Hopey blinked at the red faced cab driver as she wiped drool from her chin. His hand gripped the back of his headrest, while the other darted about, as if he was trying to catch a fly. His mouth flared out underneath his moustace as he talked. 

“I am a poser and I dont care! I like to maaake, PEOPLE STARE!!!”

Hopey went to rub her ears. Obviously she’d heard something wrong. 


He hands connected with her headphones.

“Oh..makes sense…" 

She pulled off her head phones, comparing nearby houses to the mental image of the shack her mother left her with.

"Green, with…something. A grey roof? A black one?”

Hopey shrugged off her confusion for the moment, drawing her attention to the screaching can driver.

“…been her for over 15 mins!! I’m charging you extra…!!”

Hopey: “I’m sorry..wha…?

Pissed off cab driver: "THIRTY SIX DOLLARS!!!”

Hopey: “I mean, thats all you had to say…”

Hopey pulled out a fifty and tossed it at the driver, before hoping out of the cab with a wink.

Hopey: “Keep the change." 

Hopey stared at the only green house in sight, thanking the Gods that her cab driver had at least gotten the address right. Her address. Her new one anyway. 

A pang of hunger hit Hopey as she realized she’d given that driver her last fifty. She pulled out her phone to check if her first month’s living allowance had been deposited yet.

Hopey: "Exactly five dollars and thirty two cents…fuck my life…”