Anyone around want to beta a fic for me? I’m looking for someone to check for SPAG but also flow and general impressions. Preferably someone who feels comfortable being somewhat harsh if it warrants it. This story is a departure for me and I’d like someone who isn’t afraid to say “yeah this sucks and here’s why.”

Deets: Daredevil, Matt & Foggy (one-sided Matt/Foggy with pining b/c Matt is dumb)

I find myself in a bizarre and frustrating predicament. When I created this blog in February 2012, I used an email account that was dedicated to the sole purpose of being linked to my Tumblr account. It’s never been a problem, but when I tried to check Tumblr on a desktop browser yesterday (where I was already signed in) I was prompted that it was time to update my password. This process led me to discover that dedicated email account had been irretrievably shut down due to inactivity. Tumblr’s (understandable) security policy towards this type of situation is to recommend the person let it go and start a new blog. They feel they can’t verify a person’s identity.

I get that. However, I have offered plenty of means of verification—including now the above photo of my very Google-able self, taken today, wearing the same hoodie and roller skating unicorn t-shirt I am wearing in the photo from a few months ago that appeared on the Nickelodeon post I just previously reblogged, in my very specific office (decorated with photos that I took and posted on my Tumblr photography blog), which can be seen in such posts as on February 1st, 2016, back before my email account was deleted.

How am I posting this if I am locked out, you might ask? Luckily I am still logged in to my mobile Tumblr app. However, as soon as I am inevitably and inadvertently forced to update or replace my phone, I’ll lose this tenuous and solitary connection to this blog. Tumblr Support has stopped responding to my emails, so I figured I should post something publicly while I can in the hopes that they may see this and help me out, and to say a preemptive goodbye to all of you in case my pathetic pleas and attempts fail to verify that I am in fact ME—who I’ve always been and will always be until I’m locked out of my corporeal form and deleted, like this account might be.

I’ve never disclosed how many “followers” I have on here before, but it would be a real shame to lose this connection to all 186,187 of you lovely people who took the time and interest to check out what I might have to say or show or support. If there really is nothing that can be done to rectify this shut out, then I’ll hang on and use this account as long as I can. If I vanish one day, know that I appreciated all your support and enthusiasm on here. And know that it also means I probably now own a phone that is too big for my pants pocket.

But hopefully this can be easily resolved and this will just be a weird, frustrating, little bump in my blogging road.

Love, Bryan

(ʘ‿ʘ✿) Sorry for all the Bokuroo spam…

I have no idea what i did with the coloration there. I redid it so many times and then just half-assed it. ʅ(ʘ ヮʘ✿)ʃ  *shrugs* I still struggle with Kuroo.. why is he so hard to draw?

I hope you had a nice weekend.
Just like mine…….

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