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hey! I'm working on a cosplay for Veronica from fire emblem heroes, and I have no idea how to attach the halo/crown thing to myself. do you have any tips or suggestions? thank you!!!!!

You’re gonna wanna devote your wig to that headress, and maybe even build them permentaly together, with a process akin to this:


The wig will make it more stable though. 

Here’s a little write up I found. 

Archetype Inspirations - Royal Siblings

Born to rule the world, both strong enough to reign with adamant hands and unbreakable will, both wearing their crowns like golden halos proud and crowned with ingenuous youth. They curl around and move with gracious goodness, their bodies bathed in iron and weaponized to complete each other. They are the ones standing in sunlight and photosynthesize the golden light to shine and reign supreme in their kingdom.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 9.1.17

living succulent and plant wedding accessories by eucca

bohemian brides and grooms will adore the headpieces, living bouquets, and beautiful boutonnieres created at eucca — the billy ball and everlasting sola flower bout and succulent headpiece featured here are totally swoon-worthy!

Daffodils (Elucien)

AN: Yeah, so, I headcanon that when Tamlin dies, the power passes to Lucien and he becomes High Lord of the Spring Court. Why, you say? Not because I think Lucien would be a good High Lord (not that he’d be bad!) but because ELAIN IS PERFECT FOR THE SPRING COURT. So yeah. And yes, I know, I will be posting Across the Stars (which you should all check out!) today, but I got excited about this one first. This is dedicated to the other two Night Court Queens @illyriantremors and @kitashiwrites!!! Enjoy!!! (Also, I’d like to say that this is NOT where I thought this fic was gonna go, but I’m so glad it did!)

“Sit still, my goodness!” Elain frowned as Lucien, once again, shifted uncomfortably in her lap and yanked the stem off of one of the daffodils in his hair. She threw the ruined flower back down in the sun-warmed grass.

Lucien grunted. “You’re taking too long.”

“I’m almost done,” she replied, wrapping the stem of the bright yellow flower around a long strand of his hair. “I would have been done fifteen minutes ago if you hadn’t crushed all the petals in my lap.”

A low chuckle rumbled in Lucien’s chest. He plucked a blade of grass and examined it idly. “I do not regret that.”

Elain’s cheeks colored rose. She pressed her lips into a thin line and focused on the flower in her hand.

Lucien resisted the urge to twist around and look up at her. The only thing that kept him still and staring at the cloudless spring sky was the fact that he might ruin his mate’s loving handiwork—even if he didn’t particularly want daffodils strung in his hair. “Do you regret it?”

Her hands stilled for a moment in his hair, and for a split second, his heart grew wings and whirled in a fluttering panic. But her hands resumed their work and she cleared her throat delicately. “Not at all.”

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I. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 1: Meetings]


Dionysus (THE MORTAL LOVING GOD) sees across the room, through throngs of people. Music shakes the ground, thrums up his veins, makes him feel like he has a beating heart. 

And The Boy (THE BRIGHT LIGHT, IMMORTAL WITH YOUTH), with laughter in him, is drunk on more than just wine. He looks the way Dionysus hopes these nights will let him feel. 

Instantly, in the air stolen from lungs, never to be recaptured, he’s in love.

He’s also across the room so Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle instead.

II. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 2: Rumors and Background]


Those TWO (COLD TWINS) have knife sharp eyes and wicked teeth, that pull in and gut. Make you love and treat with reproach. 

Apollo has broken many hearts with love. A singing fire song.

(Artemis, does it by never giving love out at all. Quick in kindness, they fall at her knees in hope.)

Dionysus almost loves him on that alone, the wicked insanity of it all.

Rumors, of sweet ichor in his blood, wine that runs off lips, the heartless deity.

III. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 3: The pull]


He’s dancing on a table and the music is in him.

All the colors, so blinding before, have become swings of his hips. Neon colored lipsticks and shades of shoved off couches are flushes of cheeks. 

Dionysus: lustful and drunk.

Throws himself into the night.

“Apollo,” is in the shell of his ear. A prayer for the night. Dionysus screams with religious ecstasy.

IV. ACT TWO- Confrontation  [scene 1: In the presence of]

Soft skin forms soft lips forms soft words forms soft poems.

Dionysus revels in beauty, swallows the sights down hard, and he is that.

V.  ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 2: In the absence of]


with a white sun burning eyelids red.

