Baby Girl (Batboys + Bruce Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request:  I was wondering if I could get a headcanon for the batboys + Bruce about them with their daughter (toddler) if you can


  • So in love with them
  • Chill dad
  • Loves hearing about his daughters day if he hasn’t been home
  • Keeps all the drawings in a folder
  • They mean a lot to him
  • Braided their hair every morning
  • It’s a new style everyday
  • Probably signed them up for gymnastics 
  • Loves going to watch the trainings and competition
  • Tries his best to take the pressure off of you
  • meaning they go out to play a lot
  • Loves playing dress up and letting them put makeup on him
  • Tea parties all the time!


  • The no chill dad
  • No one can get anywhere close to his baby 
  • Reads to them every night
  • Loves playing with them
  • nothing dangerous though
  • Loves watching movies and cartoons with her
  • Introduces them to comics
  • his daughter gets hooked for life
  • They look the same
  • Jason doesn’t think he’s worthy of being a father to something so precious
  • Daddy don’t be silly, you’re being dumb”
  • She has daddy’s savagery and sass
  • Can out-sass all her uncles
  • Jason is so proud he cries


  • Will make a lot of time for them even though he’s a workaholic
  • Take your child to work day?
  • You mean “Tim will brag to everyone and anyone day”
  • Teaches them about computers
  • Loves playing video-games with her
  • No violence allowed for his lil princess though! 
  • Takes naps with her on the couch


  • Damian want’s to keep them innocent and pure
  • So no Assassin training, no violence
  • Loves playing with them
  • But mostly in his own backyard because it’s safe
  • He’ll have a eye on them at all times
  • They have the same dark skin and green eyes
  • It’s beautiful
  • Has his daughter help him work out
  • Sitting on his back during pushups
  • Hanging on his back during pull ups
  • Teaches them how to draw
  • Let’s her color his drawings
  • Thinks it makes them 1000x better


  • Only over his dead body
  • You’ll find Bruce with two small ponitales, sitting at a tiny table with a small tea cup very many times
  • Forbids anyone to talk about it
  • The kid has him wrapped around her little finger 
  • She wants to dress up as batprincess for Halloween
  • He almost cries
  • You can see the tears welling
  • Denies it like a good lil Bat
  • Takes her to work all the time
  • Won’t get mad if she draws over his important papers
  • Kinda proud of it actually
  • All the people at work love he


With love,

zen-harunyandere  asked:

Hey can I req rfa + v saeran, like abt when it's halloween time, what would theydo or wearing what kind of costumes with mc? I need fluffs ❤


If you’re on mobile, I’m really sorry for the shitty picture quality

my photoshop skills are the real horror on Halloween night



  • Yoosung wants to prove his manliness to you on Halloween
  • He has this whole plan thought out
  • It goes like this:
  • Yoosung is an attractive police officer
  • You’ll be looking illegally fine
  • He’ll arrest you
  • “You’ve been a bad girl.”
  • Handcuffs
  • kinky stuff, basically
  • Seven helped him plan it out
  • He tells you to dress up nicely
  • but you already new of his plans
  • you want me to be your criminal?
  • Oh I’ll be one all right
  • Yoosung’s standing by the door, looking suave as fuck in his police officer
  • No really, those pants hug his tush just right and it’s
  • 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit  
  • “Wow Yoosung, you look good!” your voice comes the other side of the room
  • He smirks at himself in the mirror
  • Okay Yoosung, you can do this! he says to himself, turning towards you
  • “Hey MC, I’ll have to- eh?”
  • He watches your sidle up to him, wearing one of those hideous orange prison jumpsuits
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Um, what…what are you wearing?”
  • “Come on, you’re an officer of the law yet you can’t even tell an inmate from the rest of the population?”
  • Yoosung tears up a lil
  • Dang it what am I supposed to do know?
  • “But officer, you never told me was I was imprisoned for,” you say with a wink
  • “Ah!” he coughs, “y-your looks are too sinful, it’s illegal!”
  • Wait no that’s not what it was
  • You just giggle and tug on his arm
  • “Well I’ve also just broken out of jail…I guess it’s your job to bring me back?”
  • Yoosung thought he was ready for this
  • He wasn’t
  • “H-how about we go outside for now?” he squeaks, and pulls you along.
  • Even after you spend hours looking at Halloween decorations and buying various pumpkin-themed snacks in the cool autumn breeze, his face still remains a stubborn shade of obnoxious red


  • all you need to know is that he lost a bet 
  • Conditions: he has to dress up as a fairy princess and walk around throwing petals and glitter everywhere on Halloween night
  • Duration of time: 3 hours
  • Zen:
  • he’s a p r o          
  • some of his fans see him on the street, but they don’t believe it’s actually him
  • until pictures are leaked
  • by who you ask?
  • lolololololol (⌐▨_▨) lolololololol
  • he gets twice the amount of role offers, mostly being for dress-wearing characters
  • He refuses to leave the house for the rest of the week
  • Because if he does
  • “Momma look! It’s fairy Zen!”


