hallows or horcrux

Voldemort was a real dick in a historical sense I mean he took Slytherin’s locket, Ravenclaw’s diadem and Hufflepuff’s cup and made them horcruxes, leading to them all being destroyed. We know that the diadem had magical properties, and that Gryffindor’s sword was a magically crafted weapon. Honestly I’d have a hard time believing Hufflepuff and Slytherin’s things didn’t have magical properties as well. The locket(before being made into a horcrux) probably only opened to true Slytherins and held their secrets for them. The cup must have supplied resources, or strengthened whatever drink that was put into it to benefit the drinker. Hufflepuff did something rad with that cup. We’ll never know tho exactly what because Voldemort had a huge ass ego and wanted to put his ugly soul in it.
Honestly Voldemort just sucked in every way possible. The only exception would be that he led to the possibility of someone being in possession of all the hallows. I’m also curious though as to how the resurrection stone was affected by being a horcrux. Was the horcrux the stone or the ring itself? Did Voldemort ever use the stone? Is there a chance that he had tracked down the invisibility cloak? Giving him extra motivation to kill the Potters? Honestly JK Rowling shouldn’t have made Pottermore she should have just written a giant ass encyclopedia explaining all these things.

Stop blaming Ron for leaving; there was a greater and more complex plot in there!!!

I have been wondering about this for ages. I mean seriously, was there less (unreasonable)Ron bashing in the internet for JKR to have provided fodder for the bad-mouthers, really? Was he really so very insecure that he could not take the life of a runaway as easily as Harry or Hermione did? Was Ron really weaker than the two?

Being an ardent Ron lover, I absolutely refuse to believe any of those and the hundred other foul things people spew about him. But there had to be a justification, right? After all, JKR has literally filled the books with secret clues that still keep cropping up. So was there something that was missing, an underlying clue, a hint perhaps?

Being an author really makes you think of a variety of scenarios, and while I understood that to break the monotony of three teenagers out on the run and completely cut-off from the world, something huge was needed– there seemed to be more to it. 

Look at it this way, the taboo on Voldemort’s name had to be introduced(although Ron had guessed it way earlier), the radio had to be brought into the scene, extra wands were required because Harry’s faithful wand needed to be broken for him to get more curious about the Elder Wand if nothing else.

And one of the three had to go out into the world and come back. Neither Harry nor Hermione had a place they could go to- it left only Ron to help their creator with the plot lines of the story, not to forget, dooming him to years of bashing for that act.

But that is not all. There is a reason and a pattern- a pattern that links each and every Horcrux with the one destined to destroy it.

The story always maintained that Horcruxes were the most evil of all evil objects. And seen with Tom Riddle’s Diary, the soul inside a Horcrux has the power to think, decide and execute plans by clever manipulations. And, by every means, it tries to save itself. How else can one explain why the piece of soul inside the diary suddenly changed its goal from killing Muggleborns to targeting Harry specifically?

My theory is that each Horcrux pulled the person who posed the greatest threat to its existence and tried to kill or dangerously maim him(or her).

Sounds far fetched? Read on for the pointers that support the idea. 