Quiet rings loud, reverberating off four walls of unfamiliar rooms. Ataste in the air is sweet and untouched, morning.

And a spot of tangled dark clothes on a spotless carpet.


VI. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 3: Way Home]

(Setting, specific): Sunrise air sticks hot. Thoughts cloud together on humid winds. 

Sepia skin hands. Icarus, they say fell from those hands.

Tight muscled calves, to soft skinned thighs. Daphne, they say, ran herself to death chasing love, trying to run from the agony.

- Oh and how Dionysus (A GOD, ON HEAVENLY CLOUD) knows he would too. 

To wake in a cold room, to shuffle cold feet along air conditioned tile, to walk the sun’s path home. 

In those eyes were every sorrow he’s ever met. In the hot puffed breathes was the last sin he’ll ever breathe. In the pink flash tongue was the last bits of warmth before a winter you won’t survive.

VII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 4: Last thoughts (the oracle) ]


Dionysus knowing he will never find the path back to that place.

Starts the dance with a golden (enough) girl, her whispers, her teeth. “A virgin.”

There’s an ethereal step to her twirls. “Won’t be for long.”

Her neck smells of incense, her body writhes with hope.

Pain, in her eyes, in futures she sees. Wine, on her lips, sacrificed blood of her innocence.

Dionysus knows her. She is mortal.


VIII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 5: Comforts]

DIONYSUS WATCHES, dances and laugh into a listening night.

He is a god, he knows, and these are his worshipers. 

The words slur out, drunk with love and ripe with wine: 

                          “You are all I’ve ever needed.”

IX. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 6: First thoughts]

The night is a lost concept.

The day is a halo rising, a crown on gilded hair. 

Dionysus couldn’t tell how he got here but nector rests on his lips. Hard knuckled hands glide out word. From this angle: the god is blinded, he cannot see. “A Poem.” he is told. He is not the muse.

 At this table. In this light.

Words wash over him, warm as cascading light through the window. 

Dionysus can already feel his heart breaking.

X. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 1: audience]

She watches him. She watches everything. Her teeth, her mind,  her eyes, her nails are sharp. 

She ghosts soft silver over wood forest floors.

“My brother is a god of poison and disease.” Her teeth glimmer white.

“He is not good for you.” Her voice comes out throaty and soft. 

“You are a wild animal. And he loves to hunt.”


XI. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 2: Drink, maybe]

Nights like this:

Loud with silence. Loud with thought. Life eats him raw. And wisps of almost memory curl tight in his mind with rebuke.

He is unstable. Unstable is he.

XII. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 3: Next time]

Dionysus sees him across the room. Gold glints off bronze, even through the dull of lost souls he burns bright.

Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle and drinks to drown.


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Are there any good historical AUs you've found/read? I've read littleblackfox's Cinder and Smoke and love it so much! I was wondering if you guys have any recs for AUs dealing with other historical eras?


Armed in Liberty by princeofprinces 

“What will you do if I die?”

“I shall mourn you, with all the proper customs and traditions that befit your social status and our relationship.”

James quirked an eyebrow at him. “Relationship?”

For The Dead Travel Fast by darth_stitch

Solicitor Natasha Romanoff and her cousin Steve Rogers are traveling to Transylvania, in order to help a certain old, eccentric Romanian aristocrat and his grandson make their move to London. However, the journey can be dangerous… from snow and wolves and night.

Frontier Justice by marlowe_tops

Unable to adjust to life in the wake of the American Civil War, Steve heads West looking for a new start. After Tony Stark talks him into coming to an obscure mountain town to serve as Deputy, Steve begins to investigate the outlaw gang calling themselves ‘Russian Winter’, only to find himself fixated on the outlaw who reminds him inexplicably of his childhood friend Bucky.

Gold Coast Theatre by bopeep 

As soldiers shuttle in and out of the Pacific theater via the golden state, Tinseltown welcomes America’s men and women in uniform with open arms to the Hollywood Canteen, where they might spend their last night on leave enjoying the hospitality of some of the silver screen’s brightest stars.

Audiences are charmed by the on-screen antics of comedy duo that is James “Bucky” Barnes, a blue-eyed charmer with a smooth baritone, and Steve Rogers, all limbs and quips as the king of fast-talking physical comedy. Off screen, however, they couldn’t be more at odds. They were childhood friends and then some, but that was before the war, and something unnameable, came between them, and no cutting room Hollywood magic could put the pieces back together again quite the same. Studio head Howard Stark, take-charge noir darling Margaret Carter, and the studio fixer Ed Jarvis take matters into their own hands; the show must go on whether Steve and Bucky come to that conclusion on their own or not!

