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Daily Drawing Challenge 2: It’s a new year and that means new fanart! I gotta say, I don’t see enough flood/mark V art - basically The Battle of Alpha Halo needs more fanart because it’s sick! A guerilla warfare campaign on a giant ring against alien maniacs and space zombies! 


Halo 15th Anniversary Tribute

- S-B312 -
Halo Saga

As the war with the Covenant Empire continued, the demand for high-risk, SPARTAN operations deep within enemy territory rose exponentially. This demand lead the UNSC’s Special Warfare Command to commission several new breeds of SPARTAN teams in both S-II and S-III classes. SPARTAN B312 (later known as Noble Six) was chosen to join this gifted few.

Daily Drawing Challenge 83: I was fiending to draw some Noble Six fanart, and I sorely miss the ‘tactical, utilitarian’ halo aesthetic of olde. So i thought I’d scratch that itch by drawing S-B312 patrolling with a nameless comrade on a nameless world. The smoking corpse of an Sangheili beside them. Also keep your eyes peeled for some Halo Wars 2 fanart! Moreover I’m thinking of doing some commission work - if you’re interested, message me (more on this later this summer).

“It‘s going to be lonely in here,” she said. “But at least he won‘t take you too. Don‘t forget me.”
“That’d be kind of hard.” It was John‘s voice, even more vivid and real than that of long-dead Lance Corporal Yate. Reality meant nothing now. She was … comfortable with that. “And he‘s not taking either of us, okay?”
The visor came closer. Cortana made a final effort to shut down whatever systems she could to leave her higher functions focused on assessing the environment around her.
There was little of High Charity‘s system left functional, but the sensors gave her enough feedback to determine that there really was a human-sized solid object in front of the podium, and that it was emitting certain EM frequencies.
There really was a man in armor leaning over her.
He’s real. It’s John. It’s really him. Oh, he did it - he did it, he came back, he kept his promise …
“You found me,” she whispered.
John tilted his head slightly. She hadn’t wanted him to see her in this state. She was still so close to system failure that she might not make it after all. But if she was going to sink farther into that unknown oblivion, then at least a familiar face—shielded in a visor or not—would be the last thing she saw, and it would be real .
“So much of me is wrong … out of place. You might be too late …”
John seemed unmoved, as always. Cortana was certain she knew better.
You know me,“ he said. "When I make a promise …”
“… You keep it.”
“You‘ll be back to normal soon. Don‘t worry.”
“That bad, huh?”
“Good as new, in fact.”
John was lying. If she‘d been embedded in his neural interface at that moment, she‘d have detected the galvanic skin response and raised heartbeat. But she could hear the faint change of pitch in his voice. And she knew how badly damaged she was. He had to be able to see that too; he put on that same reassuring voice she‘d heard him use with comrades bleeding out their lives on the battlefield.
But seven minutes, seven hours, seven years - whatever remained, Cortana would be more than satisfied with it. Eternity and all the data you could eat weren’t worth a damn if you didn’t have the right company.
“I’ve looked into it,” she said. “The abyss. My abyss.”
“Okay.” John transferred her to his suit. She could have sworn she felt him wince as they interfaced. That told her more eloquently than any diagnostic that something was irreparably wrong with her. “Take a long look. But you won‘t fall in. I‘m here now.”
She already felt some relief, probably because she was free of the Gravemind. When you were composed of pure thought, then confusion was agony, but certain reality was a soothing balm. “I‘m lucky to have you.”
“No,” John said. “Remember - I‘m the lucky one.”
“So you are,” she said.

Halo: Evolutions, Human Weakness

If they ever remaster Halo 3 I hope they replace the original dialogue with this.