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As announced today, work is underway on updates, fixes and Xbox One X enhancements for Halo: The Master Chief Collection – coming in 2018.

cea-of-smiles  asked:

Question for ya. You've before mentioned that there are a lot of halo fans on tumblr, and I'd really like to know who they are so I can follow them overdose on halo fandom stuff.

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Finish the Fight!

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The display’s shimmering geometric patterns nagged at him, as if he should recognise them somehow. Even with his enhanced memory, he couldn’t place where he’d seen them before. They just seemed… familiar.

He reached a finger out to one of the symbols, a blue-green circle. The Spartan expected his finger to pass through nothing more than air. He was surprised when his finger met resistance - and the panel lights began to pulse more quickly.

“What did you do?” Cortana asked, her voice alarmed. “I’m detecting an energy spike.”

“I… don’t know,” the Spartan admitted.

He wasn’t sure why he touched the ‘button’ on the display. He just knew it felt right.

[…] He seemed to know instinctively how to activate the panel - it almost seemed hard-wired, like his flight or flight response. [Halo: The Flood]


Many questions remain unanswered. What we do know to a virtual certainty is that the power of the Flood and the reawakened might of the Precursors will be extinguished. The beam energy of the installations cannot travel slower than light, and ultimately, will propagate at near-infinite velocities.

Already, two of our Halos report pre-echoes that suggest the combined discharge has already happened.

What choice remains to me, then?

Somewhere, sometime, I have already given the order…