I’m thinking back to the days when we where all excited for Halo5. The game has little to offer for the Halo universe. Its just so underwhelming. I’m actually trying my best not to get worked up about it.

don’t even get me started on how misleading the advertisement was.

I mean yeah, I’m pretty sure they tried making it more appealing to the fans who don’t read the books.

@finiteandprecious I realised that Medivh and Khadgar are basically the equivalent to the Ur-Didact and Bornstellar.

The Ur-Didact is corrupted by the gravemind, while Medivh is possessed by Sargeras. Both are used as pawns by their enemy. Bornstellar and Khadgar are taken under their wing. Leaving them responsible to tend to the wars that they’re facing. When their mentors renounce that capability.