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hey… i’m sure ONI or UNSC has created an AI that’s a flat out pupper and just follows u around the ships and softly borks.. it does pupper things but has the power of a regular smart AI. 

or even.. a spartan with a AI that’s a power. and when the spartan gets ready to do some big ass powerup or punch someone across the map they yell out MAXIMUM BOoF DRIVE and you hear an audible but loud BOOF from the unseen AI

jacksonsx35  asked:

Would you possibly be willing to share your thoughts on each Halo book, so long as it's one sentence per book? I'm very curious on your perspective of the more recent books as well as the older material.

One sentence? Damn you, okay, I’ll try…

The Fall of Reach - The one that’s probably best to start with and is the reason we have an expanded universe to enjoy (feat. better writing than all of its garbage adaptations that have followed).

The Flood - That one time they adapted a game into a novel where all the best bits were the parts that had nothing to do with the game, underrated and still definitely better than Alex Garland’s garbage-ass Halo 1 movie script (feat. Melissa McKay, ‘nuff said)

First Strike - Galactic road trip, kind of like Little Miss Sunshine in space but with more genocide (feat. that one major shift in Halsey’s character arc that 343 forgot happened).

Ghosts of Onyx - The one where ONI decided they’d make their own child supersoldier program, with blackjack… and suicide missions for 12 year olds! (feat. Jerrod, who was forgotten about by the writers for 8 years after this, and trillions of Onyx Sentinels that the writers have still yet to remember)

Contact Harvest - Laughing at how the first casualty of the Covenant war was killed by a Huragok throwing a small rock, followed by ugly crying over Dadab/Lighter Than Some and Sif/Mack  (feat. a sex scene)

The Cole Protocol - Thel when he was a Very Bad Boy (feat. ice cream)

Broken Circle - G r A v i T y WIGGLER (feat. a happy ending, for once)

Hunters in the Dark - Returning to the Ark to deal with approximately zero of the long-established questions and plot points set up for it over the previous 8 years (feat. the filthy antelope punter)

Last Light - fred the sled who veta thought was ded and is sassed by child supersoldiers in bed (feat. a good and nice Jiralhanae)

New Blood - The One Where The Rookie Dies (feat. the Rookie’s death)

Saint’s Testimony - Iona deserved better (feat. all the progress set up by Cortana’s sacrifice at the end of Halo 4 for AI rights that would be shattered literally three months after this book came out by Halo 5)

Shadow of Intent - Joe Staten returns to tell a story about Rtas, who has been absent from the fiction since 2007, and all he wants is a nap (feat. Sangheili feminism)

Smoke and Shadow - Retroactively making Sergeant Forge a cool and interesting character, further set-up for future emotional pain (feat. sad worms)

Glasslands - You too can magically cure your mental illness if you just hate Halsey enough! (feat. squicky, heavy-handed, cheap Mengele references)

The Thursday War - Vaz consolidates his position as the worst character, the ‘Halsey Hate Club’ is an actual canon thing, Jul and Raia provide a reprieve for fans of decent writing (feat. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Mortal Dictata - “Mein Kampf with pictures” is an actual line in this @ Halsey’s journal, surprisingly actually substantially emotional at times (feat. aliens who lack any semblance of their own culture and exclusively talk using human idioms and expressions).

Cryptum - YA novel written in the style of Homer about a naked Forerunner wearing only a straw hat and sandles who awakens ancient warrior, spends two weeks brooding on an island before necking his friend’s alcohol and investigating galactic atrocities (feat. cosmic horror, politics, and comedy).

Primordium - Long-dead ancient human returns from the grave to fight his alien boyfriend (feat. walking, roving, hiking, running, trekking, voyaging, wandering, roaming, migrating, wayfaring…)

Silentium - And then everyone died, the end! (feat. emotional trauma incarnate)

Evolutions - A series of short stories that highlight the well-known fact that living in the Halo universe would be shit (feat. being eaten by the Flood, being eaten by Jiralhanae, and making friends with naughty bugs).

Fractures - A series of even shorter stories that highlight the well-known fact that Halo 5 sucked (feat. “have you tried switching [the Domain] off and on again?” and Tobias Buckell’s fist literally shooting out of every page of Oasis to punch you in the face).

It was Roland’s idea, yep, conspiracy’s been confirmed (what can you even do about it though, Lasky? Nothing!)

Now featuring a most haphazardous half-assed background in history, and I don’t know how to do holographic AI avatars :/

Inevitabilities (rvb fic; lolix)

Summary: Locus dies on Chorus–at least until Felix takes the memory matrix his partner left him and plugs it into his ship.


disclaimer: i don’t own these trashcan mercenaries or the red vs blue storyline
warnings: major character death, angsty mercs, suicidal behavior, slight AU, hand injuries, (gonna be major AU come monday…), uh mentions of self-starvation?

He didn’t understand.

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Insert long list of complaints about how difficult the markings/patterns were on this and how much they made me want to chuck my beloved tablet out a window.

Despite the many hours of tedious work I put into this and how frustrated I got with it at times, I am quite happy with the end result. And of course, Cortana is always a joy to draw (sarcasm level there is about 50%. She is fun, but holy shit. I would say I never want to draw her again, but I probably will despite how annoying it can be.)

So that’s two new prints down for Ottawa Comic Con.
Next up, Garnet from Steven Universe!


Artwork © Brittany Willows
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