Wow can you believe it i finally hit 400 followers. OHH MA GAWDDD, I just want to thank you all for following me and the support for my blog. Tumblr and kpop has really change my life and im glad that i found a group of people who share the same interests i do. Thank you for letting me be me and not judge me at all. These last couple of days have been hard but you guys have helped me see the brighter side with your funny gifs and funny comments on stuff. Once again i just want to say Thank You ;~; *sobs


Okay here’s a bunch of people/blogs that needed to be thanked for being flawless

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[Follow Forever Series] Personal Favorites


these are my all-time favorite blogs. they are amazing and flawless and awesome.. and tumblr would probably suck without them. haha. i admire them so much and it’s really been a pleasure following their quality blogs. 

so, i assume that all of you are following them already, but if you aren’t then i’m seriously questioning your choices in life. .__. lol just kidding. but seriously, follow them now people! you will never regret it. :)


[ENGSUB] VIXX - Hallyu Pia Serial 2nd Edition


I didn’t know Yas (hallyus), but I followed her… And anyway, everytime I visit her blog, I feel so sad… I feel empty.

Guysss, this is so sad guys, I’m so sad. Is an disaster what happened with Philipines.

I think about how her friend are feeling right now abt this. And not even being her friend, I feel so sad about she, about her friends, and your familly.

And every people who lives in Philipines.

And is it… I wanted to vent about it even when not in the interest of you.

Sorry about it.

And bye.

RIP Hallyus

Even tho I never followed her, may she, her family and everyone who lost their lives in the Philippines now rest in peace, in Heaven. She’s in good hands and even though the world lost a fighter, Heaven gained an angel. ♡