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(i’ve made two playlists and the show ain’t even over yet?? wow. wowie)


01. History Maker - Piano Cover // 02. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding // 03. Bitter and the Sweetness - The Ready Set // 04. Closer - Tegan & Sara // 05. Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON // 06. Speed of Love - Owl City // 07. Sugar - Maroon 5 // 08. Faint Of Heart - Tegan & Sara // 09. Halo - Beyoncé // 10. Roses ft. ROZES - The Chainsmokers // 11. Good As New - Vacationer // 12. Never Been In Love ft. Icona Pop - Cobra Starship // 13. You Only Live Once - Piano Cover 

The Huntress - 10

Chapter 10


“With leather worn and sword unsheathed stands the fallen child of the angels; the huntress of the deep.” - willowing-love

Pairing: Castiel x Nephilim!Reader

Warning: This will be another one of my adventure fics. This series will contain FLUFF, ANGST and SMUT (at some point. I am not a smut writer, but this fic calls for it). All nsfw chapters will be tagged. It will also contain strong language, physical violence, blood, gore, violent visions, and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, then you can check out my masterlist for some slightly less angsty oneshots and drabbles instead.

Word Count: 5,203

WARNING: Physical pain, strong language and heavy mental anguish (that should always just be a given). Castiel must face his demon.

@perseusandmedusa whispered ‘Castiel x Nephilim!Reader’ in my ear and THIS happened. Enochian translations at the end.

THE MELODY OF INSPIRATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2lf_vyK8fw  

(Just in case the links start working…)

 Prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  

Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  

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Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11 

Chapter 12   Chapter 13



You sat there in silence, the small drifts of smoke curling away from your skin in tendrils.

The boys watched from their places a few feet away as Cas lifted your head with his hands against your cheeks, running his grace through your body as he tried to heal you of what he could.

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anonymous asked:

can u do like your top 50 (AT LEAST) albums of 2000-2009 plz you have my favourite taste thx

hm, well, i’m working from home, have my itunes library in front of me, and love projects, so: sure, why not

1. kate bush: aerial
2. dj sprinkles: midtown 120 blues
3. brand new: the devil and god are raging inside me
4. sade: lovers rock
5. maxwell: BLACKsummers’night
6. scritti politti: white bread black beer
7. the anniversary: designing a nervous breakdown
8. fall out boy: folie a deux
9. meshell ndegeocello: devil’s halo
10. shiina ringo: kalk samen kuri no hana
11. deftones: white pony
12. juno: a future lived in past tense
13. d’angelo: voodoo
14. gillian welch: time (the revelator)
15. junior boys: last exit
16. perfume: game
17. saves the day: in reverie
18. dj quik: trauma
19. andrew w.k.: i get wet
20. celtic frost: monotheist
21. my chemical romance: three cheers for sweet revenge
22. unwound: leaves turn inside you
23. luomo: the present lover
24. devin townsend: terria
25. moloko: statues
26. say anything: …is a real boy
27. converge: jane doe
28. fugazi: the argument
29. ulver: blood inside
30. britney spears: blackout
31. erykah badu: mama’s gun
32. studio: west coast
33. lambchop: nixon
34. dir en grey: oroboros
35. róisín murphy: ruby blue
36. immortal: sons of northern darkness
37. miranda lambert: crazy ex-girlfriend
38. american music club: the golden age
39. erykah badu: new amerykah pt. 1 (fourth world war)
40. the wrens: the meadowlands
41. gas: pop
42. the blue nile: high
43. róisín murphy: overpowered
44. gorguts: from wisdom to hate
45. aaliyah: aaliyah
46. immolation: close to a world below
47. at the drive-in: relationship of command
48. moodymann: silence in the secret garden
49. summoning: let mortal heroes sing your fame
50. outkast: stankonia
51. the-dream: love hate
52. metro area: metro area
53. sun kil moon: ghosts of the great highway
54. kylie minogue: fever
55. tweet: southern hummingbird
56. morbid angel: gateways to annihilation
57. taking back sunday: louder now
58. maxwell: now
59. steve roach: mystic chords & sacred spaces
60. jesu: jesu
61. system of a down: toxicity
62. amerie: all i have
63. primordial: to the nameless dead
64. thursday: a city by the light divided
65. taylor swift: fearless
66. tegan and sara: the con
67. clipse: lord willin’
68. pj harvey: white chalk
69. kanye west: 808s and heartbreak
70. bill callahan: sometimes i wish we were an eagle
71. sugababes: one touch
72. discordance axis: the inalienable dreamless
73. cynic: traced in air
74. neko case: fox confessor brings the flood
75. usher: confessions
76. low: the great destroyer
77. underoath: define the great line
78. katatonia: last fair deal gone down
79. silverchair: young modern
80. leonard cohen: ten new songs
81. blut aus nord: memoria vetsuta ii: dialogue with the stars
82. monolake: silence
83. nightwish: wishmaster
84. janet jackson: all for you
85. mewithoutyou: brother, sister
86. kathleen edwards: failer
87. underworld: oblivion with bells
88. beyoncé: b’day
89. scarface: the fix
90. the radio dept.: pet grief
91. red house painters: old ramon
92. gaelle: transient
93. life without buildings: any other city
94. propagandhi: supporting caste
95. ashlee simpson: autobiography
96. harvey milk: special wishes
97. george michael: patience
98. mariah carey: glitter
99. slipknot: iowa