  • She wants to advertise the cafe on Halloween night
  • “Isn’t it a good idea MC? There will be a lot of people around, and if they see us wearing our mascot, then we’ll get more customers for sure!”
  • “Ok but Jaehee we don’t have a mascot?”
  • Emergency Meeting Commenced
  • Topic: is a simple coffee cup good enough to become a mascot?
  • It doesn’t matter we’re doing it anyways
  • Halloween comes around, and you receive your custom costume order
  • They’re big
  • And hot
  • Luckily the weather outside is cool ,otherwise you’re pretty sure you would have had a heat stroke
  • But look at you two
  • You’re just two giant coffee mugs waddling around outside
  • You almost knock over several children
  • hey Jaehee change of plans let’s go people bowling instead
  • Jaehee tries to talk to them, but ah they’re running away
  • A coffee cup spoke to me!
  • What was that the voice of the abyss?
  • You don’t get that many extra customers afterwards, but you do get a whole bunch of complaints
  • Most of them being how their children swear they saw a grotesque specter outside your door
  • And how you should consider getting your cafe exorcised


  • His company is throwing a Halloween party, and of course, everyone has to come in costume
  • Jumin actually doesn’t care about Halloween
  • “What is this commoner practice? You celebrate the dead by pillaging houses for sweets?”
  • not pillaging Jumin
  • though that means
  • all the planning is up to you
  • MC should not hold so much power
  • yeah, you could dress both of you up as a Count and Countess, something cool and edgy 
  • just imagine how handsome Jumin would look???
  • but w a i t
  • you have a better idea
  • animAL ONESIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • no cats though
  • you both love cats, but halloween is a time to explore the depths of the universe and try out new things
  • and ya just

  • You’re wearing a matching blue unicorn onesies, and together you guys enter the party
  • holy hell is it a good thing that the press isn’t there
  • “Jumin Han Does Gay!” would’ve been their headline for the rest of the year
  • but shit does the man look fine
  • next time you get down and funky, you make him wear it again


  • we all know he has a gazillion outfits
  • and it’s not physically possible for him to choose only one for Halloween
  • why not just wear all of them at once?
  • after a few hours in his room, refusing any help, he squeezes out of the doorway and waddles over to you 
  • #sevenwhatthefuck
  • He looks like he’s wearing one of those blow up sumo suits, except without the nipples
  • or like without anything that makes the suit look like a sumo wrestler except it’s largeness
  • he’s like
  • a giant meatball
  • of clothes
  • the costumes that had stopped fitting after the nth layer, he had tied all together and draped across himself like a scarf
  • “I’m ready for some trick or treating!”
  • you flick him lightly on the forehead and he just kinda flops backwards and rolls away
  • “Now I don’t even have to wear heelies to escape the feelies.”
  • Seven adamantly refuses to change or rather remove about 50 layers, so you successfully manage to frighten away all of the children while you go around collecting your candy taxes
  • no waiting in line yo
  • after some time, Seven is too tired to walk, so you push him back to his house like some humanoid dung bettle, and you spend  the rest of the night playing games and getting cavities
  • Saeyoung still refuses to take off his costumes


  • He’s already a Halloween costume lmao
  • Bean’s got the dramatic eyeliner, the hair, the look
  • “What do you mean dress up?  No thanks I’m fine like this.”
  • So he’s just wearing his bomb-ass jacket and leather choker again
  • Nonetheless, you choose to dress up as a maid
  • oh my
  • “Saeran why is your face so red?”
  • “I-I used too much blush.”
  • You don’t go trick or treating, instead you find a local Halloween festival where they do all kinds of activities
  • Loves apple bobbing
  • He’s real good with his mouth
  • But he doesn’t like it how you just stand there, so
  • “You’re my maid, why don’t you do it for me?”
  • “Yes Master.”
  • *chokes on his apple*
  • You check out the ice cream stall which serves special ice cream only on that day, and you’re pretty sure Saeran single-handedly eats most of the 4 buckets they have
  • But next year, Saeran lets you choose his costume
  • you’ve had this on your mind for years
  • you were born for this day
  • Saeyoung loves it
  • But Saeran never lets you choose his costume ever again


