Halmoni Vintage

You know when you walk by a store and you instantly get The vibe? That’s how I felt when I walked past Halmoni Vintage. It’s a tiny little store in a cool hidden little neighborhood and it’s the only store around restaurants and cafes. 

I guess the combination of those bright colors on the outside of the store is what first caught my attention but then looking at the window… - a yellow vintage dress with white lace collar and leather briefcase and round vintage glasses with red details!!! I wasn’t able to get any of that - at that time, because it was past the opening hours. But that’s how it all started!!

Natasha - “the creator” is a a pure reflection of the vibe that you get from the aesthetics on the store. She is the sweetest, most kind and easy-to-talk-with store owner I’ve met so far. Her smile and smart eyes fill the place with warmth and kindness. When I met her I also found out that “Halmoni” means “grandmother” in Korean and in fact the lady on the picture is her Korean grandmother! 

Apart from being very creative and artistic with the store, Natasha is also very active in the local fashion scene participating in fashion shows, organizing fundraising events and many more. In fact, the next event coming up soon is a clothing swap on March 15 - you should check it out! 

I was really inspired by Natasha’s appreciation in the vintage clothing, her unique way of putting an outfit together and how she is so meticulous on accessorizing! She put this outfit together for me, which I think is a true example of what “mix and match” stands for! I loved it how she picked items that could have easily gone under my radar and yet I felt so much myself wearing them! 

The outfit with the red dress is what I picked and there are no words to describe the sensation of the soft silk. I am a little obsessed with natural fabrics and I’ve been looking for a red dress for a while now. This fitted in just perfect! So ethereal, feminine and unique! I love the kimono style sleeves and the way it folds. This dress came back home with me!! 

And for those of you who like digging into vintage little treasures, according to the expert - Natasha, one way to tell a garment is truly vintage is when it’s either made in USA, or Taiwan, or Korea. Now, this is something I’ll be looking for on the tags. 

Thank you Halmoni for that wonderful Sunday afternoon! 

P.S. If you want to get in touch with Natasha you can shoot her an email at: natasha@halmoni.net, or call at 510.788.0296 or visit the store on 1601 2nd ave. in Oakland. Don’t forget to follow halmonivintage on instagram!

Moi with the incomparable #SonyaReneeTaylor of #TheBodyIsNotAnApology. SRT rocked that #reddress as the fabulous hostess of #KearnyStreetWorkshop’s #CelebrateYourBody #fashionshow. My look is by #HalmoniVintage and #virgietovar, with hair and makeup by #sfsec/Paul Mitchell. Well, girl, we gon have to post somethin else for #badpicturemonday cuz this ain’t it! #sizeacceptancedivas #tbinaa #bodylove #bodypositivity #sistazofsize #celebrateyourbody2015 #celebratemycurves #celebratemysize #allbodiesarebeautiful #allshapesallsizes #nofilter #nophotoshop #iofthetigress (at SOMArts Cultural Center)

Dear Nina,
Don’t mind my big head, @hellarob and I were just goofing around with his #tiltshift lens. I wore this fun combo of polka dots, pleats, and sequins for @hellarob’s gallery opening party at school. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more reasons to wear sequins in my life, especially since sequins are vintage-shopper friendly! And really, when have you ever been sad about wearing sequins? While others fret about catching up on bikini bods, I’m making this my new Summer goal: more reasons for sequins. 💙 Kat
Outfit breakdown: top - #forever21 skirt - #halmonivintage/@halmonivintage