Day 4: Torture - Lance

Lance is taken by Lotor, and faces hallucinated versions of his teammates (or is it more than that?). @voltronwhumpweek2017


“We aren’t coming for you, y’know.”

Lance tried to ignore him, shoving his blood-crusted face into his knees.

“We have five paladins now, coming to save you is a wasted effort.” The fake Keith tells him, smirking unapologetically.

“Even if we didn’t, what makes you think you’re even worth the rescue?” Hunk adds, his face cold as pressed stone. “We were only friends for convenience at the Garrison. You never actually meant anything to me, I just knew my grades would be better if I got along with you. Helped you study so you wouldn’t screw up in the Simulations.”

“God, you are worthless-”

“Shut up!” Lance shouted, knowing all too well that he was taking their bait. But he couldn’t help it. He’d rather interrupt them and face the consequences than to just sit quietly taking it. “J-Just…shut up.”

“Nice comeback, Lance.” Pidge crooned, stepping closer. “Always were an inarticulate idiot. Guess some things never change, huh.”

Lance refused to fire insults back at them. His team. His fake team. He knew he was hallucinating. Still, the Cuban teen wouldn’t give into the anger, the insecurity, that Lotor so wanted him to drown in.

“Besides,” fake Shiro continued, eyes yellow and haunting. “You’re useless now, aren’t you.”

Lance’s stomach rolled, bile rising in his throat, as he looked down at his hands.

His broken, irreversibly nerve-damaged hands. Shaking, and raw, and buzzing with a unique kind of agony. Lance was starting to get used to the pain, but the notion?


He was useless.

He could never sharpshoot again.

Lance pressed his lips together, ignoring the Shiro. All his other hallucinated teammates had disappeared.

“You’re n-not real.”

A cold, metallic hand lunged out and gripped Lance firmly around his neck, easily cutting off airflow, and promising to leave behind a wholesome bruising.


Not Shiro?

“I can assure you Lance, that I am very real-”

Lance was speechless, eyes wide and lost in ‘Shiro’s’ enraged face. How was this possible? Was he still hallucinating? How was he tangible?

“-And that your suffering is long overdue.”