halo 4 art


Halo Ammunition Sketch Page 3!

A sketch page based on a Pre-Halo event Fire Team Quiver when they first received their MJOLNIR Mark IV armor systems. Before that time they wore the SPI Armor Systems as they are SPARTAN IIIs.

I wanted to add more sketches, like 3 of the Spartans taking down a Mgaelekgolo or even more CQC between Spartans and Sangheili and Jiralhanae. But decided that nah! I don’t have any good design/angles for these moments and I want to save them for the comic in the future.

Weekly content update once again on my drawing…

The forearm design is in the rough stages. Using Tekka-Croe’s design from DeviantArt for the Mark V arms and legs. I am so not used to using a tablet, that I am comfortable with showing little-by-little progress, rather than one big surprise at the end. :P

I will also do little design changes to make the Mark V helmet up to date with Halo 5′s Delta variant of it. :)

More updates to come.