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ok hear me out... 50s era type marine jungkook returning home and meeting waitor tae in a diner where he skates around serving milkshakes in his polka dot apron .... like reblog subscribe add me on myspace if u agree

i’m hearing you anon bb…!! and this is what i hear oh boy my eyeballs are sweating a bit HAHA i actually kind of picture a speakeasy and gleaming bar with really old colorful neon jukeboxes and that kind of thing omg. and jeongguk in a marine’s cap who gets all wide eyed at taehyung under the golden glow of halogen bulbs is like wow yes i am here for that i’m such a huge fan of the 50s aesthetic (/^▽^)/ (but not so much the 50s political/social scene though, you feel me (◕⌓◕;)) –carboxyls

omfg lowkey this is reminding me about bangtans mbc gayo stage? this one! as well as all the trb teaser photos. like taehyungs…hello… id be hella down for both of them as marines ngl, our handsome boys in uniform (●♡∀♡) –nikkumeul

Why the sea is (not too) salt …

The Earth contains far less chlorine than it should. At least, far less than other representative samples of the early solar system do, and far less than the solar abundance, compared to other elements. If you plot the amount of each chemical element found on Earth against that found in primitive meteorites, or seen in the Sun, you will find a consistent trend. But halogens such as chlorine and bromine lie off the trend, and appear to be depleted on Earth compared to their neighbours on the periodic table.

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Just Go With It

Not a request but I just had this idea and I really wanted to write it lol

Peter Parker x Reader

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“So, single replacement or displacement reaction. In this type of reaction, a more active element replaces a less active element in a compound. ” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

Hands slightly cramping, I scribbled down notes as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss anything important. I was completely engrossed in chemical reactions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A string of curses ran through my mind as I lost my train of thought. I shook my head, ignored the tap, and continued with my work.

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Improved nanoscale patterning using aniodine or xenon difluoride gas

A technique developed by scientists at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, has made more controlled fabrication of optoelectronic devices produced from a hybrid of organic and inorganic materials possible.                                

Solar cells that are based on a perovskite material made by combining organic methylammonium ions with inorganic lead atoms plus a halide (chlorine, bromine or iodine) atom have already shown high efficiency and are economical to produce.

A drawback, however, is that is that the organic component is sensitive to the solvents and temperature changes that are often involved in device fabrication.

“Perovskite is a relatively new material, so fabrication technology is not well-developed,” said KAUST Professor of Electrical Engineering Boon Ooi. “Existing approaches are at the microscale and inhomogeneous.”

Ooi and his colleagues from the University’s Photonics Laboratory, the Imaging & Characterization Core Lab and the Solar & Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center have demonstrated a technique that can directly pattern perovskites with features smaller than one micrometer with little surface damage.

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puns - vmin

request: “you must be an electron because I’m a halogen and you make me positively charged, in other words I got my ion you” basically just chemistry puns

// drabble game // 

“You must be an electron-”

Not again. 

“Because I’m a halogen, and you make me positively charged.”

Jimin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose while giving Taehyung a long glare. He must have been getting a mighty fine kick out of these dumb ass jokes, because he really wasn’t giving up. “What the fuck does that mean . . ?” he grumbled.

The taller smiled brightly, flipping his book shut and propping his head up on the table and winking. “It means I’ve got my ion you.”

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by HotSauce418

“20,” there was another scrape of teeth worrying his already red lip.

“Ah, we’ll then perhaps some difference.” Hannibal smiled, teeth glinting under the awful halogen of the garage lights. “Your father stepped out for something. Thought I could entertain you in his absence.”

“Do you normally entertain the folks you hire?” Will smiled, something genuine, Hannibal could tell. He looked like ripe fruit on the vine. He could see sketching him, laying him out nude and stretched, debauched and drowsy.

“No, they normally entertain me,” Hannibal stepped closer, a whisper in his ear, “but you are already doing a fine job of that, my boy.”

Words: 2715, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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i n t p and the shadow : a playlist for cognitive functions seen + hidden

After spending many sleepless nights reading up on MBTI shadow functions, I was inspired for this while listening to the band Skyharbor. Their stuff is heavily introspective and relatable for me as an INTP, so I threw this thing together.

i’ve been high and i’ve been low by sparklypinkunicorn featuring wall art ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Fluorine: Feisty Teflon
For more cute chemistry cartoons, visit www.justlovechemistry.com

Atomic number: 9
Atomic weight: 18.998 amu
: Halogen

Fluorine is a pale yellow-green gas and indisputably the most reactive element on the periodic table! The most publicly known use of fluorine is Teflon. The fancy scientific name of Teflon is polytetrafluoroethene (what?), or PTFE (…what?). PTFE is the stuff coated on frying pans so that the eggs you’re cooking don’t stick to the bottom. PTFE is also used in waterproof shoes and clothing, so thank fluorine the next time a raincoat keeps you dry.

Fluorine is desperate to react with everything, so it’s not picky when it comes to its chemical partners. Even things that typically don’t burn will burst into flames with a little fluorine. Blow some fluorine onto glass and it’ll burn like a piece of firewood.

Fluorine has a bad reputation because of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). CFCs were used in aerosol sprays, packing material (foam), and refrigerants before it was revealed that they release tons of chlorine and destroy the ozone layer. Now the use of CFCs is illegal, but the damage to the ozone layer has already been done. (Note: The ozone layer protects the inhabitants of Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. So yeah, it’s pretty important.)