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Finished my bodysuit for ‘angel’ Mercy…now just waiting on the wings and halo from @pyro-jack-blog

In the meantime I’ll be doing a few small fixes on maid Saber and remaking my 9S accessories…and praying my boots for 9S get here in time for me to mod them T_T

red-eyed-freak  asked:

What about Butters?

BUTTERS: I uh- I think my dad would be awful sore at me if he knew I w-was, going around and tellin strangers on the internet what I was..and stuff.

istg blizzard why you gotta make such interesting characters and then stick them in a game type that I will never ever play

So to retaliate against all my saltiness, my brain brought up something quite pleasant that I hadn’t noticed before.

Sexiness is practically non-existent in the Halo universe.

Like, probably the closest thing we have to sexy is Cortana, and she’s not even portrayed as sexy, she simply has the appearance of a nude, young woman. Yet her nudity is never brought up. She’s considered beautiful, not sexy. 

Halo has few female aliens (which they make up with a near-equal ratio of male/female human characters), but those few female aliens we have seen don’t even have breasts or “feminine” traits. We had a book cover featuring a female Sangheili and her chest was completely flat (which is a blessing, considering Sangheili are based off reptiles.)

Armor is completely gender neutral, and it wasn’t until the Spartan VIs that the armors appearances gained more personality. And even then….

One of these Spartans is a woman, can you guess which?

And then there’s my favorite bit: the topic of beauty. Sexiness doesn’t play a role in Halo, but beauty most certainly does. Of course, we all know Cortana’s considered beautiful, but you know who else is considered beautiful?

This is Isabel, a new character to be featured in Halo Wars 2, and this is the commentary given by Craig Drake, who painted the game’s posters:

“I’m elated to contribute my visions to the Halo Wars 2 universe. It was an honor to depict Decimus’ crushing brute power as well as Isabel’s intelligence and beauty.”

By many accounts, Isabel would probably be considered pretty, not beautiful, but Halo says otherwise. 

The majority of Halo’s women are not conventionally beautiful; they’re old, they have eye bags, unfull lips, and “too” big noses, all the traits that mainstream media teaches us are ugly. And yet not a single one of these women are deemed ugly by the narrative. They’re all unique with vibrant personalities, all beneficial to the story - their appearance does not define them and yet they are all so beautiful.

Halo has done a quite a few shitty things to their women [side-eyes Halo 3 and Halo 5], but they have such a progressive and natural way of depicting them that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other video game, and it’s why Halo will always be my favorite. 

Just putting up another quick announcement that this blog will be used as a partial hub for the #SupportBlueTeam2K17 fan-project!

The goal is simple: to communicate to the developers at 343 Industries that we as Halo fans want to see Kelly-087, Fred-104, and Linda-058 continue to be a part of John-117′s ongoing story in the video games.

Additional details are currently available here, and updates will continue to be posted on this blog as well as on twitter. As always any ideas and suggestions you have for me to help make this a success, I’m all ears. Feel free to message me anytime!

Best wishes!

GreenleafCM, Admin of The Eagle and The Rabbit

Continued my quest to format all of @company0051 into print form. It is PAINFUL to go back and look at the earliest art in this comic. I started this thing almost exactly ten years ago on a whim, thinking it was going to be done in like fifty pages… NO. NO it was 368 pages long. It took five years to complete. Over those five years my art and layout skills got infinitely better and more polished. It’s good to be reminded sometimes where we come from, and I’ve gotten even better since! Here’s a perfect example of the beginning of the comic vs the end of the comic. What a difference half a decade makes.


Callout post for @reylo-halo

Not a real blog but a burner created by @bentheanti so that he could prove a lie he made, every single post on that blog was made within a minute, and the post with the slur was made AN HOUR after ben’s post claiming a reylo had called him a slur.

As you can see I’ve set up the time stamps and highlighted them. The post in question on reylo-halo is the second post down from the top and bentheanti’s is first and third. You can tell the times don’t really line up the way he says they do.

I’m only posting this because this is a stupid thing to lie about and I think you should apologize and move on with your life. This is a stupid, hurtful thing to do with no reason to do it other than you can. You’re still young and I think this is just a youthful mistake, but it’s time to own up to it. 

P.S. ANYONE and I mean fucking anyone who harasses bentheanti will be blacklisted in reylo communites, I am not fucking kidding. I will wipe your face off the surface of the reylo community.