You know you’re a tweaker when you hear your significant other running from room to room in the house for about 20 mins and when you go to check what is going on you find them standing on the deck in the snow with binoculars at their feet, hands in the air proceeding to look at you and say “babe just come outside and put your hands up and they will come out they have us surrounded”

By they, I mean the random bushes around the house that apparently grew to become police officers.

—  @anarchylyfenfg
How To Handle Hallucinations 2/8/2016

Hello everyone. Yesterday I got a private message in my inbox from someone who wanted advice on how to handle hallucinations. For the sake of privacy, I’m not going to share their username, but I will share with you guys what I told them.

1) When one of your senses is hallucinating, activate a different one. For example, when you are visually hallucinating, close your eyes, put on headphones, and listen to happy or relaxing music. If you’re hearing voices, take a shower or maybe touch something soft (if you have a pet, they’re -really- great for this). Maybe you have a favorite candy bar that you can have a few bites of, for taste. The point is that you calm down the sense that is hallucinating and focus on the sense that is experiencing what is real.

2) Factual observations. Do your best to avoid giving attention to your hallucinations  and just look around the room you’re in and ask yourself, “Ok, what is in this room that I know is real?” I’ll give you an example. For me, I’m in my computer room in the basement. I see my cat sleeping in his cat bed; I know both he and the bed are real. I have a cabinet full of art supplies; the cabinet and everything in it is real. I see an empty can of diet root beer soda on my desk; I know that is real. You can also do it with hearing and touch. This is called the “Three 3′s”- name three things you see, three things you hear, and three things you can touch. (It’s ok if you can’t come up with three things for each, one or two is a good start!). Don’t pay any attention to something if you don’t know if it’s real: focus only on what you know for sure to be real.

3) Talk to someone you know is grounded in reality. If you’re hearing voices and are unsure what to do, ask a trusted person, “Hey do you hear voices saying [x] right now?” Make sure this is someone who knows about your psychosis and is someone you trust, not just a stranger off the street.

Those are the three main strategies I use to combat hallucinations. If I ever happen to come across more, I’ll be sure to share!