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One more Chris P post: Chris is, in his own words, “attempting a blog.” If you’re a fan of the Beavis and Butt-head Do America movie, or even if you’re not, you might enjoy this uncut version of the absolutely insane hallucination sequence, which Chris animated. I would have surely hallucinated after trying to animate that. Read more about it on Chris’s blog here.

I would love to see Harley and Jonathan interact or work together in something other than a hallucination sequence.

I never forgot that episode of BTAS where Batman dragged Jon into Arkham. He was screaming his head off & then he saw Harley and greeted her so kindly .Just. MAKE THEM EVIL PYSCHIATRIST FRIENDS pLEAsE…

kutrscobains  asked:

i don't think we can knock harley having a miscarriage out of the question. they believed those hallucinations were real, in that moment they couldn't determine what was reality and what was a hallucination so of course she would be overjoyed to see a family with the joker whether or not she has had a miscarriage, i think its a good theory at least. It also explains the baby clothes surrounding the joker, but we won't know until they decide to tell us so no one is wrong or right

Yep, that’s where i’m at tbh. I’m still down to clown with the theory (terrible pun) but yeah. I still stand with it because it seems incredibly possible and especially in the hallucination sequence she’s so happy of course after experiencing such loss she’d be happy to have that back or to even see and feel what it would be like. Yeah, DC needs to give us some explanation because if they don’t bring that back up it’s going to make no sense and just leave us confused as to why it was included. I think it’s a very solid theory though, and I’ve been thinking that since I first saw it.