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18K White Gold The Classic Cushion Halo with Diamond Crown Engagement Ring
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Protective Style: Crown (Halo) Braid

My friend and co-worker wanted to try a crown (halo) braid on my hair, so I let her. I absolutely love it! She did such a great job. Before she braided my hair, I lightly finger detangled my hair with water, applied Karen Body Beautiful Sweet Abrosia leave in, and then sealed with my homemade shea butter mix. This will be my protective style for the week. I should also mention that she laid my edges for the gawds lol! She used Eco Styler Gel (the olive oil variety) to do so. There was some slight flaking and residue, but that is okay!

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anonymous asked:

hello! this might be difficult, but can you rec some fics where bucky is addressed as Buchanan initially? i just love that

alright this is the best i could find, but maybe these ones with him being called james instead of bucky might interest you?

Crossroads by 74days

Steve accidentally makes a deal with a demon called Buchanan, who keeps showing up… and then doesn’t leave.

The Halo Around My Crowned Head (WIP) by sarahlucielle

Knight-Captain Rogers fell in love with the prince the moment he saw him. Prince Buchanan could repay those affections if it weren’t for the fact that by now he’s accustomed to never having anything he desires while King Alexander reigns.

Medieval AU in which Bucky is a sickly prince and Steve is a knight who is too noble for his own good.

anonymous asked:

Pentagram thingy thing: A Japanese ribbon, a Christmas halo, Swiss chocolates, flower crowns, and a propane tank (cause you're the bomb).

I’m confused about the propane tank (but the compliment is super sweet) but I’d show up for the chocolate. 

acritas  asked:

🎈- A memory about a time they were safe and relaxed :0

MEMORIES FADE AWAY ( ᵐᵉᵐᵉ ) | not accepting anymore
- A memory about a time they were safe and relaxed

THE LIGHT OF DAWN PIERCES THROUGH THE HORIZON warm in its kindness, merciful omen killing the dread that thrives in the bosom of night. Swarns of deamons lie dormant under daybreak, as even the wicked experience peace. Ô, ain’t it grand, this blissfulness that fills the heart once the sun’s halo appears like a crown of melted gold ? It is the aureole of a saint that paints the sky, watching over kingdoms like a wholesome sovereign. May its light never fade !

He watches from the windows of endless corridors, a kaleidoscope of colors which let echo within his soul one peculiar song ( a joyful nostalgia ). But what is it that makes his heat so light and yet so heavy ? He could get addicted to this feeling, finding comfort in what’s missing and the hollowness between his ribs. It’s a sweet pain, something that hardly aches but keep you alive - a reminder of mortality and time passed. Oh, just as the sun, kings rise and die, going peaceful beyond the horizon as their crown is burried in the ground. Memento Mori et Memento audire semper. Today is a good day to remember that you are alive - one shall never fear existence itself.

STEPS RINGING UPON THE MARBLE FLOOR, the gentleness of her aura cannot fool him : here comes the Queen, her grace eternal despite all the Empires Time has over her. Slender fingers resting upon his shoulder in an affectionate gesture, she stands by his side, silence speaking louder than words. How wise mothers always are, knowing how to ease one’s burden with a single touch. And so, he indulges her company, shattering this thin veil of ice that loneliness built around him, just like a cage. His soul bared, the ghost of his disquietude shared, the world sings its song to him, one of a future that seems to shine so bright. —— ani mode leha.

rabbitfoots  asked:

does anyone remember Eiael? that's me. I'm a principality and a Christian angel. my true form has a canine face(I probably had a secondary, more human facial form, but that's not as important), and an immeasurable number of eyes. 8 wings, and 4 arms I think. i had at least one crown-like halo and a scepter. i'm not sure of everything I'm associated with, but I know that occult science and oddities are included. I think I was in the War, and I never Fell. please contact me if I sound familiar

^^^^^^^^ !!!!!!!
-mod hae


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.1.16

lush tropical flower crown by emilyroseflowercrown

this bold, lush flower halo features large tropical blooms in a vibrant palette … definitely not for the wallflowers among us. rock this eye-catching crown at a wedding, festival, concert, or beach party.