Here’s a Conspiracy by castiowl

The pre-war years as told by an anomalistic radio.

I Hear Sirens While We Make Love by chalmskinn

They begin as friends, become brothers, and end as lovers. But they do not end. They can not end. The end is finality, and the last domino has not yet fallen.

Everyone is frightened of nuclear war, and reality is the enemy.

Most Ardently by 74days

Baron Grant, nothing more than a small, sickly country gentleman with no fortune and very little to recommend him, has just poured a glass of claret over Duke Barnes, a wealthy lord with the world at his feet.

Ships at a distance by Chimerari

The year was 1930. Peggy Carter was on a one-woman mission to uncover the truth of Franklin county, the moonshine capital of America.
Meanwhile, Steve Rogers was fighting to keep the family diner running after his mother’s passing. The last thing he wanted was for someone to poke their nose into his and Bucky’s side business. Times were hard. They needed to make a dollar same as anybody else.
This was a story about the small people, who unknowingly propped up the Broadwalk Empire.

Soap and Sugar and Rum by princeofprinces

“Sir! We’ve found him.” Thor’s voice caused Steve to quickly pull away, as the sound of more shoes and boots on the deck drew closer to the pair. Thor was walking toward them, hauling a young man by the shirt behind him. The boy was barely able to keep up with the Norwegian, he took three quick steps for every two Thor took. Behind Thor and the cabin boy were Morita and Dugan. Thor released the boy once they were in front of Steve.

“Where were you?”

The Crown Of These Is Made Of Love And Friendship by perfect_plan

James Barnes is miserable, forced to marry a woman to satisfy his father’s will and business ambitions. A chance encounter may prove to be the key to discovering his own happiness.

The Halo Around My Crowned Head (WIP) by sarahlucielle

Knight-Captain Rogers fell in love with the prince the moment he saw him. Prince Buchanan could repay those affections if it weren’t for the fact that by now he’s accustomed to never having anything he desires while King Alexander reigns.

Medieval AU in which Bucky is a sickly prince and Steve is a knight who is too noble for his own good.

The Hermit of Steventon (WIP) by WillowPerpetua

A Regency AU–
Steven Grant Rogers is the owner of a sizable estate of some note. He has everything he needs: good friends, excellent servants, and so many thousand a year that it is never uttered aloud in good company. Everything is changed when a man stumbles onto his doorstep and Steve must save him by extraordinary means.

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A normally monotone s/o laughing for the first time

Here we have a surprise third none of you ever expected to appear! :D

2p! England/Oliver:

  • No one really knows how this relationship works, with one person brightly cheerful and the other a monotonous believer of life
  • It does, and Oliver has many sweet things to say (though no one is quiet certain if it’s true or not as you comment in the background in the most dead sort of tone. Should they laugh? Is this real? What should they DO?! Just nod and smile, boys. Just nod and smile)
  • The one thing he has never spoken about is your laughter, it’s not out of a desire to keep it to himself. Honestly, he’s just never really heard you laugh before.
  • That’s why he is so beside himself with shock when you see someone walk straight into a stop sign and laugh.
  • It wasn’t any sort of weird, broken laughter that Allen always joked about. Nor that quiet hum that he has heard from Kuro once or twice.
  • It was an honest to God laugh.
  • Pure and unadulterated as your whole frame shook, lips pulled into a giant smile, and eyes almost glittering.
  • Oliver cried and begged for you to do it again so he can tape it and show it off to everyone (you quickly switched the video with a scripted, painful laughter and watched as Oliver gushed to confused and uncertain friends. Ah. Chaos.)

2p! Japan/ Kuro:

  • Kuro and you are a surprising power couple, or as Lutz likes to say it: “the freakishly silent, mysterious couple you just know are going to murder you and rule the world”
  • It might be the eyes. It might be the silent stare. It might also be the monotonous sort of voice you both seem to answer with and watch gleefully as people wonder if this is an odd joke or you both really are just that strange.
  • One day you laughed.
  • No one knew why, one moment there was blissful chatter and then laughter.
  • It was a pleasant sort of laugh. The sort of laugh that made one pause and want to join in, to feel that same warm filled feeling of joy only laughter can bring.
  • A beautiful laugh.
  • That still didn’t stop people from wanting to ignore that single moment for the rest of their lives, and wonder (on the days when they just couldn’t help but think) if it was just a nightmarish figure of their imagination when you glimmered with joy next to Kuro.
  • Obviously if you ever laughed that happily and prettily, it must be because something had gone right, but horribly wrong for the victim (Kuro refused to mention he was showing off funny dog videos).