  • the both of you want to have a stroll around town on Halloween night
  • but 
  • costumes?
  • the guy can’t see
  • doesn’t know what you make him wear???
  • you tell him he’s dressed as Zorro, which is why ‘his face is surrounded by cloth’
  • He’s actually

  • he thinks he’s a hero, but he’s really just a sunflower 
  • meanwhile you take on the appearance of a gardener because ‘this is my one and only flower that I will never let wither’ 
  • V thinks all the comments about “how cute!” are directed at you, so he smiles a bit and he’s a tol smiling sunflower with sunglasses prowling thru the streets on Halloween night
  • nobody tries to scare either of you because either they think about how darn precious he looks or how the way he looms over people with his face surrounded by bright yellow petals is rather ominous
  • the stuff of nightmares, really 
  • but he’s the most succulent of succulents and you feel safe with this happy flower walking around with you
  • ‘tis truly a blessed evening with your blind plant man
Headcanon: Being Jason’s Adopted Sister

Anon requested: “HC of being Jasons adopted sister?“



  • This guy is incredibly overprotective
  • Probably because he has lost it all before so he doesn’t want you to do so as well
  • You being the only one he can talk to completely because you’re willing to listen and won’t judge him
  • Him teaching you how to use guns and dangerous lethal weapons
  • You dress up as him for Halloween
  • He couldn’t be prouder
  • Fighting crime with him
  • He doesn’t kill when you’re around
  • He’s always checking up on you and making sure you’re okay
  • Going on adventures with him
  • Him taking you to the wildest places and talking there for hours and hours on end
  • Teasing each other endlessly
  • Having inside jokes that nobody gets
  • And of course, let’s not forget the album of pictures you have with him
Dating Zach Dempsey Would Include (Male Reader):

hello everyone! its been a while! so so sorry for taking so long to post anything, the last few weeks have been very very stressful and things are just now starting to chill out. now that im a bit more stable i figured it was time to finish some stuff up and get back into the grove of things! i really hope you guys like this one! its a little different from usual, but i really loved writing this one! it’s probably my favorite so far lol

requested by @xcrossesandheartsx 


warnings: a little bit mature in some scenes, some cussing, yknow the usual. this ones not as angsty though, thankfully! i apologize for any mistakes or repetition! i don’t have a beta and i never catch all the mistakes on my own, so sorry! 

Originally posted by joeck

  • you meet zach officially through alex
  • you and alex had been casual friends for a while now, only really knowing each other because you sat together in english
  • its sophomore year, two weeks to halloween, and your kind of astounded at the fact that you haven’t had some grand high school adventure yet
  • you tell alex as such, sighing as you scribble in your notebook and grumble about how boring your life is
  • alex just laughs, rolling his eyes with a “isn’t lacrosse exciting enough?”
  • “alex i cant find the love of my life and go on a john green esque adventure just playing lacrosse i need something more exciting”

