170920 1st Soribada Awards - BTS (New Hallyu Wave Artist Award)

Reblog If you are a Kpop fan who doesn’t

- Obsess over idols at an unhealthy level

- Shame/condescend people who choose not to listen to Kpop or other Kpop fans who listen to other kind of music as well 

- Harass idols who date your bias

- Accessorize the Korean culture or language 

- Denounce your own culture and try to “be Korean” yourself

- Think Korea is holy, perfect and better than any every country 

- Think Korea is just like how it is portrayed in Korean pop culture

- Think all Koreans are gods and look like Kpop idols

- Assume all Koreans like Kpop/Kdramas

- Saying someone isn’t a “real Korean” for not liking Kpop/Kdrama

- Fetishize Koreans

-Want to date Korean men/women souly because of the Fantasy  that they will act just like your favorite idol/kdrama character

- Want to go to Korea ONLY because you think that Korea is one huge Kdrama/Kpop music viceo

- Think that the whole Korea and its culture revolves all around its Pop Culture

anonymous asked:

super junior are lame comedians who got hosting jobs because sm. That's what their image's not only in Korea but everywhere else. They've got zero talent for an idol group and they are only overrated just because they are from sm. They should disband!

okay fine, first find me:

  • vocals better than these
  • dancer who can dance like this even with an injured leg
  • vocals of the group who can rap like pro and rappers who can sing like pro
  • a group consist of 15 members, all of whom are good at singing, dancing, rapping, acting, hosting, choreography, song writing, stage designing and everything

and then we’ll talk

and about them getting everything just because of SM, let me tell you my friend, no one hates super junior more than SM do. SM never paid any attention to super junior. Even when they debuted, no one thought that super junior will get even a tiny bit popular .They were supposed to be a rotational group, which wasn’t expected to last more than a few months. The concept of ‘super junior’ was debuting the leftovers trainees(consisting of actors,singers, comedians and all) after dbsk was form. SM never really did anything for super junior except from debuting them (which I‘m grateful for) and even SM was surprised at the talents and popularity of super junior and decided to make them a proper idol group because money and even till today super junior are the money makers of SM. 

Super junior being the pioneers of every kpop trend your faves follow shows that SM or anyone else didn’t make super junior what they are today, but super junior are the ones that made kpop known to the world through their great music and talents in different fields. Please, do some research before sending these stupid asks!

And sorry to disappoint you but super junior don’t do disbandment. All they do is have fun, do concerts, varieties, musicals, dramas, make great music and shut their haters by slaying. Fyi, they are coming back this year to save SM/Kpop with 8jib and SS7. Hope you’ll enjoy ;)

so the warning wasn’t even a spoiler for the album they were literally warning each other to follow their rules and use sns right????? i feel double trolled oh my god what if we were wrong and it’s not even related to the album and suju were just sitting on their phones/computers laughing at us for thinking it was the title???????