halo is the best

the best thing in the entirety of the halo fanbase’s history is when thel said “and so, you must be silenced” before he kills truth and people genuinely misheard it as “asshole, you must be silenced”


Grab some hot coco, settle in by a fire, and get ready for 25 DAYS OF FIC REC DELIGHTS!

Every day through December 25th, this post will be updated with an underappreciated Harry & Louis fic - daily treats to help keep the season bright. 

Settle in and enjoy FICMAS!!

December 25

Take My Breath Away by @realitybetterthanfiction (153k, chaptered, fluff/angst)

December 24

Run Like the Devil by @churchrat (138k, chaptered, supernatural/angst)

December 23

Like the Stars That Shined by @idareyoutotakealook (12k, one shot, growing up/friends to lovers)

December 22

Sparks by @shipsdrift (10k, one shot, space/sci-fi)

December 21

Wish I Knew How To Break This Spell by @eleadore (6k, one shot, friends to lovers)

December 20

Cameras Flashing by @juliusschmidt (81k, chaptered, ABO)

December 19

Anyplace, Anyhow, Anytime by @fille-lioncelle (90k, chaptered, dimension travel)

December 18

Fixated on One Star by @alivingfire (52k, one shot, space au)

December 17

All the Small Things by @kitundercover (20k, one shot, uni and fluff)

December 16

We’ll Cast Some Light (You’ll Be Alright) by @fondleeds (74k, chaptered, enemies to lovers)

December 15

Never Too Late by @dimpled-halo (18k, one shot, friends to lovers)

December 14

Take Me To Your Heart by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (6k, one shot, fluff and smut)

December 13

Just Tell Me the Song and I’ll Sing It by @myownsparknow (39k, chaptered, uni)

December 12

Come and Get Your Love by @otfourever (8k, one shot, famous/not famous)

December 11

Kiss Me on the Mouth (and Set Me Free) by @tempolarriefix (47k, one shot, fake relationship)

Through the Wire by @a-writerwrites (10k, one shot, ABO)

A Prayer for Which No Words Exist by @cleminism (34k, chaptered, angst)

December 8

Rated R by @cherrystreet (7k, one shot, holiday)

December 7

Seeing that Sunlight Hit Your Eyes by @thecoloursneverfade (18k, one shot, uni fluff)

December 6

Home for Christmas by @haloeverlasting (22k, one shot, holiday)

December 5

Little Technicolor Things by @wordsbyjm (72k, chaptered, angst)

December 4

A Little Love (is Better Than None) by @xabjectlessonsx (15k, one shot, canon)

December 3

Pass the Cranberry by @canonlarry (3k, one shot, holiday PWP)

December 2

Resurface with You by @darkerwings (5k, one shot, canon/Harry’s hair)

December 1

A Building Storm by @outofcases (96k, chaptered, angst)

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

5 Best Setting Powders

When it comes to setting powders, not all are created equally. Although using the correct techniques to set your face and apply powder are essential to help your makeup look great, using a powder of high quality is just as important.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Setting Powder

A tried, true and tested favourite, the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Loose Setting Powder has been an essential in my collection for many years. The formula is extremely finely milled which means it never looks cakey and is great for setting concealer under the eyes.

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Best. Day. Ever.
New flavors of halo top finally reached the teeny tiny town that my college is in! Had a taste testing last night and love love love the sea salt carmel and red velvet ❤️

Cancer and Pisces Playlist ♋️❤️♓️

Edward Sharp& The Magnetic Zeros- Home

Lana Del Rey- Lucky ones, Without you, Video games, Honeymoon

Halsey- I walk the line

Band of horses- No ones gonna love you

David Bowie- Lady grinning soul

Selena- Dreaming of you

Regina Spektor- Samson

Moldy Peaches- Anyone else but you

Ingrid Michaelson- The way I am

Beyoncé- Halo

The Beatles- Something in the way

Best Coast- When I’m with you

Blink 182- I miss you

Miley Cyrus- When I look at you

Bruno Mars- Just the way you are

Adele- Make you feel my love

Amy Vachal- Dream a little dream of me

The Weeknd- Can’t feel my face

Plain White T’s- 1234

Faith Hill- This Kiss

Jewel- You were meant for me

Never Shout Never- Can’t stand it

No Doubt- Don’t speak

Nirvana- Heart shaped box

The White Stripes- We are going to be friends

The Temptations- My girl

Katy Perry- Unconditionally

Semisonic- Secret smile

Goo Goo Dolls - Come to me

~pisces forever

“So Emily why are you considering the hearing aid brand you’re considering??”

 well they are literally the only company with a functioning chat feature on their website

for, you know, the people who have difficulty hearing