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For The Pack

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy almost New Year, everyone! And happy Thirst Party Saturday! I give you, my first attempt at an A/B/O installment, involving wrestlers who played football and looked damn nice doing so. Tagging the usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes! Enjoy!

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Day 30′s Sketch - Ament’s Quest (Final Sketch.)

Although I hate the story of Halo 5 as it was turned into a shitty comic book plot. I do love the new design of Cortana that 343i gave her.

Technically the name of Locke’s fire team is the wrong deity for the story, They still have to dive into the underworld to “rescue” Master Chief (Their elder)

I guess Halsey would be more like the goddess Isis then Cortana (as Cortana would be more like Set…)

I think from point of view people don’t want to date black women is because we can don’t run around trying to figure out mind games, when it comes to relationships our mottos are you ethier in it or not, if your interested, well go for it, if your playing games, well tell you to leave because we don’t have time for games, we got other things that are more important than to chase some lover who can’t make up his mind. I also think that its the fact we have the ability to see through people Bulls hit, and people HATE that shit, people hate to know that someone is able to see their full of shit.

Honestly, my sisters, screw the people that don’t want a relationship us, you got alot more precious things in life for you then some dumass who don’t want you because he wants to play minds games, and knows that you can see through false halo they set up. You deserve someone that wants you values, loves you, cherishes you, respects you, and loves you every step of the way.

A Walk Through the Stars

Or: what happens when two Universes collide.

Gorgeous moodboard made by the talented @stormyparker

Peter Parker x Reader: as told by @spiderling–parker and @rileywrites-parker with the help of visual story telling. (Credit to the makers of any gifs used. Thank you.)

@rileywrites-parker writing from Peter’s point of view.
@spiderling–parker writing from yours.

There she was.

There she was; warm, bright light of the morning star pouring through her hair, a flaming halo setting her ablaze and kissing at flower petal cheeks, highlighting the lines of a scrunched nose and half-lifted, blooming lips, unfolding as she smiled fully. When she threw her head back and laughed he found that she, the puppet master that pulled at the strings of his heart, also controlled the lines attached to his lips and he smiled as the sound of happiness bounded from her; her joy dancing over to his ears on sparkling air, the sounds of the busy hallway muting as he hung on the notes she wove in the tangled web of his chest.

His eyes found her hands and the way the skin blanketing them, the skin she’d blanketed him with on many occasions, wrapped around textbooks, closing her locker with a metallic clang that temporarily pulled him from the hidden place she took him to long enough to lock eyes with the brown of Ned’s, now visible from where he’d been shielded by the door; the source of her laughter.

His heart fluttered as she finally took notice of Ned’s re-assigned attention, his eyes and of the words hidden there beneath the colored folds; how intently they were peering over her shoulder, smirk pushing at caramel cheeks and the sun shimmering in the melted chocolate of his eyes.

Ned’s eyes were screaming: ‘I know, I know.’

And they did, he did. Of course he knew.

Of course Ned knew that his two best friends lit each other up; two souls recognizing themselves in the other, raging cores blazing, aching, needing, wanting.

It was blinding.

It was obvious.

His heart stopped, as it always did, when she turned to look at him, silky hair rippling over shoulders as she moved, the whole of her face painted with light, excitement, and unfiltered, unguarded emotion in that way that he adored, in that way he was sure he would never get his fill of, when the soul behind those eyes, her eyes, connected with the earthy, honeyed brown in his.

She’d pulled him into her space without him really being aware of it, tingling limbs caught in her orbit, wobbling as his thoughts spun on axis, taking in her sweet, spring-time scent; they were breathing the same air, breathing in the other before his brain caught up with the pounding in his heart, and he was counting freckles, admiring long, dark eyelashes, and chapped lips, glistening as a tongue peeked out to moisten her words as she spoke, as she sang, as she painted.

Peter,” she whispered.

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(Part II coming soon.)

 Finally finished this project phew. 
I’ve wanted to introduce these two for a while now. To the left with have Zachareal (Zach) my fallen angel of sorts. He comes from the ninth circle (treachery) of hell, just above the center where Satan himself resides. There angels are servants to demons by making temporary ‘contracts’. An angel is assigned to a specific demon; the contract being made through a kiss. Once an angel has been claimed, golden rings appear around their wrists and ankles signifying they have a handler. Every angel is special in a way, and by special I mean they’re literal weapons to their handlers. For example Zach here has the ability to turn into a gun powerful enough to kill almost anything demonic in a sense. He was once a guardian angel to his handler; said to have the brightest halo and a beautiful set of wings however they were cursed with jealousy that turned to violence. The end result being he lost his wings, his purity and his handler (another reason why his halo is in fact black). If you can’t already tell he does have his eyes on another ‘angel’ being @mscreepygreen20‘s boy Axel. His bad boy attitude and wings especially seducing him haha; it’s too bad he’s too low on the radar to be noticed by someone as amazing as him lol