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Caitlin Farmer Headcanons
  • Her and Shitty get along eerily well, like. THEY’RE BROS. Shitty just fucking loves Caitlin. Like, real recognizes real, brah.
  • Her and Chowder are both from Cali, right? But Chowder is from San Jose where it’s hot + beachy, while Caitlin is a literal wild forest creature that grew up in a rural northern CA town filled with redwoods.
  • She fucking loves redwoods
  • She has a bluetick coonhound back home named Itchy. She brings him to stay one semester, and Chowder becomes obsessed with spoiling Itchy
  • She is a vocal, inclusive feminist and will physically fight you if you say something off
  • Her and Shitty used to always say “meet me in the fucking pit” jokingly, but slowly that developed into her and Chowder’s code phrase for “let’s go up to your room and be sappy/have sex” so Shitty has now forbade the phrase from being spoken in his presence
  • She prefers not to drink, which is good because Chowder is such a lightweight. He feels very comforted that Caitlin is always there to make sure he’s okay whenever he dips into the tub juice, and he’s so trusting that sometimes he needs a little protecting
  • She has two dads, and since Nursey has two moms, they bond over the struggle of what to call which parent. “Dad! No, not you, the other dad.”
  • One of her dads is literally the most Scottish human to ever exist, so she has the teeniest tiniest brogue, even tho she was raised in CA
  • Her and Bitty are both avid tweeters, but she’s the type that tweets those really intense Scottish tweets. “Am wi Chowder, he’s a ragin lil fuck ye i luv him, canny luv him moar”
  • Bitty has her twitter on notifications.
  • Chowder is really insecure about his braces, so Caitlin makes sure he knows she loves him just the way he is. She leaves little sticky notes all over his room!
  • Her favorite musical artists are Creedance Clearwater Revival and TLC
  • Caitlin is a Biology major. She wants to teach middle school biology and become Miss Frizz 2.0
  • Chowder is really allergic to chili powder and other spicy ingredients, so even though Caitlin really loves spicy food, she gave it up so she could kiss Chowder whenever she wants
  • Her and Lardo get into really heated debates about art. Lardo is a #stan for modern art, but Caitlin just feels like it’s stupid. “Warhol was a genius, Caitlin, get your head out of your ass” “He doesn’t hold a candle to Bob Motherfucking Ross”
  • Her alignment is Beer Dad (Chowder is totally Wine Mom)
  • Bitty knows Caitlin loves pumpkin pie, so he bakes them for her like weekly, and she always picks them up after visiting Chowder. Everyone is baffled as to how she isn’t dead yet.
  • She likes the pumpkin pies frozen, by the way
  • When her and Chowder graduate and want get a house together, they decide to just close their eyes and point to a map to decide where to live. They get ‘middle of the ocean’ eight times before they finally give up and settle in Minnesota
  • Caitlin, Chowder, and Ransom all love to knit, so they just knit shit for each other all the time and start to wear these all-knitted ensembles that look absolutely ridiculous
  • Caitlin and Chowder both like oversized t-shirts, so they’re constantly wearing each other’s clothes
  • She is such trash for lipstick, and likes to wear weird colors like green or metallic teal
  • She loves kids so much
  • Has gotten in a barfight once but only Chowder really knows the details
  • She comes to all of Chowder’s hockey games and he comes to all of her volleyball matches
  • Her and Chowder have dressed up as ‘Eleanor & Park’ and Daft Punk for halloween
  • Her favorite book is “The Hobbit”
  • Loves making fancy pasta dishes, so once, Bitty and her created a really cool dinner for the team that everyone still talks about
  • Has a lot of tattoos! but they’re all of really silly things, like scooby doo on her ribcage and a blueberry muffin on her wrist
  • Talked Chowder into getting a tattoo of a shark on his butt because “the Sharks own that ass way more than I do”
  • Eventually gets a tattoo of a can of clam chowder soup over her heart because she is a LITERAL SAP and then chowder gets a tattoo of a redwood tree over his heart because he is also a LITERAL SAP
  • Does not know how to skateboard but she tells everyone she does

carl gallagher things: 

  • carl gallagher is bisexual
  • his favorite book is lord of the flies 
  • he will watch any shitty action movie it doesn’t even matter he loves them
  • his favorite colors are blue and purple 
  • mickey gives carl his old cd’s so carl really gets into rock music and ian is like “fuck not aGAIN”
  • carl gallagher is going to cure cancer 
  • he fucking loves lobster and he wishes they could go back to that fancy restaurant and get some more
  • but he also likes really simple things like grilled cheese or lasagna (he’s really not a picky eater) 
  • (carl gallagher is bisexual) 
  • his favorite season is fall 
  • his favorite holiday is halloween
  • he tries out for any of the sports at his school and is surprisingly good at soccer
  • debbie is his best friend

anonymous asked:

Can I get some Halloween headcanons for the RFA and V and Saeran? Thanks!

Sure sure! I know Halloween was yesterday, but Halloween never ends for me so.. I hope everyone had a fun and safe day!
-Couple costumes all the way
-You probably dress up as those cheesy couple costumes too, like salt and pepper or pb&j
-All the kids in the neighborhood love going to your house for trick or treat because you always have the best candy
-You know that one house that had the mountains of king sized candy bars that you loved as a child? Yeah, that’s the Kim’s house!
-After you run out of candy (fairly quickly, mind you because Yoosung juST cAN’T SAY NO) you both go inside and watch fun movies
-Not scary ones, but stuff like Nightmare before Christmas and Over the Garden Wall

-He definitely charms all the trick or treaters and they stall at your house just to talk with him
-He probably dresses up as a vampire or something
-Will walk you behind you and whisper things in your ear
-It lowkey turns you on
-After you’re done handing out candy, you both go to a friend’s Halloween party

-Jaehee isn’t much for Halloween, but when she realizes how much you love it, she decides to celebrate it more this year
-Jaehee has trick or treat duty while you get into your costume
-She turns out to be really good with kids
-They all love her
-She just always knows what to say
-“Why, hello princess! Would you like some candy?” “Oh no! It’s the devil! Please, just take some candy and be on your way!”
-You realize that you love this woman so much

-Doesn’t get it
-Dressing up? Costumes? What???
-Isn’t this what Saeyoung does?
-he decides to take a detour after work one day and goes to a halloween store
-The minute he sees matching cat costumes, he knows that’s what you’re gonna be
-“Jumin, what in the world?”
-It’s not the sexy, kitty ears with knee high socks, it’s literally a cat onesie
-Oh my god, Jumin
-All the expensive candy
-Full on chocolate bars
-You end up stealing most of them yourself

