Totally True Halo Lore™

-The Elites replaced Halsey’s Arm with a a stick, and then a sticky hand.

-David Cage has been pulling the strings behind the scenes

-Spartans have a built in spagetty module ™

-The Arbiter prior to Halo wars Arbiter was hit by a bus while bar hopping

-Grunts were sent to retrieve the halo wars Arbiter’s armor from a miniature sun

-Noble 6 shat her pants upon impacting the surface after falling from orbit

-Kat streams minecraft live on twitch


-Master Chief fuckin’ loves his spagetty

-Tactical Spartan hair retraction module ™

1. Samuel-034’s death, detonating ANVIL missiles in a Covenant ship after his suit’s punctured.
2. Thom-A293 (original noble six)’s death, carrying a nuke into a cruiser.
3. Joshua-029’s death, when the three stole banshees and threw Fury tactical nukes into a Covenant cruiser.
4. John-117 near death in the reclaimer saga, blowing up a nuke in the Didact’s ship.

Halo Wars 2 checklist

The Spirit of Fire just drifting to the Ark wHICH IS OUTSIDE OF OUR GALAXY? - Check

The flood are not back but somehow the Spirit of Fire had them on it after HW2? - Check

Anders is just a white lady now? - Check


Elites being the most devoted and finally unshackling themselves? Haha fuck you the Brutes did it first - Check

Cutter magically younger? - Check


Halo 5: Forge Monitor’s Bounty Trailer!

The update is now live! 7.2 GB


boy do i like to play some Halo Online. on Friday i’m gonna be streaming it, so you can join in on the fun too

pew pew! lots of fun

but look out! there is something important that has happened, and if you’re gonna try and kill me you’ll need to do this in order to have the good experience getting into servers, because the standard server browser’s gone kaput!

simply follow the instructions in that link above to ensure your server browser isn’t the sketchy outdated one included by default, then you’re ready to play

in the meantime before tomorrow, i recommend checking out the Foundation Mod Manager and installing some cool aesthetic mods. i won’t be playing on custom maps so you don’t have to worry about having addons just to play

happy hunting


Halo 5 : Guardians - Monitor’s Bounty - Launch Trailer