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For the Blog xoqio :) Minimalistic Wallpapers (WQHD)Video Games Logos. I very hope that you like it :)
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Holiday list already? You may want to consider a new McFarlane’s Halo 4 statue for present. This new statue is incredibly designed and carved out with full detail of it’s armor as well as the skin of it. This statue can stand 12 inches and will feature three changeable weapons like assault rifle, energy sword, and boltshot. 

This amazing Master Chief figure will be released during December and will feature underneath the statue Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Todd McFarlane. Note this!! There will be only 1000 pieces sold world wide so you must make early planning to purchase this. Price will start around $295. 

Questions? Comments? Feel free to do so. If not, have a fantastic day!