-You decide not to hand out candy for security reasons
-But you do a full on couple cosplay
-You totally both dress up as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon (Seven is Sailor Moon)
-You then both go to a haunted house
-You end up scaring the people inside instead lol
-You both get back home and eat an entire bowl of candy
-Let it be said that you both spend the night in the bathroom

-V isn’t much for Halloween either, but is willing to do it for you
-You both are the typical couple that sits out on the parch with their dog handing out candy
-he likes to scare the kids by telling them scary stories of how he became blind
-You scold him every time
-But secretly you think it’s really funny


He will never admit it, but he loves it so much
-He never actually got to dress up as a kid, but he learned all about it with Rika before things made a turn for the worse
-So his first halloween with you he is so excited
“MC, we’re dressing up right? Who do you want to go as? What type of candy should we get? Should we have a party too?”
-You’re the awesome couple in the neighborhood who has the best decorations
-Because Saeran knows the aesthetic for Halloween so well
-You both end up dressing up as Mario and Princess Peach

maidofcookiespace  asked:

MC RFA + Saeran and V and how they spend Halloween ? Also their costumes?

ok i kind of did a halloween hadcanon BUT ILL DO THIS ONE ALSO CAUSE HALLOWEEEEENNNNN


  • Yoosung begs MC to go trick or treating
  • “Yoosung, you’re 20 years old. we can’t go trick or treating”
  • “pleeeaaasseeeee”
  • “no, Yoosung. trick or treating is for little kids”
  • “what if i had a little kid”
  • “um….what?”
  • and so Yoosung finds a little kid
  • it ends up being like his moms sisters husbands brothers cousins daughter or something like that
  • EITHER WAY, Yoosung finds some cute little girl to walk around the neighborhood at night
  • by the end of the night Yoosung has waaaay more candy than her tho
  • and you know that boy has matching halloween costumes for all three of them
  • so they gon end up looking a little something like this


  • like really guys. i know that boy gets turnt on Halloween
  • he invites MC out
  • and keeps close to them all night
  • anyone that tries to hit on them gets a death glare from him
  • and he’s actually scary as shit
  • but also all the girls hit on Zen like literally every drunk ass girl there tries to get up on him
  • cause he’s the hottest boy at the party
  • but he always brushes them off and tells them he’s already got someone
  • cause he’s really just interested in spending all night with MC
  • but let me tell you my dream
  • idk if anyone has herd of an anime called Kamisama Kiss
  • but one character would make the perfect costume for Zen so let me just


  • Halloween isn’t really Jaehee’s thing
  • she never really…saw the point
  • if she lived in a neighborhood she’d be the person to set out a bowl of candy with a note that says “take one please” and just stay in all night with the lights off
  • but MC really really wants Jaehee to come to a halloween party with her
  • and since JAEHEE TOTALLY LOVES MC, she agrees
  • but she’s like ???? how does one “halloween” ???
  • and upon doing some research
  • she finds that a nurse costume is popular among women
  • but she doesnt realize its so popular because its a SEXY NURSE
  • and Jaehee’s just like “yea cool i’ll be a nurse”
  • and actually shows up to the party looking exactly like this:


  • Jumin had never really celebrated halloween before
  • but ever since he started seeing MC
  • they were introducing him to all sorts of new things
  • and he really loved it
  • so he would probably end up loving halloween too, right?
  • a few days before halloween MC comes running into his room
  • “Jumin, Jumin! what do you think of my costume?”
  • she was dressed as a princess with a beautiful flowing pink gown and a tiara
  • Jumin’s jaw drops
  • “you look beautiful, my princess”
  • “will you be my prince for halloween? pleeeeaaaseee?”
  • MC makes puppy dog eyes at him
  • Jumin is a little confused, though
  • “don’t princesses usually wish for a knight in shining armor?”
  • “well…i guess so, but-”
  • Jumin grabs MC’s hands and kisses her
  • “please excuse me, my princess. i must go prepare for halloween”
  • oh god
  • so Jumin ends up lookin a little something like this