Nyo! Ukraine/Taras:

  • This is a relationship most are puzzled about.
  • Taras is like an overgrown puppy. Absolutely adorable.
  • So it was quite strange to see a peaceful, sort of person next to someone so… monotone, just shades of grays, you are.
  • But Taras loved you dearly, even when some of your humor went straight over his head – uncertain if you were joking or being truthful. Sometimes he got it, sometimes he didn’t. It was a long game of “I’m going to believe this until I’m proven wrong by Google”
  • The one thing Google could not help with was the wonderful, happy feeling he got when you laughed.
  • The first time it happened it was because Taras had accidentally tripped over his younger brothers dog, Marshmallow, and ended up falling face first in a comical spin of try to catch yourself with everything and everyone before hitting the floor.
  • It was a pretty laugh, the sort of laugh he wanted to listen to all day as it lit up your face, the sun in the background haloing the crown of your head.
  • He loves hearing your laughter, especially if he was the one to cause it.

etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 9.8.17

gilded crown headpieces by ericaelizabethdesign

  • 1929 // white-gold pearl + leaf circlet
  • 2094 // grecian oak leaf circlet

i kicked off this friday frenzy with a leafy headpiece, and now i’m closing things out with two more — but these beauts feature metallic leaf-and-vine motifs with gilded and pearl-y accents. swoon.

celestial ☆ jihoon

characterlee jihoon / woozi.
au ☆ guardian angel au.
genre ☆ fluff.
summary ☆ he’s the anomaly in your life of existing.
words ☆ 1260+ words.

weezy ☆ to be honest, this isn’t my favorite. i rushed the end a bit, but i hope it’s still okay. TT majority of the parts was actually … demonhoon, but i changed it so it’s angelhoon instead huhu.

every day’s morning to its night, you exist. wake up, eat, pass the time, eat, get ready for bed, sleep for a few hours less than what you should be receiving, and repeat. it is a repetitive cycle that you don’t mind reenacting each and every day, having gotten used to the bore of it all. it’s all the same now, how you pass the day becomes a memory merged with all the other days you existed in.

so when you open the door to a beautiful man whose height stands only a few inches above your own, blonde hair crowning his head like a pious halo of its own and hazel piercing eyes to match the slight frown looking like it was etched onto his facials, you believe this may just be another part of existing. that is what you believe until your eyes zero on the actual brightly glowing halo floating centimeters above his hair and the gigantic pair of beautiful, pure white wings attached to his back. you then realize that this is an anomaly in his repetitive cycle of existing, the one you never asked for but always hoped would come.

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.15.17

DAY TWO: floral wedding finds
featuring: woodland bridal floral crowns by gardensofwhimsy

LACUNA COIL Is Working On 'Secret Project' To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

LACUNA COIL singers Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro have revealed to the Brazilian metal channel Heavy Talk that they are planning “something special” to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut EP.

Asked if LACUNA COIL will release another DVD to follow 2008’s “Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul)”, Cristina said (see video below): “We have plans. We don’t know if it’s gonna be a DVD or something, but we are planning something special for the twentieth anniversary of the band that will be coming late next year. So it will be something different — not just a typical [release].”

Added Andrea: “We have kind of a secret project. We can’t really tell right now, but it involves different things. It might also be a DVD, but it’s a more complete package we’re gonna offer to celebrate the twentieth anniversary. So there is something in the works, but not specifically just a DVD.”

LACUNA COIL in December released a new song called “Naughty Christmas”. The front cover and font were all created by bassist Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati.

LACUNA COIL last fall wrapped up a successful European tour, which was sold out in various cities, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and Tilburg. The band is set to do another run of dates later this year.

LACUNA COIL’s latest album, “Delirium”, entered The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 33 with first-week sales of just over 13,000 units — nearly all from pure album sales. The set followed the No. 27-peaking “Broken Crown Halo”, which also opened with around 13,000 copies back in 2014.