Moving onto the right we have Nathaneal (Nathan) my vigilante. Like a loose teenager he’s always causing trouble. Stealing ink, money, anything he can get his hands on really. Like in this here picture, Nathan just stole a shit ton of Annie’s muffins for his own personal pleasure seeing as how her cooking is so good. Annie belonging to @idolaelyartist. He also enjoys stealing ink from @thelostmoongazer‘s Mob Bendy; making his life/job harder then it has to be hehe c:< Believe it or not Nathan actually lives in a mansion; he is in fact very wealthy which is ironic for him being one of the top 5 most wanted vigilantes.The reason being his father was an ordinary demon while his mother happened to be a very high and respected seraphim angel. To bury her sins she buried his father and constantly bribes him with riches to keep his mouth shut..which has unfortunately worked so far. But then again who would believe you even if you told someone? They’d never trust a demon over an angel right?
But anyways Nathan’s life is very complicated and I don’t have enough time to try and explain it all lol. 

Absko the rookie police officer belongs to @animal-guardian who has a thing for Nathan.
Honie the blind human girl who can only see things made of ink belongs to @skeleton-snowflake

P.S. @devilsroost Nathan’s coming to steal your booze next >:) 

I plan on drawing more of them in the future and explaining things a little better. I’m slow just gimme time I’ll catch up ^w^ if you have any questions about either of them feel free to ask friends <3

It literally just occurred to me how Halo 5′s original announcement trailer and the ending of Heaven Sent are basically the same thing :’)

area man winds up in desert feeling very grumpy after the loss of loved one

carrying a symbolic token of their loss and emotional/physical trauma

while facing down the immensity of what lies ahead


You bet your fucking buttons that Falcs TV does a special video on Jack at home called “Bachelor of Arts”. 

After a montage about his hockey prowess we see Jack in his apartment kitchen. He’s fresh out of his morning shower, rolling out pie dough on his kitchen counter, ladling beef stew from his crockpot into pot pie shells. “I learned to make pastry for a class in my senior year,” he explains, sucking gravy off his thumb with a boyish grin. “Now I make it all the time. I’ll freeze these for the week ahead.”

(Then he cuts little hockey sticks out of the pastry scraps and presses them on top of the pies, looking inordinately pleased with his little bit of decoration. Did we mention his shirtsleeves are rolled up to bare his forearms?)

His back muscles flex as he pulls binder labelled SAMWELL 13-14 off one of his library shelves and flips through the tabbed assortment of notes and assignments. “I worked really hard for this A-,” he says, his fingers hovering over the mark written on the essay’s cover page. The typewritten title says Development of the Metric System in Early Modern France, Jack L. Zimmermann, HIST 247: The Industrial Revolution in Europe, and the professor’s scribbled comments begin Good analysis of the standardization of before wandering out of the camera’s frame.

“This is a Halifax Bomber,” he says, holding a model plane up to give a good look at the markings on the fuselage. The camera shifts focus from the airplane to show how his chiseled jaw is very faintly stubbled and he smiles a little sheepishly at his own enthusiasm. “I painted this with the markings from RCAF 408 Squadron, but there’s nothing to uh, really tell you that it’s a Canadian plane, not until after the Second World War, but there’s historical reasons we weren’t really, um, differentiated, as a really distinct military force then. But I know what it is.”

His blue eyes light with fondness when he looks at the pictures on the walls of his apartment. “The house I lived in, you could open my window and climb out onto the roof and just sit there. We called it the Samwell Men’s Hockey Reading Room. I spent a lot of time out there with Bittle and, uh, Knight.” He gestures to the two figures in the professionally-mounted photograph–one talking and gesturing with his hands, another leaning forward to listen, haloed by the setting sun. “I took this picture so when I walk by it I remember and I can feel like I’m still there with them.”

The person behind the camera asks, “What kind of thing would you talk about?”

“Oh, everything,” Jack reminisces. “Politics, feminism, hockey. Expectations you grow up with. What we wanted to do for the future.”

Jack reaches out to gently touch another photograph in a frame, an empty rink with the sun rising through the enormous windows at its far end. “You still visit them?” the other person asks.

“Oh, all the time,” he says.  In the library there’s a printout of the Samwell 2015-16 game schedule pinned to a corkboard, the home opener circled with pen.  There’s a small framed portrait of Bob and Alicia with a dog, a flyer for an upcoming history conference. Jack is in a Samwell hoodie in his living room, bouncing a puck off a hockey stick. “I feel like there’s still a lot to learn.” 

