10 Years Ago

Another poster I thought I make leading up to Halo 3′s 10th birthday. A simple lineup of the various armor permuations for Spartans in multiplayer. This general design will always be my favourite in the whole franchise. 

Halo 3 in general will remain my favourite game from the Xbox 360 era. Although it won’t be getting an Anniversary treatment, the upcoming backwards compatibility support will definitely entice me into playing classic Halo multiplayer once again…. :)

Hope you guys like it!

From left to right:

- Mark VI (Default)

- Mark V




- Scout


- Rogue

- Hayabusa

- Security

- Recon

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios!


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lambofdawn  asked:

How did you meet Evan and Vinnie? Do you have any favorite memory that sticks out to you with them?

Vinnie and I met around late elementary-middle school and casually played and discussed games. We then played Halo 2 a bit (which is all I did those days), but he has game-based ADD and never really plays for more than a few months at MAX, so we were friends, but I didn’t talk to him a super huge amount from sixth to ninth grade. We’d play and gossip about new games and horror movies in mutual classes, but that was pretty much it. 

Freshman year of high school, I think… Vinnie and I sat at a lunch table with a few mutual friends, and a few rather colorful characters at our table would make insane messes every day and incur the hatred of the spectating vice principal and we sort of just sat back and enjoyed their nonsense. They were immature, but we were freshmen in high-school, so what did you expect. 

The next year, both Vinnie and I didn’t have any other close group of friends in our period for lunch, so we gravitated to a mutual friend, named Hana. At this point, Evan was also a friend of Hana, so we all stuck together, not really knowing all one another, but still stuck together. Hana could go and do her own thing with her friends, but because of her, we all kinda stuck together along with another ragtag group, including a guy we affectionately refer to as Red Jesus (also amongst a few unsavory visitors). Hana, don’t crucify me for this. 

We all shared our love of ridiculous / horror movies and gaming and became close friends. Evan and I then had gym / health class together and would spend the forty-five minutes hysterically laughing about inane bullshit whilst the onlookers spectated in disdain. Eventually this involved into “Zombie Night,” which every Friday we would go to Evan’s or Vinnie’s and watch either great horror movies or sub-tier B-Horror and just have a good time. In the same period Vinnie and I double-dated with our high school girl friends, and these various events and get-togethers commingled into all of us becoming closer. 

Come graduation, we’d hang out on our weekends, or Evan and I would play Halo 3 multiplayer daily and it was just a good thing. Then late 2009, as we entered freshman year of college, I found a creepypasta, then some videos, and brought the content to a Zombie Night. And the rest is history. Love my brothers. 

As for the personal memories, there are a lot that immediately come to mind. Many involve various production trips to random locations. But I really cherish the memories that involve us being 100% open with one another when something bothers one another and we are full-frontal about it. 

I loved our recent New Year trip. Before that, again with the Poconos,I loved hanging at Vinnie’s family vacation rental for both a shoot and a weekend trip. I love the hours of gaming we have and our times at the shamhouse playing a AAA game or doing a Let’s Play of nonsense. Midnight releases of games and movies, trips to the sandwich store, anything. Just good times.