The Huntress - 1

Chapter 1


“With leather worn and sword unsheathed stands the fallen child of the angels; the huntress of the deep.” - willowing-love

Pairing: Castiel x Nephilim!Reader

Warning: This will be another one of my adventure fics. This series will contain FLUFF, ANGST andSMUT (at some point. I am not a smut writer, but this fic calls for it). All nsfw chapters will be tagged. It will also contain strong language, physical violence, blood, gore, violent visions, and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, then you can check out my masterlist for some slightly less angsty oneshots and drabbles instead.

Word Count: 4,967

WARNING: Physical violence 

@perseusandmedusa whispered ‘Castiel x Nephilim!Reader’ in my ear and THIS happened. There is a lot of conflicting info on nephilim out there so I stuck with their basic powers. All Enochian translations at the end. You know the drill…let me build up the story line before I throw you off the cliff. Enjoy!


THE MELODY OF INSPIRATION:  (because tumblr is having issues with links now)


The last sounds of twilight humming amid the fallen leaves and brush began to recede back into their burrows and thickets, leaving only the sound of your breathing in the early dawn. The air sat heavy around you, your hands steady as you watched from a distance, back through the thick forest of trees that hid you from view.

You watched the lights in the windows darken one by one, the sounds of the house falling quiet as the sun began to slowly creep up the horizon. The first rays of daylight began to break through the trees, glinting on the blade of the angel sword at your side; your fingers wrapped tightly around the grip.

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Oh, how ‘bout that, Halo: Mythos outright confirms that Mendicant Bias sent John and Cortana to Requiem in order to awaken the Ur-Didact :)

“When the Ark’s portal collapsed, the aft section of Forward Unto Dawn was mysteriously redirected by an outside force to a point inside the distant Epoloch system […] The Master Chief had unwittingly been brought here to release humanity’s greatest enemy.”

After nine years of arguing this, I can finally rest…

So that confirms that Mendicant was in on/knew about the Librarian’s plan to some extent, aware of the role she had prepared for him when he emerged from the Cryptum. But Mendicant seemingly didn’t know that the Domain had been cleansed by the Halos and condemned the Didact to 100,000 years of stewing in his own Gravemind-induced madness.

Can Mendicant get anything right?


Halo - Spartan Evolution

My Spartan throughout the ages! From Halo 3 to Halo 5: Guardians, years of amazing fun and years of the Mark V helmet, well Mark IV GEN1 for Halo 5.

Halo 3
Helmet - Mark V
Left Shoulder - Recon
Right Shoulder - Recon
Chest - Recon

Halo Reach
Helmet - Mark V
Left Shoulder - Mark V
Right Shoulder - Security
Chest - Collar/Breacher
Wrist - Assault/Breacher
Utility - Tactical/Soft Case
Knee Guards - Grenadier
Armour Effect - Legendary

Halo 4
Helmet - Mark V
Left Shoulder - War Master
Right Shoulder - Scout
Chest - Stalker
Arms - Recruit
Legs - Recruit

Halo 5: Guardians
Helmet - Mark IV GEN1
Armour - Vigilant Watcher Halo 5: Guardians - Limited Edition (Physical Disc) - Xbox One: Halo 5 Limited Edition: Video Games
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@mofmo_ うにはろ連載です👇

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Some late night sketch of a creepy ass trueform!Castiel getting all handsy on his favourite human Dean Winchester. I’ll probably upload some more trueform Castiels in the future since I love the freedom the character itself gives in terms of designing. Although the thought of him being as tall as the Chrysler building is a little bit intimidating…

GREAT character concepts for halo

-grunt that’s insecure about her high voice so she uses a voice changer over comms and everyone thinks she’s an elite until they meet her

-hunter that lost its buddy and sorta just stopped fighting. it protects a small outer colony town now and children draw murals on its shield.

-marine that forgot what franchise he’s in and keeps confusing the flood with necromorphs. someone corrects him then he’s convinced it’s xenomorphs.

-elite obsessed with human culture. visits earth and is accidentally ridiculously insensitive. means well.

-retired brute. just sorta chillin. maybe runs a bar on Mars now. Ironically only biased against grunts, despite the jackal running the bar down the street always stealing his customers.

-said retired brute’s wife, who takes up jackal hunting for a living. she’s huge and constantly mistaken for a chieftain. her hammer is named “sunshine”

-infinity’s cute mascots. a dog and a cat named Jul and Telcam.

-prophet that never really did anything in the covenant anyway so they let him go. he takes up sewing and makes sweaters for drones.

-drones that wear sweaters