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Robert Downey Jr. x Reader oneshot, written by @clareae 

  • trigger: Just all around fluffff!
  • word count: 1928
  • summary: AU: Robert is single and reader is an actress who is not originally from United States. Reader is one of Hollywood’s leading actresses and she finally landed a role with Robert Downey Jr. The movie’s casting is on 2015, but since Robert had commitments to Marvel (filming Civil War and also doing press tours), filming had to be postponed to 2016. Post-production was done by December 2016 and the release of the movie was on 2017. Everyone loved the chemistry between the two of you, but little did they know, more things are going on behind the scenes.
  • a/n: It baffles me how there are so little RDJ fanfics out there. And I’ve written so much Tony in the past few days (including the upcoming ICMYLM! Who’s excited?). Although I have no regrets, I thought I’d mix stuff up; so have a Robert Downey Jr. one shot (: because RDJ and Tony are basically the same person, haha. 

Robert was offered a role in his friend’s–the director’s–new romance movie. But even if he wasn’t interested, the director would love for him to become the producer of this movie. It has been a while since Robert starred in a simple romance movie; although he was intrigued, he was also a bit hesitant. But he agreed to produce it, so he thought he’d come to one of the auditions to see if he really wanted the lead role. Since he had already read the script and he had about half an hour he decided to read lines with some of the actresses.

He had already watched six actresses and read lines with three until you came in. He decided to read lines with you too, and after a few lines he was actually pleased with the chemistry sparking between the two of you. He also purposely did a few improvisations, and he was impressed by how you were able to keep up.

Just after you left, Robert said to the director, “I’m in if she’s in.” And just like that, you were his new co-star and your life changed in a whirlwind after that.

You were standing in front of the mirror, holding your hair up as your stylist clasped the dainty gold necklace around your neck, when there’s a knock on the door followed by a notice from a stage crew, “Five minutes to Mr. Downey’s air, Miss (Y/L/N).” Although you were joining Robert for the interview after his individual one with Ellen, you told the crew you needed to see him before he went on.

“I’ll be right there,” you called. You exited the room soon after and saw Robert already standing in the backstage area, talking to a crew.

“Hey,” he greeted you, giving your cheek a kiss.

This was the second interview that will promote the movie just before the it is released in theatres, and you and Robert both were invited to the Ellen Show. Although it wasn’t your first time being here, you still get nervous on talk shows–afraid you’re going to say something you shouldn’t or trip when you enter.

“Nervous?” He asked.

“A tiny bit, but nothing I can’t handle,” you smiled as you slipped something into the inner pocket of his suit jacket and winked. He smiled knowingly, and then Ellen announced Robert’s name. He walked into the studio and you sat down on the chair provided while you watched him have the interview, talking about his personal life, work, and his take on this movie as producer and lead role. Then after it was done, they went to commercial break.

After they were back, Ellen finally announced your name. You gathered your confidence and walked out of the backstage, waving at the audience and gave Ellen a hug and kiss before Robert, and then sat down on the sofa next to him.

“Hi! Good to see you!” Ellen began.

“Good to see you. Thank you for having me,” you replied.

“Yeah, glad to be here too,” Robert joined in, earning a small laugh from the audience.

 “So, you two are here to promote the movie. Tell us what the movie is about,” she prompted.

“You wanna take this?” Robert asked you.

You shook your head, “No, you go,” you told him, your voice low.

Just before Robert spoke, Ellen interrupted for a bit, “Wait, why don’t you want to tell the story?” She asked you, causing you to laugh. “Are you ashamed of it…or?” The host pressed on with her signature mischievous smile.

Recovering from your laugh you said, “No, no. It’s nothing like that. It’s just that-,” you paused to giggle a bit and then continued, “I do such a terrible job at explaining it. I give away things I shouldn’t give away, or when I try to be vague, people ended up not understanding it. So it’s always his job to explain it,” you explained.

As always, Robert did a good job at explaining things. It’s vague, and mostly people wouldn’t completely get it until they watch it but they understand the general idea, and he’s doing so much better than you would have.

“See, I don’t get that,” Ellen joked and shook her head, causing the entire studio to laugh. 

“Well, that’s why you have to go see the movie,” Robert shrugged.

“That’s true,” Ellen replied. “Now, (Y/N), you’ve played several movies before, how is this movie different to the ones you’ve starred in before? I mean, we talked about this with Robert a while ago; obviously, it’s different than playing Iron Man. What about you?” She asked.

“Well, I’ve done drama and romance movies, but I’ve also done action-packed movies before too; spy, sci-fi, thriller…” you were interrupted by Robert a little bit,

“Yeah, and I’m Iron Man,” the man declared, getting hoots and cheers from the audience.

You chuckled before continuing, “It’s different from those because with these types of movies, you don’t shoot in front of a green screen that much–if not, at all–and you don’t get as many bruises,” you said, earning a chuckle from Robert who seem to be able to relate. “And since you are always face-to-face with a real life human…” you glanced at your co-star. “The expressions are easier to get right because they’re natural. You don’t have to fake-cry or fake-scream at a dummy that will be put in CGI later.”

