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I was home alone, and I started freaking out thinking people were watching me; I saw a shadow person and I was scared then very angry so I searched my whole house to see if someone was playing a joke on me, but no one was here but me. So I went to my room and heard a noise so I shut my door waiting, but I felt like a presence was outside my door. I pushed my couch infront of my door and was mumbling under my breath "they can't get me now." Over and over again. Is this paranoia or something?

Hello Sweetie,

This could be a form of paranoia mixed with hallucinations. Shadow people are some of the most common hallucinations to have in the dark. What are the shadow people?

Shadow People are non-corporeal beings that tend to hid in the dark corners of our room. They are other worldly and have no arms, legs, head or neck. They appear to be a blanket like floating torso. They instill extreme fear and paranoia in those who see them, as they tend to represent some form of menace and other dangers. They are a common hallucination to have. Especially at night. Of course they can come in other forms and some believe them to be supernatural beings.

I understand how scary the shadow people can be, as I see them very often myself. The best thing to do is to turn all the lights on, address the corners of your room and inform them that they are being disruptive and you would very much like for them to leave you alone.

Talking to them does help. Because by doing so you are acknowledging that:

They are not real.
They cannot hurt you.
Hallucinations cannot harm you.
It is impossible for them to get you.

Distractions help too. Things like watching tv, reading, drawing, writing and other mind stimulating activities make the best distractions.

Keep on truckin’