@sulkysadbobcat Halloweenie! Spoopy
Srry if the Quality aint good enough, dont have a scanner sadly. BUT non the less, Hope ya like it!
 I was bored and realized i never drew Modern Bubsy so i figured “fuck it”(Pun Intended), ill draw her in some Costume for October~

 This is a Fan Art, Bubsabella ‘Bubsy’ Bobcat AKA Modern Bubsy belongs to @sqrlyjack~

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M!A: You have 4 prehensile tentacles and some octopus-looking features until Halloween is over.

>You fall on your ass with a shriek that is borderline embarrassing. From your sides, between your arms and hips, two tentacles per side have sprouted (really, sprouted–they didn’t just appear, you felt them GROW from your side and rip your freaking shirt to bits).

>You haven’t even checked what else has changed yet, frankly you’re kind of scared to. But this is at least not, nsfw…? But.

what in the fuck my dudes.

“Embrace your inner Halloweenie.” hahah Rhett…I appreciate the warning though.

I’m an organ donor too woohoo!

I like listening to them just talk, but tbh I’m not really in the mood for all this death talk or the More right now. Maybe Thursday we’ll get some actual costumes from them? I hope? :\

I was looking for a container to dye some leather in and couldn’t think of anything I had that would be the right size…until I remembered the big box of vintage medical equipment in my closet.  Sure enough, I could use one of the metal boxes from that.  After I removed the glass syringes and forceps.  Actually, I used one of the forceps so I didn’t have to get my hands all red.  This is the most unintentionally Halloweeny craft project…

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kinda related to your costume post, i'm going to be a "kitschy" witch for halloween, very cheesy, lots of halloweeny colors and candy corn. the inspo being my friend accidentally introducing me as that instead of a kitchen witch