“Not that you didn’t fake cry in this movie,” he hinted.

“That’s true,” you nodded to him.

“Now he’s the one giving away stuff,” Ellen pointed at Robert, causing the two of you to laugh.

“And there’s a lot of improv in this…this movie,” Robert continued, and you nodded in agreement. “Because, you know, you want to get the right chemistry and the right emotions, so sometimes you just gotta say things that are not in the script. The first time she auditioned, she did this improv thing with me and it turned out really great. That’s why I wanted her in this movie,” Robert told the story of your first encounter together.

“Well then you have him to thank for the role,” Ellen said to you, pointing to Robert again.

“Yes, I do. I’ve told him that several times,” you nodded.

“But you know she was already incredible from the start. She was already up there, you know? Top three candidate for this movie,” Robert said.

“But his opinion is what sealed the deal,” you added, placing a hand on his lap and Robert just smiled sheepishly. You knew the bigger part of why the directors cast you for the movie was because Robert wanted you to be there, or else someone else could’ve been in your shoes, and the whirlwind turn that is your life would have been experienced by someone else.

“Hey, by the way, I saw that your family is in town,” Ellen started up a new topic.

“They are!” You got excited talking about your family. “They came to see the movie,” you said. That wasn’t completely the reason why they were here, but you weren’t obligated to share everything.

“Yeah. Uh huh,” Ellen nodded with suspicion. “They’re not here for like…anything else?” She asked.

The question caused your heart to skip a beat, but you had to maintain your composure. Robert was already smiling but he remained silent. Ever since the movie was announced people had been anticipating it so much, and since you and Robert were the two lead actors, naturally everyone shipped you two so much. Photos of you and Robert on set showed up everywhere, along with photos of the two of you going out to lunch or dinner while the movie is in production. Of course, it was easy just to say that it was all just two co-workers hanging out for the sake of the movie and nothing else.

“Well, you know, it’s summer. So, the nieces and nephews can come and they can just have a great vacation here. And I haven’t seen them in a while, I’ve missed them quite a lot,” you tried to come up with excuses.

“But no special occasion, whatsoever? She asked, her huge blue eyes staring you down which made you blush and in result you were laughing because you were shy. The question made you wonder whether Ellen knew something.

“The premiere was a special occasion,” you finally said after regaining your composure and stopped laughing. “They were so excited to see the movie. My parents have never went to a premiere before so it was exciting for me that they were able to come and I can introduce them to a lot of people.”

“Yeah, and so that they can be there for the engagement,” Robert chimed in. Everyone froze for a split second before the audience erupted in cheers and claps. Ellen’s jaw dropped and she clapped slowly at you two before standing up to hug and congratulate both of you.

Although filming was postponed to 2016, you and Robert had been in touch since the day he was in your auditions. The two of you started dating officially in the middle of 2015 when you and him were in the same place during his shoot for the Civil War movie. And his proposal to you two weeks ago was actually quite simple, considering how ostentatious he can be. Granted, he did fly your entire family to LA without you knowing and proposed to you on a rooftop, but other than that it was actually kept on the low. 

“Wait, so where’s the ring?” she asked, peeking at your ring finger where a diamond ring should be.

Robert reached his hand into the inner pocket of his suit and pulled out the halo-setting, round, white diamond engagement ring you had slipped into his pocket for safekeeping backstage, prompting another loud cheer from the audience. Being the eccentric Robert Downey Jr. that he is, he got scooted from the chair and got down on one knee, and slipped the ring in your finger. That earned another loud cheer from the audience; the two of you laughed at his antics as he sat back down.

“You two are sneaky! I didn’t even know you guys were together; how long were you together?” Ellen asked.

Officially it’s been almost two years. We’ve been seeing each other since the auditions. But since filming had to be postponed, we didn’t see each other again until it was when she happen to be in Atlanta as when I was shooting Civil War. It just went from there.” Robert said. All the speculations of the two of you dating have been left unanswered, but today they were very much confirmed. Although it’s hard to date quietly because of your professions, you were quite proud to have kept it a secret until now.

“When’s the wedding?” Ellen asked.

“We haven’t decided yet,” you said, and it was true, but Robert had to butt in as usual.

“January 2018,” he emphasized on every syllable.

“Apparently we have decided. January 2018,” you told Ellen and the entire studio laughed again. “Wait, really, though? I’m more of an autumn girl,” you turned to your fiance.

“Well that means October 2017,” Robert corrected himself. Another laugh from the audience.

“That’s not enough time to plan,” you argued.

“I really just wanna get married,” he said.

Ellen was shaking her head at the two of you. “Well, while they continue to plan their wedding, we have to cut to commercial. We’ll be back,” she said to the camera.