  1.  First Tom Riddle’s Diary- destroyed by Harry- Effects Ginny the most who is going to be Harry’s better half. The 16-year-old Tom Riddles accepts that he was targeting Harry through Ginny. Strange isn’t it? Salazar Slytherin is so adamant about ridding the school of muggleborns that he creates a monster to get his dream fulfilled, Voldemort leaves behind his sixteen-year-old self to finish his noble ancestor’s dream and the soul simply changes the centuries old plan? No, it guides Harry to, what it hoped, was Harry’s death. Because Harry posed the greatest threat to its existence. And it would have been successful if not for Fawkes.  
  2. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring- destroyed by Dumbledore- Voldemort places the Horcrux with the one Hallow, the Resurrection Stone, that appeals the most to Dumbledore. Had it been the locket that Dumbledore found in the Gaunt house, it would not have endangered his life or affected him like that at all. He would not have been poisoned and would have lived. Dumbledore tries but fails to retrieve any other Horcrux except the one he was destined to destroy, except the one that had the capacity to lure him to his death.
  3. Slytherin’s Locket- destroyed by Ron- Here comes the main part. Although all the three wear it, it affects Ron the most, drives his insecurities to such heights that he leave the hunt, abandons his friends. That in itself is a pointer of what the Locket was doing to him. Ron was the one who was the rock solid backbone of the trio, the Locket makes him behave like someone else altogether. Will it be too far fetched to assume that the locket knew that Ron was the one who had the power to finish it and so tortured him the most to send him away? What if sending Ron away and breaking him from the trio was the sole target of the Locket? From the moment they possess it, Ron’s problems begin, he gets splinched and we know from the book that it was bad. And when they finally get the weapon to finish it, Harry is unable to retrieve the sword. I think, Harry was not destined to finish the locket at all. Otherwise, how was it that Snape found out about their location, not during those five weeks when Ron was away, but precisely after Ron had returned?
  4. Hufflepuff’s cup- destroyed by Hermione- All the clues are right in front of us. Where was it hidden? In Bellatrix’s vault, the one witch who tortured Hermione and almost got her killed. She chose not Harry neither Ron but Hermione. Still a coincidence?
  5. Nagini- destroyed by Neville (okay this one is a little symbolic but still ) - Neville’s greatest fear was Snape, the Head of the House of Snakes(Slytherin). He literally gets most of his injuries the year Snape is the Headmaster, the year the school is under a snake (Voldemort).
  6. Ravenclaw's Diadem- destroyed by Crabbe(Malfoy n Goyle)- They had been literally outside this very room the whole of their sixth year. This room gets the Death Eaters into the school and sets the ball rolling. During the Battle of Hogwarts, they confront Harry here, although it could have been any place in the castle or the grounds. It could have happened when Harry was alone, but no. They wait till he enters the room where the Horcrux is hidden?  It is as if the Diadem literally pulls Crabbe to a place where he meets his death.
  7. And last but not the least- part inside Harry- destroyed by Voldemort- No questions here that Harry was the biggest trouble Voldemort ever had. Had he not been so paranoid about finishing Harry he might have actually lived because no one would find out about his Horcruxes in the first place! Harry is literally like a magnet pulling Voldemort to himself. In all the years since his first defeat, Voldemort manages to find a supporter in Quirrell but as his rotten luck would have it, it's the time Harry starts school. Had it been before, he might have actually managed to get a hand on the stone. The part inside Harry was literally pulling him to itself to finish him.

Ron does not leave because he is weak, he leaves because that is how the Horcrux can hurt him most, taking him away from his best friend, away from the girl he loves.


Has anyone else noticed that Harry and Neville are wearing similar clothes to their dads?

Harry Potter Questions
1. Hogwarts house (of course)
2. What is your patronus?
3. Owl, cat, or toad?
4. If you were to put a piece of your soul into a horcrux (not that I’m condoning this!), what would you put it into?
5. What would your amortentia smell like?
6. Which Hogwarts subject would be your favorite?
7. Which Hogwarts subject would you be best at?
8.  If you were an animagus, what would you turn into?
9. What would be your marauder name?
10. What is your favorite spell?
11. If you had the chance to use Felix Felicis (liquid luck) to do better on a test without consequences, would you do it?
12. The wand, the stone, or the cloak?
13. What is the length, wood, and core of your wand?
14. If you were to design something for Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes, what would it be?
15. What would you see when faced with a boggart?
16. What image would you think of to fight your boggart?
17.  What would be your quidditch position?
18. What’s your favorite wizarding food?
19. What would it say on your chocolate frog card?
20. Invent a spell you think would be useful.
21. What happy memory would you use for your patronus?
22. Would you ever use an unforgivable spell?
23. Would you be a prefect?
24. What would be your dream job in the wizarding world?
25. Would you enter your name in the Triwizard tournament?
26. Would you rather go to Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang?
27. Would you join S.P.E.W.?
28. Which electives would you take? (Alchemy, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Muggle Studies, Study of Ancient Runes)
29. How would you use the marauder’s map?
30. What’s your favorite magical creature?

so in the books at least, voldemort has a protective spell around nagini to stop anyone murdering her, until he kills harry, at which point he releases it as he figures she’s not in any danger

under the assumption, i suppose, that harry was the only one who knew about the horcruxes and that nobody else would want to kill him if harry wasn’t in the picture?

like, this guy does not understand the concepts of friendship and group loyalty at all, does he.