  • but his favorite thing about halloween 
  • is that the word “spoopy” becomes an acceptable part of his vocabulary again
  • and he decorates his place with cobwebs and skeletons
  • like ok MC visits him on october first
  • there’s like a single jack-o-lantern on his doorstep
  • and some cobwebs 
  • they have his arabic door password memorized
  • but when they say it, it doesnt work
  • so they call Seven
  • “hey dork, what’s your new house password?”
  • “spooky in arabic”
  • …okay…what?
  • “Seven…is there even, like, an arabic word for spooky? i really dont think there is”
  • “enter….if you daareee….”
  • he was talking in a ghostly voice
  • MC just rolls their eyes
  • “some say they see people come in…but never come ooouutttt”
  • yea but when it’s actually halloween Seven prefers to stay inside and watch spooky movies
  • he’s used to spending halloween all by himself
  • but now with MC he has someone else to get spooked with
  • ok unfortunately i couldnt find any pics of this
  • but Seven would literally purchase a catwoman costume and just wear it on halloween


  • V doesnt really like scary things
  • but he likes the other parts of Halloween
  • like little kids getting candy! and carving pumpkins! and dressing up with all your friends!
  • V just really loves to have fun with all his friends okay
  • he also really loves cute halloween costumes
  • i think for halloween V would dress as a gardener and MC would dress as a flower
  • and he’d be all like
  • “my beautiful flower! i love you!”
  • and he absolutely loves handing out candy to little kids
  • he’s the guy whos always like
  • “oh i see we have a pirate, and a princess and-how scary-a vampire!”
  • “what are you dressed as, mister?”
  • “i happen to be a gardener! want to see my lovely flower?”
  • hahaaa yea he loves showing off MC to everyone and telling all the little kids about how one day his beautiful flower came to life and now theyre in love!


  • A
  • every year Saeran does like crazy special effects makeup
  • and goes to like six haunted houses
  • he loves going to haunted houses with MC
  • they way she gets scared and squeezes his hand tightly is just! the most adorable thing on the planet
  • he thought haunted houses were cool before
  • but somehow MC made them more fun
  • he also makes MC watch a ton of scary movies with him
  • which he also loves, since she would always hold onto him real tight
  • Saeran was also really excited to rope MC into his gory halloween costume plans
  • he planned on being a vampire high school student
  • so like a school uniform just like any other student
  • but also cover himself in fake blood
  • and he though MC would make the perfect cheerleader victim
  • so he gives her big nasty bite marks on her neck (with makeup) and a cute little cheerleader outfit
  • and she was like his hot vampire girlfriend
  • halloween with MC was so fun


ohdelallybethy  asked:

elias lindholm or sidney crosby :3

i wanted to be fair about this, so i, naturally, made a checklist to determine hotness. 

  • elias can grow very rich facial hair

  • his hair mane is a sight to behold

Originally posted by crosbye

  • he is clearly committed to halloween

  • he looks particularly good laying on a bed:

  • his facial expressions are a thing of beauty:

Originally posted by crosbye

[credit to @crosbye​ for the glorious gifs]

  • and last but not least:

i have nothing more to say, elias is the clear winner here. congrats, elias, you went up against the best and came out on top  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

put two hockey payers in my askbox and i’ll say which i think is hotter

anonymous asked:

If you can an HC for the boys+saren and V reacting to MC having her hair colored for her Halloween costume (white/red) but find out she actually dyed it permanent, and was afraid to reveal it to them.

(once again this says “the boys” so I assume no Jaehee ;; sorry if I misinterpret it)


  • he thinks MC’s hair looks super cool for halloween
  • he asks how long the dye lasts
  • um… about that….”
  • he dyes his hair too!
  • he and MC are now DYE BUDDIES
  • honestly he thinks dying hair is dope!! he adores dying his hair!! MC doesn’t have to fear telling him


  • he thought MC looked like a fictional character with their hair like that
  • he was very used to dealing with people with temporal dye in his job
  • when he asks what products MC will need to remove the dye MC just
  • haha… You see… It kinda won’t wash off?”
  • he’s not mad he just runs to the store
  • he needs to buy all the special hair products for dyed hair after all!
  • for MC!!


  • MC was so hyped for halloween he wasn’t surprised to see MC with colored hair
  •  he just… assumed it was temporal?
  • MC will you be needing help for removing the color?”
  • MC tenses and laughs nervously
  • Yeah… No, because it kinda, won’t be removed?”
  • he sighs but he doesn’t mind? MC looks super nice with that hair color
  • if MC wants to keep it permanently he’ll make sure they get The Best Dye Job Ever


  • he thinks MC’s hair is BOMB
  • esp the part that’s red
  • so when MC tells him it’s not removable he’s actually very happy!
  • he’s super happy MC gets to keep the hair color
  • plus there’s red in there redhead powers for life
  • honestly he really adores it


  • he can’t see it
  • he wouldn’t have even known MC dyed their hair if they hadn’t told him??
  • like?
  • he can’t have an opinion on it, he can’t Mac Freaking See It
  • but it’s something MC seems to make happy so he’s happy


  • he had also dyed his hair and kept the dye pretty well
  • he might dye his hair to match MC
  • honestly he thought it was permanent at first and he was correct
  • when MC told him he was like
  • I know”
  • he really doesn’t mind at all? MC could go and dye their hair rainbow and he’d be super cool with it because MC should express themselves however they want

remushlupin  asked:

Drarry + costumes?

this is for the @slytherdornet halloween challenge!

