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[Fanfic] Laid to Rest

Fandom: Overwatch

Characters: Jack Morrison/Soldier 76, Angela Ziegler/Mercy

Pairing: Mercy 76 (Jack x Angela)

Concepts: RoleReversed! AU for Mercy and Soldier 76 in which it was the former who “died” and came back as the vigilante Nemesis. The latter would be under the code SC - 76.

Preface: Greetings everyone! It’s been quite a while since I wrote something like this, since I have been very busy with stuff happening (ie. LoA in Med School, seeking help, trying to now find work, etc.). I just hope to anyone who wants to read it to enjoy really. If you happen to like it, feel free to tell me. Comments/reviews/PMs? will be greatly appreciated (criticisms will be fine as well as long as it is fully meant to be constructive, let’s all be nice here)

P.S.: I still want to say big thanks to the people who brought like Mercy76 around for me to enjoy being hopefully a part of! Big shoutout to people like @ynartistic, @xavirne, @angelicsoldier who made amazing fanart and fanfic that I wanted to contribute in the way I can. Hope to also meet more people! I also hope to put some more time into writing in general now!

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anonymous asked:

Can I request some mercy facts?


  • Angela is Jewish on her dad’s side of the family, and her dad’s side of the family is the one with the more longstanding tradition of careers in the medical field. 
  • Angela’s mom’s side of the family has a bit more of a varied history that they can trace back several centuries. Angela’s cry of “Helden Sterben Nicht” is actually an old family motto from her mother’s side, which is ironic because at least one member of every generation of Angela’s mother’s side of the family has died in a war. 
  • The Valkyrie suit emblem is modified from the coat of arms on Angela’s mothers’ side of the family–it was originally an Avalerion, and Angela has a pendant from her mother that bears this coat of arms, but over the years the pendant’s image has been worn down to a vague circle shape with wings coming off of it, which Angela incorporated with a stylized caduceus to create the Valkyrie suit’s logo.
  • That being said, Angela has a pretty good eye for art and design. Her mother encouraged her artistry but Angela ended up becoming very devoted to the medical field following her parents’ deaths and in the face of war.
  • Angela’s parents died literally right on top of her. The reason she survived was because their bodies took the brunt of the force when the bombs knocked their roof in, even though her own spine was still heavily damaged. When rescue forces found her, she received immediate medical treatment in the ruins of an old Gothic cathedral that Swiss forces were using as a temporary base. She has a vivid memory of the image of the Archangel Michael in the stained glass staring down at her as painkillers were pumped into her.
  • Angela can’t make fun of Genji for his ‘Green Hair Phase’ because Genji can easily bring up pictures of Angela’s own ‘edgy phase’ when she dyed her hair black, then lavender.
  • The “Halo” of Angela’s valkyrie suit is her comm and biofeed. It keeps her in contact with the rest of her team, but also has a constant stream of her team’s vitals so that she can rush to their rescue if she sees them dipping into the red.

I made a chart of a bunch of video game characters with their heights!

Hope this is helpful to all of you, maybe you’ll even be surprised by certain character’s heights! :D

There are other characters I wanted to include, but I either couldn’t find any information about their height or they were in the 5-6′ range (which I wanted to hold back on). 

Here are the images full size


well, i was planning on posting an animation today (halo tech suit one) but the safe.moe, mixtape, wabshare won’t take the video or the site is down. 

Well, fuck i can not get it posted today!!! 


If this works as intended, just know I’m kinda sorta sorry… kinda.


Soldier: 76 ran as fast as he could, which was faster than the average human, but his left leg felt like it wanted to give out with every step. He wasn’t running away out of cowardice, but out of necessity. He needed to keep her safe, and he couldn’t do much without his pulse rifle. He was carrying Mercy, who was currently passed out in his arms. She was the team’s only medic they brought along, and the only doctor they had with an incredible amount of professional knowledge in medicine. She was more to him though than just a medic to patch you up however. She was all he had left. He had yet to tell her who he was ever since the recall had been initiated, and now he feared he would never be able to. She had taken a fair amount of shrapnel to her torso what felt like hours ago, but it couldn’t have been that long. Could it have? The sky was still dark and the streets were only lit by fading lamp posts and burning buildings. Her breathing got weak as every minute passed.

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so the suits in halo are, like, ridiculously complex, and i like drawing red vs blue fanart. so, what do i do? i make simplified versions of them

i even colored it to make it easier to interpret (green is armor, pink isnt). feel free to use it however you like- make it more detailed, make it less detailed, tweak it, i dont give a fuck. i do, however, want a lot of people to be able to use this since oh my GOD are the refs for the actual suits complex. like, holy shit. im doing you such a favor right now

so spread it. use it. for the love of god, save yourself the three hours this took me