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Halo Ammunition Sketch Page 3!

A sketch page based on a Pre-Halo event Fire Team Quiver when they first received their MJOLNIR Mark IV armor systems. Before that time they wore the SPI Armor Systems as they are SPARTAN IIIs.

I wanted to add more sketches, like 3 of the Spartans taking down a Mgaelekgolo or even more CQC between Spartans and Sangheili and Jiralhanae. But decided that nah! I don’t have any good design/angles for these moments and I want to save them for the comic in the future.

The Betrayed of our Enemies are our Friends

(Because I’m a procrastinating ‘lil shit who needs validation for the sake of inspiration, I’m posting this. Thanks to @yeeeem for the Idea.)

Outer Colony of Tharsis, Southern Oblin Region

Late winter, 2552

For the last year, the Covenant had been engaging in small skirmishes with the colony of Tharsis. The reason the planet had not been glassed was it’s abundance of Forerunner artifacts, though many of these were unknown to the planet’s human occupants. Besides, this fleet did not belong to the Covenant.

It was the splinter group let by Feta ‘Ludamee, who defected after the second attack on Arcadia in 2549, where his brother was killed. Then, he was only a shipmaster, now, he had a small battlegroup holding just outside Tharsis’ range of sensors.

His forces were brutal, and unforgiving. As a soldier, you moved forward, and any step away from the enemy was punished instantly by death. This is way of battle led the force to many swift victories early in the war against the humans, but it also led to many regrets in the minds of his soldiers. One such soldier was a zealot by the name of Jul ‘Vedumee.

In his time, Jul grew close to only two living beings, a pair of Mgalakgolo. During an assault on a small mountain town, of the bond brothers had fallen back, it’s old and outdated weapon malfunctioning. Another zealot, Seda 'Granamee, fulfilled his orders to kill any retreating troops, and swiftly slashed an opening into the Mgalekgolo’s backside, planting within it a plasma grenade.

In a violent blue flash, the snow on the ground around them was rained apon in orange blood, individual worms walling, to damaged to reassemble what remained of the Lekgolo colony.

Sensing it’s bond-brother’s death, the remaining brother turned, and unleashed a violent roar as it charged Seda. Within instants, the zealot had been taken apart, piece by piece, and both the Mgalekgolo and Jul disappeared.

Now, weeks later in the cold snowfall of winter, they sought no allies, only survival. If they had returned to the covenant, they would surly be killed for their crimes, Jul to hung by his entrails, his corpse paraded through the city, but they could not return to Feta’s group, for the fate their would be much worse.

On foot, it took them weeks to find any civilization. They had found a small frontier agricultural town, lying in a small valley between mountains. Jul was reluctant to go to the humans. He and his ally would likely be killed by their forces, but they went onward still.

From his home, a man named saw the two covenant soldiers approaching, and alerted the local police. He to, grabbed his own hunting rifle and walked out into the fields. Within minutes, the local police were armed as was anyone who owned a rifle.

As Jul and the Hunter approached, they did not shoot. Maybe they could take them prisoner, and hand them over the the Colonial Military. Jul was worried about the situation, but it was the only chance he had at saving himself and his friend.

Unfortunately, the Mgalekgolo was anxious, and that kept the humans on edge. Jul spoke Sangheili quietly with the hunter as they approached the humans.

Do not fire, friend. We need them. They are the only ones who can help us.

The beast replied with a low, sorrowful rumble

Maybe one day we can help them defeat Feta, yes? We can avenge your brother.

With a rumble of the same tone, the Hunter seemed to relax, it’s shoulders lowering, this seemed to calm the humans slightly, but they still kept their guard as Jul and the hunter stepped into the circle they has formed, facing what appeared to be the humans’ leader.

Stop right there you alien bastards! What are you doing here?

In English, Jul replied using what he knew of the human language Please, lower your weapons, we do not seek to harm you.

Tell us what you’re doing here, and I might consider it. Now talk!

We abandoned our forced. They betrayed us, killed my friends brother. We only seek a place to rest, and get well.

How can we believe that! What’s to say you aren’t just trying to get in and take us out from behind our lines.

Will this assist in earning your trust?

Jul took his plasma rifle and energy sword off of his legs, and threw them both toward the feet of one of the officers. The police chief then looked at the Mgalekgolo.

What about him?

Jul already knew what he was talking about. He turned to his friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. In Sangheili, he spoke to him.

They are asking you to shed your weapon, friend. You must do this if you wish to have their help.

The hunter replied with a low, growl, signifying his preference to keep his weapon. This made the officers more tense again, focusing their aim on the beast.

Please. We cannot avenge your fallen brother if we do not get their help first.

With a huff of air, the Mgalekgolo powered down his cannon, the green lights fading to black ad it slid off of his arm, falling to the snowy ground with a thud, the heat melting the now around it. The worms at the end of the now bare arm formed into something of a hand, with two large fingers and a single thumb.

Jul turned again to face the human leader, speaking again in English.

There. He has been disarmed. Is there anything else we mush do?

