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For Eternity...

Summary: Most of them I just met this year… But it feels as if I've known them from somewhere else before… Somewhere, sometime, a long long time ago… However, i can’t help but feel that someone is still missing… Someone really important to me…

Inspired by the amazing doujin by nanakoblaze which you can find here! Read and enjoy! And i hope this interpretation is a nice compliment to the amazing art done by you Nanako-chan!

Flames ripped forth from his hands and through his skin, crackling viciously as it licked the surface of everything that surrounded him, the white-hot flames destroying everything in sight and leaving nothing but smoldering piles of ash behind. Smoke and ash invaded his lungs, clouding his vision and his head felt like lead

But none of that mattered now, for all he could see was her.

His throat was hoarse and raw from screaming, his clawed hands reaching out towards the glowing figure before him as desperation pumped through his veins, his pain-racked body straining towards her even as something ripped out from his back and blood ran down his horned head.

Diamond-like tears dripped from her bloodied face, her hair created an ethereal golden halo around her that accented the glow that radiated out from her. She bit down on her cracked lips as she held back that harrowing sobs that threatened emerged, and his heart ached at how broken she sounded when she cried out, 

“ N-Natsu, i’m sorry, i’m so sorry!”

As the glow around her grew in intensity, casting a light that’s both soothing yet utter agonizing to him, at the last minute, she lifted her face, the top half of her face remained shrouded by her golden hair, but her lips were what made his breadth catch in his throat and his chest constrict painfully, along with her words,

“ ..w… ou….wa..f…e….?”

The light completely enveloped her, and his world shattered right before his eyes as a guttural roar of utter agony ripped past his throat,

“ NO!”

Olive green eyes flew open in the darkness with a startled gasped as the 18 year old jerked up awake, perspiration ran down his face and flattened his vivid pink hair as ragged gasps escaped his lips.

“ That nightmare again…?” He groaned, running a hand through his damp hair before coming down to grab the material above his aching heart, muttering to himself, “ Who is she?”

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