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Halo Ammunition Sketch Page 3!

A sketch page based on a Pre-Halo event Fire Team Quiver when they first received their MJOLNIR Mark IV armor systems. Before that time they wore the SPI Armor Systems as they are SPARTAN IIIs.

I wanted to add more sketches, like 3 of the Spartans taking down a Mgaelekgolo or even more CQC between Spartans and Sangheili and Jiralhanae. But decided that nah! I don’t have any good design/angles for these moments and I want to save them for the comic in the future.



Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 was a SPARTAN-II commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three. He fought during the Fall of Reach in 2552 as a part of Noble Team under the call sign Noble Five.


Jorge was born in Pálháza on Reach on March 5, 2511, and was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when he was six years old. While on Reach, he was trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez along with the rest of the Spartan children.

In 2525, he and the other candidates underwent a series of augmentations to improve their overall combat prowess in several different fields. Jorge was among the candidates who survived the procedure.

Fall of Reach:

Jorge served with Noble Team under the call sign “Noble Five” during the Fall of Reach in 2552. He acted in the capacity of heavy weapons specialist, and was the only SPARTAN-II on the team.

Prior to the Fall of Reach, Jorge-052 along with other members of Noble Team investigated an incident over at Visegrád Relay, only to discover that Covenant forces had bypassed Reach’s defenses and infiltrated key installations and communications centers. During the preliminary stages of the Covenant invasion of Reach, Jorge and Noble Team partook in multiple operations against Covenant forces on the surface of Reach, including a counter-offensive operation to retake Sword Base and a large-scale UNSC assault on a Covenant-occupied site and neutralization of a Covenant Spire.

Realizing the presence of the Covenant supercarrier after the Battle of Viery as a great threat, the team devised Operation: UPPERCUT; a tactic which involved using a YSS-1000 “Sabre”-class starfighter to deliver a makeshift slipspace bomb to the supercarrier and destroy it via a slipspace rupture. After receiving authorization from Colonel Urban Holland, the team traveled to a besieged base and assisted the UNSC forces in repelling the Covenant forces. Jorge and Noble Six boarded a Sabre and launched into space to join the Epsilon Eridani Defense Fleet.

After rendezvousing with the UNSC fleet, the Sabres helped in repelling the Covenant invasion force and escorted the UNSC Savannah in commandeering a Covenant corvette. The Savannah diverted the Corvette’s fire, allowing Noble Six to infiltrate the ship’s hull and allow a Pelican carrying Jorge and the bomb inside the ship. Jorge and Six then used the hijacked Corvette, which was on course toward the supercarrier to refuel, to transport the slipspace device within range of the Supercarrier. After they had taken control of the Corvette, Jorge discovered that they were not only cut off from their Sabres, the thrusters on the Pelican were damaged during the firefight, and that in order for them to return to Reach, the SPARTANS would have to free-fall back to the planet’s surface. He also found that the timing device that would have been used to activate the SFTE was also damaged, and the only alternative would be to trigger it manually.

Jorge resolved that he would stay to activate the slipspace device himself and presuming that doing so would cost him his life, he entrusted Noble Six with his dog tags before forcing Six off the Covenant Corvette. His last known words, which were to Six, were “Tell them to make it count.” As Six drifted away from the ship, Jorge activated the bomb, opening a slipspace rupture that enveloped the Corvette and a large portion of the Supercarrier’s midsection, sending it into the slipstream with no way out. UPPERCUT had been a success, but at the cost of Jorge’s life.


Maethrillian, commonly known as the Capital, was the political center of the Forerunner ecumene. It housed the Ecumene Council, the main governing body of the ecumene, as well as the Capital Court. It was a massive structure, greatly exceeding the scale of even the Halo installations.


Maethrillian was one of the oldest structures in the ecumene, having been constructed roughly around 125,000 BCE. Unknown to most Forerunners in later times, the Capital was constructed around the physical component of the Precursor construct known as Abaddon, discovered by early Forerunners on a distant world. A powerful intelligence closely linked with the Domain, Abaddon was believed to have taught ancient Forerunners to access the Domain, which would later become a keystone of their civilization. As the construction of the Capital progressed, Abaddon was contained within a chamber of relics known as the Mysterium and held secret from most of the ecumene apart from senior members of the Ecumene Council; however, scattered reports of its existence gave rise to the legend of “the Organon”, a Precursor artifact that controlled all others.

Despite its immense size, the Capital itself had a comparatively small population of several hundred thousand Forerunners, mostly high-ranking Builders. Trillions of ancillas served in the capital in the Capital metarchy, an enormous network coordinated by a Metarch-level ancilla that answered to the First Councilor. It was one of the most trafficked locations in the ecumene, with constant security patrols, sentinels, and transports swarming around it.Within five thousand kilometers of the structure, incoming vessels would be carefully screened by sensory fields and directed by hard light docking nets.The Capital’s system housed multiple slipspace portals that linked to many worlds, as well as the Ark.

During the Forerunner-Flood war, Maethrillian became the site of an enormous battle as Mendicant Bias, having been persuaded into rampancy by the Primordial, attempted to deliver a crippling blow to the Forerunner leadership. Even though the Forerunners responded with heavy force, Mendicant Bias was successful in firing Installation 07 in the system, sterilizing the Capital and eliminating most of the Ecumene Council. Although the Council would be reconstituted shortly afterward as the “New Council" from survivors found deep within Maethrillian, they would not return to the former capital. With the Flood having overrun the Capital system, strategic command of the ecumene was moved to the greater Ark.

Over a century after the Halos’ firing, a group of surviving Forerunners led by the IsoDidact returned to Maethrillian to restore the Domain, which had been rendered inactive by the Halo Array. While attempting to access the Mysterium, the Forerunners were confronted by a manifestation of Abaddon. Embittered and corrupted by the damage wrought upon it by the Halos, the Precursor intelligence intended to judge the Forerunners for this sins. However, the Forerunners managed to enter the Mysterium and discovered Abaddon’s physical location. Inserting a deadbolt key into the artifact, Growth-Through-Trial-of-Changesuccessfully restored the Domain, simultaneously causing Abaddon to vanish. Their mission a success, the surviving Forerunners returned to Installation 00 and left the galaxy shortly afterward.

Long after the Forerunner-Flood war, the Covenant learned about the existence of Maethrillian, revered as the fabled throne of their gods. In 2552, Supreme Commander Rho ‘Barutamee found Forerunner artifacts after an engagement with the UNSC. That led him to think he was close to finding Maethrillian. Ultimately he arrived at Reach, which he attacked with restraint, preferring to localize important Forerunner artifacts first. However, he never accomplished his secret objective, as his plan was foiled by NOBLE Team, and the rest of the Covenant did not pursue his goal.

Day 30′s Sketch - Ament’s Quest (Final Sketch.)

Although I hate the story of Halo 5 as it was turned into a shitty comic book plot. I do love the new design of Cortana that 343i gave her.

Technically the name of Locke’s fire team is the wrong deity for the story, They still have to dive into the underworld to “rescue” Master Chief (Their elder)

I guess Halsey would be more like the goddess Isis then Cortana (as Cortana would be more like Set…)