What are your names?

I…  I am Jul 'Vedum.

And your friend?

With a glance cast to the side toward his friend, who let out a small low rumble for only a second, he pauses before looking back to the human.

He chooses to go by no name.

With a sigh, the Chief looks upon the two aliens. Ok, you can stay. But don’t expect to be here long. It’s my job to keep this town safe, and I don’t need two aliens making that harder than it needs to be, is that clear?

Yes, we understand. Where would you like us to be housed?

You can stay in my shed. There will be plenty of room there, and I can keep a close eye on you, now lets go. Someone pick up these weapons and bring them to the office.

From there, Jul and the Mgalekgolo were led to their new home in the backyard shed of the human. For the next few weeks, they would be fed whatever meat the humans did not prefer, but they accepted it, as it was all they had.

Summer, 2552

For months, Jul 'Vedum had been been protecting his Mgalekgolo friend in the town of Kensington. Through time he had managed to work himself into the towns trust, though his Mgalekgolo friend was still iffy.

While adults still feared the monstrous beast, many having seen them in fierce combat during the Human - Covenant war, many of the children were not afraid. Many young children were kept away from him by their parents, though the older kids would not be stopped so easily.

Through the months, though still uneasy, some of the kids were allowed to venture near the Mgalekgolo, more curious than anything. Some were brave, and climbed atop the Hunter’s massive boots, which would occasionally raise a child off the ground as they laughed, the beast looking down upon the tiny humans quizzically.

By July, the Mgalekgolo was getting along with many of the town’s people, though the adults still kept their distance. Many of the kids climb atop him, making him a moving playground.

Soon, they began to adorn his shield with chalk. Slowly, his shield became a vibrant mural, featuring him and the towns people. soon, the art had even begun to spread onto other parts of his armor.

This became a great contrast to the black and violet armor he was given under Feta 'Ludamee’s command. Slowly, the intimidating battle armor became a vibrant symbol of peace between the aliens and the town.

Jul had also been given a new appearance by the humans. covering his legs were long pants of a deep blue color, which he was told were called “jeans.” Over his torso was a sturdy, brown cover that the Humans called a “Jacket”. Both of these were somewhat crudely made, but he forgave them. He did not expect them to be able to make clothing to fit with his physiology.

One day, the leader of the humans came to speak with Jul in private.  He and Jul both met in the shed, while the Mgalekgolo played in the fields with the children. Closing the door, the Police Chief spoke first.

I hope you two still know how to fight after your time off the battlefield.

These words concerned Jul.

Why would we need to fight? Has something happened?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing you or your friend have done. It’s something else. something that’s on it’s way here now.

What is it?

With a sigh, the Chief paused for a second before he continued to speak.

We got word today, from the government, that the Covenant forces are on their way to this town, and they won’t be able to get here in time.

Then you should leave. get you and your people out of the town. They are likely here for me and my friend.

That’s what the government told us, but the people here aren’t exactly the kind to leave their home without a fight.

Then what do you wish to do? If we leave, they will likely kill you still.

I want you to fight with us.

Are you sure that’s the wisest decision? There are still elder humans who do not trust us as we are.

Of course. Your and your friend, despite how things may have been at the start, have become as much a part of this town as anyone else, if not more.

I thank you for the trust, but I cannot let others die because of me and my friend. I’d prefer it if your people evacuated.

And I’d prefer I not force these people out of their homes. Many of these people built their homes here on their own, or one of their parents or grandparents built it. For many, this town is not only home, but their history. They’re willing to fight for it as much as you are willing to fight to stay alive.

Jul was silent for a moment, thinking.

Very well. but if you wish for us to fight with you, we will need our arms.

That can be done. Follow me.

Jul and the Chief went into the Police office, only a block away. They stepped into a side room, where Jul’s armor and weapons had been stored, and his friends cannon placed next to it.

In minutes, they had gathered all of the gear, and went back to the shed to prepare. The chief had left to prepare the town’s people. Jul donned his now white armor, with a trim of brown in a shade similar to that of wheat.  He set his plasma rifles onto his his, and placed his energy sword in the place normally reserved for grenades.

He looked over the crate holding the assault canon, hefting it with great effort. He pushed the door open as he stepped toward the Mgalekgolo. As he moved toward him, the Hunter slowly began to lower children back onto the ground.

Jul placed the crate down on the ground, and for the first time in a few weeks, spoke directly to the children.

Children. You may all go home now, somewhere safe with your parents. My friend and I have something we need to do.

With little protest, the children went home, and in a few minutes, Jul and the Mgalekgolo were alone. Jul removed the top of the crate, and hefted the assault canon, placing it in the dirt before his friend.

The Mgalekgolo replied with an inquisitive rumble, looking at the canon, then to Jul.

They’re coming. Ludamee’s forces. The humans want us to help defend them.

This was met with a low rumble, more similar to a growl.

Yes, it is time to avenge your brother.

Right as Jul said this, the Mgalekgolo trust his arm into the canons interior, a louder growl sounding as he bashed the ground.

