halo 13

The Huntress - 13

Chapter 13


“With leather worn and sword unsheathed stands the fallen child of the angels; the huntress of the deep.” - willowing-love

Pairing: Castiel x Nephilim!Reader

Warning: This will be another one of my adventure fics. This series will contain FLUFF, ANGST and SMUT (at some point. I am not a smut writer, but this fic calls for it). All nsfw chapters will be tagged. It will also contain strong language, physical violence, blood, gore, violent visions, and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, then you can check out my masterlist for some slightly less angsty oneshots and drabbles instead.

Word Count: 5,951

WARNING: Physical pain, blood and gore

@perseusandmedusa whispered ‘Castiel x Nephilim!Reader’ in my ear and THIS happened. Enochian translations at the end.

THE MELODY OF INSPIRATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2lf_vyK8fw  

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You turned around to see an angel with sandy blonde hair, wearing a gray suit and grimacing at the sight of you. Castiel kept his grip tight on your shoulder and pulled you back to move in front of you, shifting to stand in between you and the other angel as he released your shoulder.

“Castiel, I should have known that you would be the one to try to protect something so tainted.” he spat.

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YEE-FRICKIN-HAW– Also RvB spoilers?

This only took me two and a half weeks of painting. Ugh! But it’s done. The next time someone asks for a Halo character I’m charging 50$ minimum. What a pain! (Especially this one because i couldn’t find any thorough reference pics grrrrrrr–)

I also got into Red vs Blue because of this commission. I don’t regret it much! It’s pretty dumb humor but it gets super badass–and still pretty dumb– in the later seasons and I gotta say I’m a fan! Mostly of Caboose, but yanno.

So yeah here’s Kimball paying her respects.