untitled | fic | Hal/Sinestro

This is entirely barid-bel-medar‘s fault. 100%, see:
Me: Man, I keep wanting to write a super porny Hal/Sinestro thing where Sinestro is trying to fuck Hal into taking the yellow power ring
Barid: …I vote this happens
Barid: Please?

Wordcount: ~450
Warnings: Technically dubcon? Sex. Power ring bondage. (oh, GL canon how you spoil me)

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it’s one in the morning, theres is a cat on my legs and i just wanted to write smutish shit for the first time and omg i have no idea what i was doing


Over the Top

It’s not the way he sways his hips that makes Sinestro close to losing control, or even the small, all-knowing, seductive smile Hal gives when everytime he touches himself and he sees him tense to the edge. No, not that. It’s the light touches on his skin everytime Hal’s little lap dance brings them closer and closer. When’s his and Hal’s erections line up and the warmth of their skins meet each other for that spilt second then gone the next leaving him yearning for more. The feeling of want and need becoming more intense as the dance goes on increases. The need for more skin on his and the want of Hal gasping and riding him. He wants Hal Jordan now! But Sinestro knows that he can’t have him yet. Not when the dance is almost over and he’s close to winning his bet with Hal that he could control himself and not touch.

And now, now the song dies and with that so does Sinestros remaing control. He has won. And now it’s his turn to make Hal lose control.

Literally just now realizing the Smallville relationship between Clark and Lex is just like the relationship between Hal and Sinestro.

I have a serious weakness for “the villain doesn’t think they’re a villain and therefore doesn’t understand why the hero is no longer their friend” clichés.