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for all of my poc kpop fans, lets make a list on what non poc kpop fans need to leave back in 2016, shall we?

- silencing poc kpop fans when a idol appropriates or slanders our cultures
- using the excuse of “they didn’t know because of where they grew up” when a kpop idol messes up
- using hashtags such as #justicefor_ that are made for serious issues in other cultures to support a kpop group
- getting mad at poc kpop pages because for once, you’re not included
- trying to speak for other pocs when you aren’t of that ethnicity

this is all I came up with but I’m probably missing some. feel free to reblog and continue.

Topp Dogg - Rainy Day

SF9 - So Beautiful, Fanfare

VAV - Here I Am

Beatwin - Rising Sun

B1A4 - A Lie

Halo - Mariya

100% - Better Day

Up10tion - White Night

Voisper - Learn To Love, Heart


Snuper - It’s Raining 

IMFACT - Feel So Good

D.I.P - Fizz

Victon - I’m OK

BOYS24 - E

High4:20 - Hookah

Block B BASTARZ - Make It Rain, Selfish & Beautiful Girl

24K - Bingo

Nu’est - Love Paint

(girl ver)

The Sings as Zico's Intro lines
  • Aries: YAHOOOOOOOOOO (Jackpot)
  • Taurus: Haha yeah, BBC, Follow me (Nillili Mambo)
  • Gemini: Bounce like dis, Bounce like dis (Nillili Mambo)
  • Cancer: Block B in the house, Z and Poptime Music (Nillili Mambo)
  • Leo: It's officially over now, Bye guys, Hi ladies *gross kissing sound* (Nillili Mambo)
  • Virgo: This one goes south (idek if thats what he even says what help) (Freeze!)
  • Libra: Seventh album, seven member and Seven Seasons representers (Jackpot)
  • Scorpio: Jeojyeotda ja ja ja jackpot (Jackpot)
  • Sagittarius: Ha, okay, okay, okay (NalinA)
  • Capricorn: Man you just chillin' this track (Halo)
  • Aquarius: Wassup, I'll show you something cool, In the name of Block B (Halo)
  • Pisces: Boys and girls, don't fool yourself, I got chur back (Tell Them)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your AUs but I'm more of an drawer than a writer? You have any AUs or smiple AUs that I can draw?

  • Halo AU – Character B laughing and having a subtle halo lighting behind their head. Maybe an extra picture of Character A blushing and staring at Character B in adoration.
  • Constellation Daydreams AU – Character B lovingly tracing out the lines of constellations in Character A’s freckles.
  • Domesticated Dragons AU – Character A chatting up Character B while their two dragons romp around near them. Maybe Character A and Character B meeting up for a date and Character A has knitted an adorable sweater for their dragon, and Character B immediately wants one for their dragon.
  • Awkward Encounter AU – Character B is sitting down for breakfast at IHOP with the huge, hulking demon!Character A and discussing the terms of selling Character B’s soul.
  • Flower Charms AU – Character A trying to combine their everyday outfits (lazy day sweatpants, business casual for work, everyday clothing, etc.) with the new flower crown that’s growing from their head. Maybe include a picture of Character A looking annoyed and trying to pull out the petals while looking at their reflection.
  • Alone Together AU – Character A sitting on their bathroom sink to talk to Character B, who is lying down on their bathroom floor so that they can talk to Chracter A in the floor below.
  • Masquerade Masks AU – Character A standing on a balcony, looking over their kingdom while the masked Character B comes up behind them to talk…but Character B is holding a knife behind their back.
  • Ink AU – The innocent and unassuming looking Character A getting a tattoo done by the heavily pierced, punk looking Character B while the two of them are chatting.

Here’s this other list too.


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour

Upon request i have updated this post to use the correct colours and include better pictures instead of idle Spartans. Also included the Decimator armour, which this is heavly based off the Mark V [b], but it is in fact the Mark VII Prototype! Going from top left to bottom right we have…

  • Mark IV [Gen1]
  • Mark V [Alpha]
  • Mark V [Beta] - Noble Variant
  • Mark VI [Gen1]
  • Mark VI
  • Mark VII [Prototype] - Decimator

Katrina Crane in 2x12: Paradise Lost

What happens when I let my mind trail off…
Messy enough, quite sketchy. Martyr halos and numerous Marks for the badass look)

Mark Blackthorn
(somehow I end up drawing him quite often, unintentionally:)

(TMI, TDA by Cassandra Clare)

P.S.: Guess I’ll do the colouring too, just for practice.

GO HARD or go home.

BTS - Cypher pt.2 / Block B - Halo / Topp Dogg - Y U Mad / Junhyung, FeelDog & LE - You got some nerve / Zico & Mino - 4 my town / BTS - Cypher pt.3 / Bobby - Raise your guard and bounce / No Mercy feat Junggigo, Vasco, Genius Nochang - Hieut / Bastarz - Conduct Zero / San E feat MC Gree - On top of your head