  • draco malfoy hates halloween
  • period.
  • he thinks it’s pointless and hates all the stupid costumes that are random and don’t make any sense
  • and he especially can’t stand that his boyfriend seems to love halloween
  • he didn’t get it at first
  • he didn’t understand how harry could love halloween when this was the night his parents died
  • but then he realized that harry was the type to try to make something good instead of focus on the bad
  • and that’s why he fell in love with him
  • so he figured he would at least attempt to play along with harry’s outrageous costume ideas
  • but he wasn’t very good at covering up his judgments
  • draco, i know you hate this, but you have to at least try it. i think you’ll like dressing up for a party more than you think you would. ron always throws the best parties, you know that.”
  • draco scoffed, “oh yes, potter, weasley throws the best parties.”
  • harry rolled his eyes as he threw draco’s costume at him
  • “just get dressed, malfoy, we are leaving in ten minutes. i’m going to the bathroom.”
  • he noticed harry had not changed yet into his costume yet, so he wondered why he was ordering draco to put his one on
  • but whatever
  • he didn’t feel like arguing tonight
  • especially when he did want harry to enjoy himself
  • if draco gave into anyone, it was harry potter
  • so he unfolded the outfit and realized it was a single black cloak
  • curiously, he flipped it over to look around to see if he was missing a piece of it
  • nothing
  • he was about to call for harry
  • but he knew harry hated when draco interrupted his private bathroom time
  • so he decided to just slip the cloak over his shoulders
  • and before he knew it
  • he felt like his body was turning inside out and he was on fire
  • had harry poisoned him? he thought
  • he grabbed onto the bed railing to help himself surpass this feeling
  • but it was gone as quickly as it came
  • and draco was about to go and bitch out harry
  • but then he passed their bedroom mirror and realized he was harry
  • he did a double take and ran his fingers through the very familiar soft but messy black hair that was on his boyfriend’s head
  • he was completely freaked out
  • he ran toward the bedroom door and opened it to confront harry
  • but instead he ran into harry at the door frame and saw that harry had transformed himself into him
  • the familiar grey eyes he saw in the mirror every morning looked at him smugly
  • “isn’t this clever? tonight we can act however we want as each other, and no one will know the difference. they will just figure you were a complete party pooper and we came without costumes. i thought it would be interesting to screw with people.”
  • draco loved it
  • though he would never admit it
  • it was perfect
  • it was ingenious
  • it was cunning
  • it was so slytherin of harry
  • but he could not let harry know this of course
  • not directly, anyway
  • he would never give him the true satisfaction
  • that’s just how they were
  • so his response as he grabbed harry’s hand and out of the house to show his approval was..
  • “you better work on your accent, potter. it doesn’t sound prestigious and convincing enough to be me.”
Father!Jin’s Halloween

