‘nother round ‘o things. One’s a bit ruder than the rest.

* Cortana and Kalmiya, another one of Halsey’s AIs (this depiction of her is based on GRANDbigbird’s). Or androids, in this case.

What interests me about Kalmiya is that, according to Halopedia, she was active for fifteen years and showed no signs of rampancy. Could’ve just been a mistake on the writer’s part, but I gotta wonder…

* Reading fluffy Mark/F’tha stuff by Hokuto eventually lead to less-fluffy thoughts of Durandal/Lh’muria. Romantic affection would not stop Lh’muria from finding new ways to annoy their Captain.

* An Enforcer based off of that one terminal image in Infinity, using a different colour palette (derived from Eternal, though I’m not sure if the colour table I was looking at is actually used in-game). And yes, that is a very bendy staff they’ve got.

* Sometimes Durandal goes with the all-black look. Guess what the hex code translates to.