halls of hell

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  • Sirius: (shouting across the great hall) GO TO BLOODY HELL SNIVELLUS!
  • McGonagall: LANGUAGE MR.BLACK!
  • Sirius: But Minnie, I wasn’t cursing! I was merely informally and impolitely telling Snape to go to hell.
  • McGonagall:
  • Sirius: which is a destination that is surely covered by blood if there is so much torture there.
  • McGonagall:
  • Sirius: [grins]
  • Remus: (muttering under his breath) The one time he actually uses what I tell him is the one time he shouldn’t.
Mother Knows Best.

Request: can you do a fic where reader is dating crowley and meets Rowena for the first time and can’t help but laugh when reader finds out his name is Fergus

Requested by: nonnie

Warnings: None really. Just fluff

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Ship: Philip Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: #101 “I guess I was wrong about you. You aren’t so bad after all” and #106 “I just need you to do this one thing for me”

Trigger: this is so cliche I had to write it, otherwise nothing 

W/C: 1276 

Modern Highschool AU bc imagine anthony ramos walking down ur school’s halls hell yes

You said bye to your friends with a smile as you approached the front doors of the school, the bell had rung five minutes ago and you were ready to get out of there. However, your plans were foiled as you bumped into a muscular chest. Irritated, you looked up at the student in front of you while adjusting your backpack “Excuse m- oh, hi Philip, goodbye Philip!” you said with a sarcastic smile as you made contact with his bright brown eyes and childish smirk. You started to move around him, trying to find an escape. Still smiling a bit, “Now, wait wait wait (Y/N)! I wanna talk to you!” he pleaded while following you out of the old brick building.  

You rolled your eyes and kept walking home, not making eye contact with anyone. You could hear him following, and an assortment of “Hey Philip!” “Where’s the fire?” “Hamilton! What’s up?!” and it just motivated you to walk faster. But eventually the teenage boy caught up to you, his curls bouncing on his shoulders. “I just need you to do this one thing for me” he explained while working through the crowd so he can walk by your side.

You rolled your eyes for what felt like the millionth time. “What do you want?” You asked, although you knew you wouldn’t say yes to his request. Philip Hamilton was one of the most popular boys in school and he carried a sense of entitlement on his shoulders. Always talking about “my father did this, my father does that, my father is going to this” every single day whenever he could. Sure, family pride is nice - but he had his ego stroked daily by girls in every classroom. It was stomach-churning to you.

“Well, I was hoping you would give me a quick tutoring, studying, whatever lesson on chemistry, I need to get a B on our final in order to pass” He explained quickly, looking far at the distance with a straight face. You stopped in your tracks and looked at your classmate, “The son of oh so brilliant Alexander Hamilton isn’t reaching academic excellence?” you said to him in a sarcastic tone. His jaw clenched for a second, and after a pause he looked at you “I’m not perfect, alright? And don’t say my fathers name like that. He’s a good man.” Philip started walking again. You had to double your pace to catch up to him. You didn’t think badly of Hamilton at all you just knew it would hit a nerve if you said his name like that, but now you felt a pang of regret in your chest.

“Sorry” you replied, only loud enough for him to hear. There was a small pause, but Philip still walked next to you with his hands in his jeans. “How about you come over and I can go over the textbook with you and after that I can just be the one girl in that school that doesn’t swoon over you again” you suggested lightly. His bright smile appeared again “Or you could become my girlfriend who swoons over me and only me?” he joked. You shook your head but still smiled a bit “Come on” you laughed as you led him to your house.

The universe decided to cut you a break, and no one was home to say “Philip Hamilton?? What are YOU doing here with (Y/N)? She despises you!” which while that was true, something in your gut was telling you that Philip wasn’t such an egotistical heartbreaker like you thought. You turned around to the freckle-faced boy, “do you wanna study in the backyard?” you suggested. He nodded with a nervous smile.

The backyard had plenty of open space, and Philip complimented you on the garden. You smiled softly “Oh, thanks my um mom does a majority of that” you laughed. Why were you so nervous around him all the sudden? He was just Philip, who you’d known since grade school and who occasionally lost his hair ties.

“Are you staring at me?” Philip asked innocently while grabbing his textbook out of his black bookbag. You blushed, feeling all the blood rush to your face “Sorry, I was just … thinking about something” you told him. He shook it off and opened his notes to the same chapter as the textbook. He explained to you what he was confused about and how his notes weren’t clear about some things, but you weren’t listening at all.

Why did he ask you to help him? He could’ve asked Dolly or Martha couldn’t he? Was he embarrassed? Were you just sympathetic towards him this one time or has something in the cosmos changed? Did he change his hair? “(Y/N) …” Philip muttered. You brought yourself back to reality. “Um, right sorry okay well let’s compare notes.”

It took hours for you to explain to Philip what he didn’t understand about chemistry. He groaned and laid down in the grass with his heavy notebook on his face. “This is useless I am going to get a 76% on this test and then I will just die. Just like that. My heart will stop.” he whined. It hurt to see him so defeated, and you never thought you would think that in your life. You sighed and closed the textbook. “Okay, just list out everything you know about chemistry and we can go on from there.” you suggested to him, trying to stay positive.

He took the notebook off of his face and sat up with blades of grass sticking to the back of his gray v-neck. “I know you and I have chemistry” he winked. You had to firmly command every being in your body to stop you from blushing. “Thanks for the stand-up but that’s not science!” you retorted, throwing a handful of grass at him. He moved over to sit next to you and looked at your open notebook. “Yeahhh your notes are great but let me give you a study question” He said in a superior tone while taking your notebook. He took your pen and flipped to an open page and scribbled

If I could kiss my life-long crush just once would that be enough?

You looked at him with disbelief, “But ever since we were little you would always have girls following you and texting you and calling you and-?” he twisted his body towards you. “But I never dated one or ask for one of their hair ties.” he added, shining his bright smile. You couldn’t hold back an extreme blush and when you made eye contact with him he pressed his lips on yours. 

Your mind started whirling and his arms were around you and his lips were soft and precise and suddenly your fingers were tangled in his hair and the entire neighborhood was quiet until your kiss stopped. When it stopped you heard the birds chirp again and the cars speed down the road. You let out an exasperated breath with a smile, ”I guess I was wrong about you. You aren’t so bad after all.” Philip fell back into the grass and sighed, “That feels better … by the way you explained almost everything wrong, have you even paid attention in class?”