well i wasn’t expecting to get past 50 but here we are. i probably forgot something


Matt Forbeck tweeted this yesterday, revealing the names of the stories and their authors in Halo: Fractures - which releases 10 days from now.

Lessons Learned - Matt Forbeck (31 pages)

What Remains - Morgan Lockhart (13 pages)

Breaking Strain - James Swallow (36 pages)

Promises to Keep - Christie Golden (45 pages)

Shadow of Intent - Joseph Staten (91 pages)

The Ballad of Hamish Beamish - Frank O’Connor (5 pages)

Defender of the Storm - John Jackson Miller (30 pages)

A Necessary Truth - Troy Denning (37 pages)

Into the Fire - Kelly Gay (27 pages)

Saint’s Testimony - Frank O’Connor (28 pages)

Rossbach’s World - Brian Reed (13 pages)

Oasis - Tobias Buckell (36 pages)

Anarosa - Kevin Grace (23 pages)

Music Tag List

Tagged by @mystical-imagine thank youuu~

1. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

2. Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

3. [Nightcore] Jet Pack Blues by Fallout Boy

4. Voodoo Doll by 5 Seconds of Summer

5. Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer

6. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

7. Hell Above by Pierce The Veil

8. Don’t threaten me with a good time by P!ATD

9. Cancer by My Chemical Romance

10. Halo by Beyoncé

I tag @trustxfundxkid-jumin @rfasecretmember @koino @httpintoxicated @mysmekitten aaaand I can’t think of anyone else…

frnkieroandthepatience  asked:

hey! random q-- what are your current favorite songs?

Hey Len! Some are:

1. Disappeared by Sorority Noise.

2. Calendar Days by Knuckle Puck.

3. My Favourite Game by Basement. (This one’s a cover. It’s still fantastic.)

4. Answer My Text by PWR BTTM.

5. Autotheology by You Blew It!

6. Indecisive by Knuckle Puck.

7. Enemy by Balance and Composure.

8. Big Beautiful Day by PWR BTTM.

9. Cloud by Basement.

10. No Halo by Sorority Noise.

11. Make Me Dumb by Joyce Manor.

12. The Place You Love by Have Mercy.

13. Worst Wishes by Movements.

14. Parking Lot by Blink-182.

15. Something by Julian Baker.

Sorry that this got so long and sorry there is some repeat bands. This isn’t really in any order either. But, here you go! :)


Halo Wars 2 - Announce Teaser - Gamescom 2015

Halo Wars 2 is an exciting new strategy game packed with fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all-new Halo story, coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 in fall of 2016.

Hoy grabe naman iTamNight po!!! Hahahahaha ang saya punyetaaa ang sarap ni tj lalo na ni alex diaz kinginaaaa crush na crush ko talaga yon hahahahaha tapos solid rin thank you silent sanctuary and bamboo!!!!! Na halos 10 songs ata kinanta ni bamboo ang saya lang. Tapos nafeel ko rin yung tuition namin ang saya sobra grabe ahahahahahaa omg. Pero ang cute lang ng feutech kasi hindi sinuspend yung classes ng 4pm onwards edi gg kasi may class kami sa spec4 eh nakita na kami ni sir kanina tapos hinahanap daw kami nung nsa class na ahahahaha sorry sir lab u po pero mas mahal ko si alex ahahahahha charot