Black Ocean
  1. noun; large numbers of fans agreeing to simultaneously turn off their lightsticks during a designated group or singer’s performance as a way of showing their dissatisfaction with said group/singer for any reason. Believed to have been first put into action during the 2008 Dream Concert with the formation of the CARTEL and the participation of the rest of the attending fans. Though generally done by fans to groups or singers outside of their own fandom, there have been cases when fans turn against their own members or group in reflection of turmoil within the fandom at the time. 
  2. adj.; a term used to describe the act of fans creating a Black Ocean
  3. verb; to create a Black Ocean

Related terms: Hallyu Dream Concert, CARTEL, Oceans

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Hallyu Dream Concert
  1. noun; an annual concert founded in 1996 and featuring a line-up of the years most popular and influential KPop acts. In recent years it has been a source of discontent among the various fan clubs due to unhappiness with allocation of sections, too many tickets being given out for the amount of available seats, or internal issues between the fan clubs (such as with 2008’s concert). The event is free for all domestic fans.

Also known as: Dream Concert, Dream Con 
Related terms: CARTEL 

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