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ooh!! ooh!! Euphemia with 4!!

This color palette was made just for her I know it.

Like a quarter of the way through this I was about ready to give up but after switching around my colors I fell in love with it and can I just say that I am in love with these cotton candy like colors? And they look so amazing for her design.

Thank you Jessica! I don’t think anyone understands just how much I LOVE working with color palettes. 

Also I love drawing her and I’m so wanting to draw more Code Geass stuff. I’ve never been THIS INTO doing fan art but I’m loving every minute of it haha.

Oh hello fellow SPG fans. Here are some neatly done fully line-arted versions of my fem-bots everyone loved. I enjoyed drawing this so much, I’m loving it.

“But Halo, why didn’t you color it!?” I’m sure some of you are saying. Or maybe you’re not, who really knows? But the answer to that question is that I’m going to color it. Probably this weekend. The thing is I’d like to livestream it, so people can watch. So if enough people want to, I’ll do that. If not I’ll just color it an upload the finished product when I’m done.

Surely let me know if anyone is interested in watching me color this up. :)

Oops, my hand slipped.

So SOMEONE keeps talking about all these cute Code Geass things and then I feel 100% compelled to draw them  because how could you not want to draw this?

I admit, my version is very rushed but to be honest it was a sketch that got out of control. So I very lazily threw some color on it.

I must say that I very much enjoyed drawing this though. If Jess doesn’t stop talking with these head cannons my hand it just gonna keep slipping all over.

Thank you though, Jess! Your headcannons get me to work on art I wouldn’t normally do on my own. I’m real bad at deciding what to make the characters DO when I wanna do fan art. So I have this nice piece here because of it. <3 

Sooo….I drew Lelouch and Suzaku with some flower crowns! Flowers are hard for me to draw, and I don’t think these look too much like the flowers they are supposed to be, and I picked out specific ones for their meanings…I’ll explain.

The orange flowers are marigolds, and they represent pain and grief…..which is of course fitting…

And the other flower is SUPPOSED to be a gladiolus flower, which represents a multitude of things. Specifically for Lelouch, it represents conviction and for Suzaku, strength of character.

I was really happy with my decisions and the picture in general and I think I may put it on a shirt on my shop but I’m not sure yet…

Full View this if you can, it looks so much better…I hate Tumblr size restrictions…Full Resolution

Considering the horrible art slump I’ve been in for a few weeks, I’m very surprised I was able to (litterally) FORCE myself to do this. I have a folder of over 350 reference images for characters I wanted to draw and after looking through every single one I only felt ever so slightly motivated to draw Flonne, or Minato Arisato from Persona 3. But my desire to draw Flonne was a bit stronger since I’ve wanted to draw her for awhile.

As soon as I opened SAI a pose idea came to me and I sketched it and it looked absolutely terrible. But I was suddenly hit with a strong determination to see it colored and worked on the line art for over 2 hours to make sure it was perfect. 

I’m loving the idea of colored line art and after I changed it from black to red the whole picture really came together and I am so insanely proud of this. Flonne is my favorite character from the Disgaea series and was my favorite character in Trinity Universe.I should do some Trinity Universe fan art, or maybe just some more NISA/Nippon Ichi fan art. I like the game styles.

Retail got some nice feedback and so I decided to draw her some more! Some different clothing, since she is a model basically. I’m going to love playing dress up with her.

I’m still working bits and pieces of her lore out but personality wise, Retail is very bubbly and talkative. She loves talking to potential customers about the amazing products she’s demonstrating and her vast memory let’s her keep all of the important info at hand so she can happily answer any question. She is fascinated by humans and their lives and is sometimes distracted by passerbyers carrying food, toys, suitcases, wearing hats, shiny shoes, and she especially loves children. 

She is saddened that she can’t eat human food because she thinks it looks amazing. She enjoys seeing children carrying balloons because they’re round, color, and shiny. Babies crying upsets her so she likes to make funny faces to cheer them back up though she is afraid of holding them because they’re “delicate”. 

She’s just a super cutey and I love her!


So for anyone who has not seen much of my posts in the last year (not reblogged content) You probably don’t know that I was in school. Baking and Pastry School (Haha…student loan debt, hello..) It was tons of fun but honestly, my first Module, which was Frozen Desserts and Tarts, was just about the worst start ever. And I did so poorly on my practical at the end that I honestly contemplated if I had made a mistake. I loved to bake, but maybe I Wasn’t good at it?

I mean yeah I knew the steps to cooking puff pastry and building a Napoleon but my pastry was under cooked (due to time constraints) and I didn’t have time to cool it before presentation therefore pastry cream melted everywhere, including on to my BURNT apple tart and my ugly fruit tart. It was disasterous to say the least..

But to be honest, I got the hang of it. Baking is most definitely my passion, as evident with my classmates clamoring for my finished products (since we got to keep and eat what we made) from bacon brownies to pumpkin cheesecake truffles. My flavors were amazing, my presentations flawless, my confidence was hella boosted and my Chef told me that I was more than ready to handle my own brigade when I opened my business.

And to hear someone who I look up to as much as my Chef say that about me was the most amazing compliment. It really helps to cement for me the reason why I started school.

Thank you, Chef Gino.

Another piece of art born from a color palette. I have a folder filled with them (I’m adding more today!) and I picked one with green, so I could do vines and grass. This is the result.

The color palette can be found here. http://chromaa.tumblr.com/post/45873386849/fd9487-faa799-f7e59f-c0cd9b-a3ba84

(´∇ノ`*)ノ Ah, Chromaa’s palettes are so pretty I can’t handle it. I need to use them all!