Calm now, friend. We have a few hours still before the attack approaches. We have other things to attend to first.

Jul then reached into a small bag he had with him. Within it was a few thin tall canisters, spray paint, the same that was used to paint Jul’s armor. He began to spray, starting with the Mgalekgolo’s right shoulder. The Hunter sounded a low rumble of curiosity.

It is so the humans to not mistake us for the enemy in combat. They do not wish to shoot us on accident.

A few minutes later, and Jul was just about halfway through his friends chest piece. On one of his passes with the white, he covered the tip of a large six pointed star, which had been drawn by one of the children in a burning gold.

This caused the beast to reel back, loosing a defensive growl. Jul jumped slightly in response as well, the sudden movement startling him. He quickly thought over the moment, and realized what had caused the reaction.

He looked back to his friend, who was still position defensively.

It’s Ok. I understand.

The Mgalekgolo made a higher, more dynamic sound, as if asking for confirmation.

I understand. Do not cover the markings.

Hesitantly, the Hunter came back and became less tense. Within half an hour, whatever areas of the Mgalekgolo’s were not adorned by markings left by the children were colored similarly to Jul’s in White and the Wheat-Brown.

Jul and his friend would soon make their way into the town main square, where the Chief was peaking with the people. Some were officers of the law, identified by their blue and brown uniforms, but many were not. Most were only normal humans, who bared whatever arms they had.

As Jul and the Mgalekgolo stepped onto the scene, the Chief motihoned to them

And, well, speak of the devil and he shall appear,

Jul and the Hunter had been around the human long enough to know the phrase did not actually carry not negative meaning, but it still puzzled Jul immensely.

They will be assisting us in our defense. Try not to shoot them, they might be our only chance at defeating our enemy. Alright, now you all know what you’ve signed up for. Everyone, prepare, and take positions. Fight to the last inch of soil beneath your feet. If we hold fast onto our weapon’s, we will overcome this threat. Dismissed.

As the humans spread themselves through the town Jul and his friend approached the Chief.

You two look well and ready to fight.

We are. Where would you like us?

The same field you were in when you got here. If you came that way, it’s likely they will too.

Will do. We’ll do our best to keep your town safe.

And don’t think we don’t appreciate it. Now get to stations, we don’t have the same Intel the Government does, and our communication has been cut. They could be here in a minute, and they could be here in many hours. All we can do is wait.

Understood. We’ll get the job done.

Jul and the Mgalekgolo made their way for the field in which they first arrived. Inside houses were small children, some had their mothers with them, other had both parents armed along the city’s perimeter.

It was almost half an hour when a small figure was seen resting the mountain top. first, it was a single phantom, then two, then five, then ten. More kept coming, but all Jul and the Mgalekgolo could see was red.

Jul let out a fierce roar, which made several of the humans thankful he was on their side, but Jul’s roar palled in comparison to his friend’s.

The Mgalekgolo Stepped forward, bringing his boot to the earth with a heavy crash, his shield smashing the ground in front of him with an even louder thud. The, he unleashed a mighty roar. It was near deafening, the bone chilling battle cry echoing through the valley, slicing through the trees and burning through the air.


-Dirty War-

Surprise Collection Gift Incoming! - In this one feacture all ( I THINK ) the OCs of @biduke-h in the Fan Fiction : Halo Wars : Dirty War ( Con un Monton de referencias :P )

Feacturing ( in Order )

stealth Spartan K9 - CID

spartan sl-006 /SOS/ - Camil

Spartan T80 - Runa 

Spartan RT 500 - Bannic

spartan SLK - Zeth

NIN - Prototype -The Antagonist-

Hope you like it guys! now time for play some halo ce :P


Moar old miiverse stuff. This was my most popular stuff i posted back then. Felt bad cuz a lot of people said they were looking forward to more. I honestly just took wayyyyyyy too long with these simply because i wanted the text to be perfect. Like seriously itd be like 5 or 6 hours on some of these just trying to get things symmetrical. Drawings were done in like an hour or less, but that fuckin text dood. I love how they turned out at the time but holy shit man. I already draw slow enough as it is.

Also the color drawings that are lazily thrown in there were me trying to redo or add to the miiverse stuff i did. but then i stopped lol. might do moar? 

TBH I like the miiverse ones a hell of a lot more lol. I love working with pixels. May have to start drawing on miiverse again or something..


Halo Ammunition: Requiem Drop

Finally finished this long storyboard of Fire Team Quiver’s first mission in the 2nd tour of Requiem.

I say storyboard because there are big time skips between each panel. Anyways this fucker has been nothing but trouble because I was a dumbass twice making it twice as hard.

First time being that half way through coloring and shading this I accidentally merged all visible layers together without knowing. This made shading backgrounds and the spartans way more difficult. Then after that while shading the 3rd panel I was trying to make shading the panel the only thing via the lasso tool.

But I guess I goofed and deleted ALL of the repair layer but thankfully I had WIP shots of all panels and had to restart all over again. But now it is finished!