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Uni on deer.
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At the back of the ship was a dun obelisk, a vertical structure that detected my approach and opened by sliding two doors out from its centre. In front of me was a hulking suit of armour - old and imposing. Its helmet appeared to wear a stern countenance, and the chestplate and pauldrons had been pocked with damage from a hundred bitter wars. All of this was distant to me, but it was still my past. It wasn’t a myth. It wasn’t a legend.

…I looked at the top of the obelisk where a cuneiform pattern was etched. It had the bearing of the armour’s owner. My old name: 


We left our armour here in the ship - armour that could have kept us alive for millennia. We forsook it and everything from our past, and started anew. Me, my wife, our son. We would return to the roots of my people, millions of years before. Simple farmers who lived and loved and died. I would fail my namesake, that was for certain - nothing about me would be eternal or lasting - but I would not fail the soul my people.

That would be eternal.

What we once were before our pride, before the wars, and before Halo. We were noble, kind creatures who served one another and recognised our small place in the greater story. That is how we would be on this world. That is how the last chapter would be told.

Our new life here would be the end of our great journey. [Halo: Fractures - Epilogue]

Some late night sketch of a creepy ass trueform!Castiel getting all handsy on his favourite human Dean Winchester. I’ll probably upload some more trueform Castiels in the future since I love the freedom the character itself gives in terms of designing. Although the thought of him being as tall as the Chrysler building is a little bit intimidating…

GREAT character concepts for halo

-grunt that’s insecure about her high voice so she uses a voice changer over comms and everyone thinks she’s an elite until they meet her

-hunter that lost its buddy and sorta just stopped fighting. it protects a small outer colony town now and children draw murals on its shield.

-marine that forgot what franchise he’s in and keeps confusing the flood with necromorphs. someone corrects him then he’s convinced it’s xenomorphs.

-elite obsessed with human culture. visits earth and is accidentally ridiculously insensitive. means well.

-retired brute. just sorta chillin. maybe runs a bar on Mars now. Ironically only biased against grunts, despite the jackal running the bar down the street always stealing his customers.

-said retired brute’s wife, who takes up jackal hunting for a living. she’s huge and constantly mistaken for a chieftain. her hammer is named “sunshine”

-infinity’s cute mascots. a dog and a cat named Jul and Telcam.

-prophet that never really did anything in the covenant anyway so they let him go. he takes up sewing and makes sweaters for drones.

-drones that wear sweaters