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for all of my poc kpop fans, lets make a list on what non poc kpop fans need to leave back in 2016, shall we?

- silencing poc kpop fans when a idol appropriates or slanders our cultures
- using the excuse of “they didn’t know because of where they grew up” when a kpop idol messes up
- using hashtags such as #justicefor_ that are made for serious issues in other cultures to support a kpop group
- getting mad at poc kpop pages because for once, you’re not included
- trying to speak for other pocs when you aren’t of that ethnicity

UPDATE: aye 2017 started only 2 and a half weeks ago and there’s already more to add.

- getting offended when called out about the behaviors stated above
- saying “poc kpop fans get triggered over everything!!1!1!” when these idols will literally shame, slander, and then romanticize the struggles of our cultures for their own pleasure and they do it cause they can. not cause “they didn’t know”
- make pages for wwam (white women, asian male) because of the uprising of poc kpop pages and feeling as if “white women aren’t praised enough” when literally every fanfic, scenario, reaction, and even idols themselves praise white features and use them in everything which makes the reading material in kpop not relatable to most poc’s

this is all I came up with but I’m probably missing some. feel free to reblog and continue.


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Deal (Optional Bias)

request: no request, my thoughts were just wandering

genre: fluff

word count: 337

author’s note: so i was daydreaming and i came up with this? idk it’s similar to other scenarios on tumblr, but i wanted to write my own version.

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The Sings as Zico's Intro lines
  • Aries: YAHOOOOOOOOOO (Jackpot)
  • Taurus: Haha yeah, BBC, Follow me (Nillili Mambo)
  • Gemini: Bounce like dis, Bounce like dis (Nillili Mambo)
  • Cancer: Block B in the house, Z and Poptime Music (Nillili Mambo)
  • Leo: It's officially over now, Bye guys, Hi ladies *gross kissing sound* (Nillili Mambo)
  • Virgo: This one goes south (idek if thats what he even says what help) (Freeze!)
  • Libra: Seventh album, seven member and Seven Seasons representers (Jackpot)
  • Scorpio: Jeojyeotda ja ja ja jackpot (Jackpot)
  • Sagittarius: Ha, okay, okay, okay (NalinA)
  • Capricorn: Man you just chillin' this track (Halo)
  • Aquarius: Wassup, I'll show you something cool, In the name of Block B (Halo)
  • Pisces: Boys and girls, don't fool yourself, I got chur back (Tell Them)
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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your AUs but I'm more of an drawer than a writer? You have any AUs or smiple AUs that I can draw?

  • Halo AU – Character B laughing and having a subtle halo lighting behind their head. Maybe an extra picture of Character A blushing and staring at Character B in adoration.
  • Constellation Daydreams AU – Character B lovingly tracing out the lines of constellations in Character A’s freckles.
  • Domesticated Dragons AU – Character A chatting up Character B while their two dragons romp around near them. Maybe Character A and Character B meeting up for a date and Character A has knitted an adorable sweater for their dragon, and Character B immediately wants one for their dragon.
  • Awkward Encounter AU – Character B is sitting down for breakfast at IHOP with the huge, hulking demon!Character A and discussing the terms of selling Character B’s soul.
  • Flower Charms AU – Character A trying to combine their everyday outfits (lazy day sweatpants, business casual for work, everyday clothing, etc.) with the new flower crown that’s growing from their head. Maybe include a picture of Character A looking annoyed and trying to pull out the petals while looking at their reflection.
  • Alone Together AU – Character A sitting on their bathroom sink to talk to Character B, who is lying down on their bathroom floor so that they can talk to Chracter A in the floor below.
  • Masquerade Masks AU – Character A standing on a balcony, looking over their kingdom while the masked Character B comes up behind them to talk…but Character B is holding a knife behind their back.
  • Ink AU – The innocent and unassuming looking Character A getting a tattoo done by the heavily pierced, punk looking Character B while the two of them are chatting.

Here’s this other list too.