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So with my recent makering that I’ve been up to, and finding a guy that sells a really nice template for ODST armor. I’ve been really wanting to make ODST armor ;w;

Specifically an old character I made way back during and after playing Halo ODST by the name of Shaman.

A long range reconnaissance trooper with long range comms equipment built into his helmet, and a rifle that was far larger than he should have been issued in the first place.

On The Lookout

A simple birthday gift for @katartblog144​, featuring the Spartan Catherine-144. Hope you guys like it!

Also, happy birthday, Cat!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to Microsoft and 343 Industries!


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Oh..yeah.. was fun making these pictures hehe , Here Three of the OCs of @siicatandkat​ Katherine ( in soldier uniform ) , Catherine ( In the Halo Reach Armor ) and Kiera Cadera( Super Comando Kiera :P a Mando OC of Star Wars ) Enjoy!

( Recreated again Kat and Kiera was hard..soo hard , because the model i use for recreated Kat dont let put out the hair for other model and some clipping with the suit , and Kiera…why nobody do a model of a Female Mando IN HIGH POLY really this is low poly as fak and the lightsaber..worst xD )

-I tried my best , my pc still hating me xD-

Here is my part of a Art Trade with @archangel470 and he oc : Ben Walker , the White Knight ( i called it v: ) Based in a Halo Reach Fan art that i dont remember the name or the link xD


Still doing cameos if you want something oh and the _surprise Gift_ too xD Dont Hold Back

So apparently they brought back one of my favourite characters from the Halo-franchise for Halo 5.

Linda-058, SPARTAN II Super Soldier and therefore a true Spartan, not a cheap knockoff like the Type IV Sarah Palmer or Spartan Locke, the random dude they hyped up out of nothingness and the Nightfall TV series and who now apparently is supposed to be a big deal and take on John-117??

Linda here is one of the original S2-Bunch. Member of Master Chiefs “Team Blue” and the best freaking sniper in the whole gorram Halo ‘verse.

She at one point shot down Banshee fighters by killing their pilots through the narrow slits between upper and lower part of the fighter.

While being half a kilometer away.

While hanging from a rope.



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Here is a finished commission of North from Red vs Blue for @wantonlywindswept I’ve never done a full suit of the spartan armor before so I hope this is alright!

More commissions on the way, I’m very backed up so everyone please be patient! I’ve been going back and forth and working on a bunch simultaneously. I really do appreciate everyone who is patiently waiting ^-^


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