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I'm just waiting here for some post-686 ishihime stuff from you. Please write some!

Fandom: Don’t romanticize adultery!! Stop soiling these characters!! It’s problematic–

My spiteful ass: How bout I do anyway

Excerpt from:Morally questionable ishihime.


Look at him,
she thinks, he wants it

Uryuu’s long, white coat slips off first; falls to the black carpet of his office in the shapes of halos and hallowed crowns and Orihime remembers–


Prince and emperor and enough light to leave heretics blind.

The office is dark, though; the carpet is soft underneath her bare-feet, and the mercury lamplight blue-haze spills over him like rain, leaking through his iron pressed shirt. Seeping into his skin–

“We can’t do this.” Uryuu breathes.

“Watch me.” She says.

Orihime fiddles with the tie— black and silk-smooth to the touch—and pulls it away from the smoothness of his neck. Like ivory, she thinks. Untouched. Something pure about it.

What would it look like, marked and bruised?

“Kurosaki-san—“ He starts, and Orihime flinches. Not here. Not with him and not now–

Crescent moons and red-purple galaxies–

“Inoue.” She murmurs, “I’m still your Inoue.”

(How pretty. How lowly of her.)

Her name lines the curve of his mouth like a prayer in calligraphy; half-holy and half-sin.  “Inoue”. Once. “Inoue–” Twice.

The third is a kiss, in muted watercolour, and Orihime closes her eyes to the sound of tides and pasts subsiding like parting seas.

blot out the lovesick starlight
steal the sobs from my throat
and take me to a place where
her laughter still whispers
through the sweet scented fog
deliver me to a universe where
her eyes continue to blaze like the cosmos
and a halo of shimmering moonlight crowns her head
make her rose tinted beauty wash away my bitter tears
and have her dapple my cheeks
with honeyed kisses that stick to my burning flesh
let her never forget our seasons together
or remove all glimmers of her memory
from my drowning heart
—  sing me a song of suffering | c.w.

Gently she murmurs
Whispers in the wind
Softly stroking fingers
Signal the beginning of the end
Moonlight dances lovingly
Upon her satin skin
Soaking in her sunlight
Reverently watching her descend
Kisses laced with firestorm
Touches fueled with need
Laughter springing from her lips
Intoxicating deeds
Dancing to the rhythm
Stirring hips in turn ignite
Stardust in the shadows
Chase away the night
Alone unto her madness
She steals away the dark
Catching it within her soul
For when she begins to fall apart
Unraveling the silken threads
Her tresses tumble down
To brush against the moonlight
A halo against a glowing crown
She breathes out a symphony
Moonbeams captured in her eyes
Temptations of untold desire
Woven amid her sighs
She walks upon the night wind
Bare and lovely to behold
A fair and fleeting beauty
That none but she can hold
She beckons with her smile
Stills with just a kiss
Leaves with silent warning
An addiction unable to resist

Gently she murmurs
Whispers in the wind
Waiting for the moment
When her magic takes hold again

© Courtney Turley 2016


I’m an egotistical, blasphemous,
Emotion-based masochist.
Smashing papier-mâché globes,
Made of gauges from my bloody fists.
Claiming to be a god while,
Laying in a lions den with Judas.

Keep claiming bliss and ignorance,
I know you’ve fucking heard of us.
Fingerprints blood smeared,
From crawling through earths crust.
Follow in my footsteps,
Descend with us.

Halo gone,
My crown replaces.
Barbed wire bracelets,
Make way for scar tissue traces.
My body reads like morse code,
Of how I fell from good graces.

Eyes turn black,
But my vision turns red.
My pores spew hellfire,
Nothing but rage in my head.
Dishonor in my heart,
Revenge in my bed.

Corruption of the masses,
Sinners in the streets.
Every Virgin Mary,
In between these sheets.
Every mother Theresa,
Remembers contents of these pleats.

Spiteful chants arise,
In every ounce of pleasure.
Ingestion or seduction,
What is man’s leisure?
Sex, drugs or unholy rituals?
I supply all for good measure.

Nothing has been the same,
Ever since that night on the train.
I traded sunshine for acid rain,
And now vengeance is my aim.
I could’ve ended it centuries ago,
But I quite like this game.