realised once i finished thaT I DONE FKED UP and put Keith in the COMPLETELY wrong outfit xD So here, have my doodle blooper~ (I’ll post the proper arts in groups cus she’s lettin’ me do art for her fic ‘Make Me Your Home’ ahhh ;3;)