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In this morning. Just announced rainy season is over! Tokyo’s summer is just started💥

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Halo Wars 2 Beta - Atriox: The Banished Ranking/Reward

I had completely forgotten about this until today and wanted to share it because it was such an honor to me personally to not only be apart of the beta, but to reach such an accomplishment, as well as to have actually ranked high enough to be rewarded that Banished Chopper avatar prop. If I remember correctly, it was originally only supposed to be for.. the top 10 players or so, I think, so I guess they expanded it.

No idea how I ranked but I’m proud all the same, even though I doubt many people care about avatar props anymore. Pretty damn neat.

I did exclusively play as Atriox throughout the Beta. No offense to Cutter, but I mean, come on. Atriox. What a badass.. + Huragok.

Screenshots are of the various ranks as I reached them and what they looked like, Diamond being the highest.

I absolutely love this game.


Crazy Weather Phenomena on Earth

Ring around the Sun, Mammatus clouds, Scary thunderstorm, Close lightning strike, Volcanic ash cloud with lightning, Deadly tornado, Huge fog bank rolling, Hot fire tornado, Stunning Aurora Borealis , Crazy dust devil, Incredible lightning slow motion, Devastating tornado
video: Atmospheric Phenomena

For the Halo Mythos lore guide, I wonder how they’re going to fit Hunt the Truth in there - it’s still canon (as far as I know, anyway), and was intended to be a lead-up to Halo 5, but since nothing *in* HtT was in H5 (besides the Guardian, sigh), how are they going to connect the two HtT seasons to the rest of the overall universe?

I’m still legit annoyed that the Banished were the PERFECT oppurtunity to introduce female Jiralhanae, and…it looks like they’re not doing it.

Like you have them going enough against the status quo that they’re working with Sangheili willingly but, god forbid they go against their sacred “mother and caretaker” gender roles.