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Halo 5 Helmet Redesigns

A little project I’ve had in the works since the end of inktober.

There is a ton of criticism I have for the game, but one thing that’s bothered me a lot is the design of the Gen 2 armor variants and helmets. 

Many of them just didn’t look like Spartan armor anymore. By all means excellent designs by themselves, they weren’t really the best fit for Halo. This was probably to support differentiation of rewards in the card pack system in the game, but from an in-universe standpoint it makes no sense to me. 

Although it’s stated that production of power armor has been opened up to the private sector as well, there is something to be said about having compatible standards, especially in a military context and even more so when the people wearing these suits regularly get into extremely hazardous situations where damage to their armor is likely an replacements need to be made. Worse, Spartans often operate behind enemy lines without easy access to maintenance and having wildly different designs seems like a bad recipe for field repairs.

So that’s one thing I tried to do as a design exercise with this and create a more uniform look while keeping the icons that make the helmets unique: Where possible, all helmets share the same neck seal and neural interface port and a more straightforward visor. (Don’t get me started on Seeker.)

Variants where the main difference is some sort of add-on tech or visor have been redesigned to have one baseline frame with these additions on top (like back in Reach). 

Variants that were really similar in design (think EVA and Orbital) have been condensed into one.

Some helmets have been ignored entirely and ones with super-gimmicky designs (hello Warmaster) have been dialed back.

Armor designs will follow once I figure those out.

Day 16′s Sketch

Concept of the armor SPARTAN IV Torizawa would use. Not definitive of what she’ll wear but I had to try something out for QUIVER Gateway.


The Entire comic of DogTag Origins

It took an entire month and some heartbreak (page 7 being corrupted and having to start over again.)

But I’m extremely proud of how the pages turned out especially my go at trying to do lighting for the pages it was definitely something new!

Anyways as you can tell by now the ODST (name Gunnery Sergeant Louis Darby.) saved Wasp when she was just a child on the planet of Nesoi, he took care of her for 3 days (Nesoi’s day is 17 hours long.) while getting her to a evacuation station.

That was the last time he saw her and her him. But he left an enormous impression on the young Wasp, she wanted to make something of herself, she aspired to be like the man who saved her and was kind to her while her home turned into a crematory. Even at 6 years old Wasp wanted to become an ODST when she reached the allowed age to join the UNSC forces in the fight against the Covenant. But her thought out future was changed when months later ONI agents collected Wasp and offered a position in the SPARTAN III Program. She accepted the offer.

When she became apart of Fire Team Quiver years later she modeled herself after ODSTs as much as possible, ODST helmet, gear such as combat knives and other tools ODSTs always keep. But after 2545 a major moment in her life and that of Fire Team Quiver she realized she wasn’t an ODST, she never will or ever could be an ODST she was something more and she needed to strive to be what she was…. a SPARTAN.
Her old ODST gear, irreparably damaged from combat she adopted the standard MJOLNIR of Spartans.

Years after the end of the war with Fire Team Quiver now apart of the SPARTAN IV Program, Wasp saw that on board the UNSC Infinity was a man with the same name, blood type, birthdate and other information as the ODST who gave her his dog tags. Louis Darby had survived the war and was stationed on the UNSC Infinity and now the team lead of ODSTs. She has anxiety on whether to meet him, to show how much he meant to her and how he influenced her in her life. Her fellow team members encouraged her to meet him and so she did.
Wasp gave back Louis his dogtags as a sign of thanks and that she had made it in her own eyes.

so do y’all think reveille is played on the loudspeakers on the infinity, or is it like one of those wake-up calls at hotels and lasky’s like “this is your courtesy wake-up call. get the fuck up”

This is a serious question, btw. I need to know how people wake up on Infinity for fiction purposes


Halo Ammunition: Requiem Drop

Finally finished this long storyboard of Fire Team Quiver’s first mission in the 2nd tour of Requiem.

I say storyboard because there are big time skips between each panel. Anyways this fucker has been nothing but trouble because I was a dumbass twice making it twice as hard.

First time being that half way through coloring and shading this I accidentally merged all visible layers together without knowing. This made shading backgrounds and the spartans way more difficult. Then after that while shading the 3rd panel I was trying to make shading the panel the only thing via the lasso tool.

But I guess I goofed and deleted ALL of the repair layer but thankfully I had WIP shots of all panels and had to restart all over again. But now it is finished!


Thomas Lasky

“People make stupid decisions in war. Wrong kit, wrong assets, wrong places, egos taking precedence over common sense, politics - the men and women at the sharp end up dying when they don’t have to because someone further away from danger is more concerned about budgets or votes or ambitions.

Well, we cut the politicians out of it. We’ve only got ourselves to blame now.”