So I decided to pause the drabbles for just this series, they will be back next week but I figured since Halloween only happens once a year, I should do this post now so I’m not doing a Halloween series a month after Halloween so to start us off as he always does is our amazing eldest hyung who looked s o fucking good in his lil cowboy/riding a horse outfit like ik it was meant to be a silly costume the jeans lowkey fucked me up (by lowkey I mean hardcore) Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • I will also be adding in just a touch of youtuber!Jin bc I’m tra sh like that (you can find that post right here)
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has one daughter, his angelic princess
  • She is his everything, if he could spend every single second of every single hour with her, he would in a heartbeat he wouldn’t even think twice
  • To say she’s spoiled is an understatement, anything she wants she gets
  • But bc she’s Jin’s kid, she never gets bratty about it and is super grateful for all of it and never forgets her “please” and “thank you”
  • Like I feel like Jin is the type of person where you could make him the king of the world and he’d still be taking care of anyone and be humble and yeah he gets jokingly cocky sometimes but he’s so down to earth and chill (but not chill at all bc thOSE FUCKING JEANS WERE NOT CHILL)
  • His lil girl is pretty much him in a smol form like she’s got the same eyes the same giggle the same smile she’s just got pigtails and is a lot shorter and smaller in general
  • Like seriously seeing her next to him is the most precious thing in the entire world bc he’s got those beautiful broad shoulders and he’s all tall and she’s just a lil bby in her sparkly tutu (that she picked out herself she was v v proud of that she tells everyone that compliments her on it that she picked it out all by herself and even put it on with minimal assistance)
  • And she’s got these two lil pigtails that aren’t quite long enough to really hang down so they kinda stick out a bit and she’s got a tiny bows on her shoes
  • She’s so lil and he’s so not lil and he’s dressed in jeans and a button up shirt and it’s just so endearing to see them together bc it’s all giggles
  • Okay but Jin would get so hyped up about Halloween
  • He loves decorating the house with spooky decorations that aren’t actually that spooky bc tiny bub can’t be terrified Jin’s already trying to ease her away from being scared of the dark, adding in gory decorations would s o not help at all
  • So he goes with some family friendly decorations, giant spiders with smiles on their faces and a patch of glitter on one of its legs from when bby girl accidentally spilled half of the bottle of glitter onto it after Jin said she could add a lil bit of glitter to the spider
  • He would s o be that parent that makes Halloween themed desserts with his bby girl like those “graveyard” brownies sign him the fuCK up
  • He would film a video with her when they make it and it’d be so cute bc she’s so giggly and he’s just :D around her bc she’s his love his lil tiny bby bub who makes him s o so happy
  • He lets her do all of the mixing (at least until she gets bored of it) and definitely lets her help decorate it and it’s just a daddy daughter cooking video and it’s so fucking cute bc normally viewers see a glimpse of her in videos like just out of frame or they’ll see a lil peek at her but he doesn’t do videos with just her very often
  • He tries to keep her somewhat private plus his channel is mainly about cooking and he doesn’t like her near the hot stuff and all of the knives plus there are special occasions like Halloween
  • He would s o dress her up as Princess Peach or Toad or maybe even Mario if she’s willing to do it
  • Okay but he would absolutely love it if she dressed up as Mario and then he was Luigi (bc he’s tall and she’s smol) like that is his dream in life
  • He would so go trick or treating with her and he’d be so proud of their costume idea like how fucking cute is that she’s Mario she’s got a fuCKING HAT AND A TINY MUSHROOM LIKE AN ACTUAL MUSHROOM THATS CUTE AS HELL
  • He will one hundred percent support her costume wholeheartedly and no one can tell him it isn’t the cutest thing ever to exist bc look at her just look at those precious cheeks
  • Of course as she gets older, he lets her choose her own costumes but for the first years he gets to do it and he loves to match his costume with hers
  • So like her first Halloween he dresses her up as a pumpkin and he goes as a pumpkin too then it’s Mario and Luigi then it’s princess and a king
  • He’d keep it up as long as she let him (head canon that even when she’s like 20, she still calls him to let him know her costume so they can link up)
  • He’d hold their candy in one hand (bc the princess’s bucket is literally as big as she is and there’s no way she can carry it empty let alone filled) and hold her hand in the other and they’d just be walking door to door together and everyone loses their shit over how adorable it is
  • He lets her have some of his candy on the way home and then every day he lets her have a lil bit of it
  • Halloween with father!Jin is just a lot of decorating and lots of cookies and brownies and sweets and lots of cooing over how adorable his bby is bc he just loves her so much

anonymous asked:

So I'm easily startled by a lot of things, I get the spooks. So why not an MC is easily startled HC!! It could be anything really, touches, popping up out of nowhere, noises whatever. The RFA + unknown & V pls. Either they enjoy doing that to MC or they feel bad. Up to you. I'm so happy I found your blog btw. Another HC blog to follow!

 im super easily spooked, too! lolol

~headcanon requests are closed for now~


  • Yoosungs eyes flutter open 
  • he yawns and stretches
  • MC is right there beside him, they had been sleeping over at his dorm a lot lately
  • he squints at the wall clock
  • “oh, shit”
  • Yoosung shakes MC a little
  • “babe, wake up! we’re gonna be late for class”
  • MC and Yoosung scramble out of bed, rushing to get ready
  • Yoosung shoves some bread in the toaster while MC gets some coffee started for them
  • while they wait for the coffee to brew, Yoosung leaves the room to clip his hair up
  • suddenly he hears MC shouting
  • “JesUS CHRIST!!”
  • Yoosung runs into the kitchen area
  • “what?? what’s going on?? is there a bug?!”
  • MC was clutching their chest and breathing heavily
  • “your toast scared the shit out of me”
  • Yoosung looked at MC, then looked at the toaster, then looked at MC again
  • “MC, you have a fear of toast?”
  • he grabs the bread from the toaster and shoves it in their face
  • “no, you dork! i got spooked when the toast popped out”
  • they push Yoosung’s breakfast out of their face
  • “sorry, i promise i’ll respect your fear of toast from now on”
  • he puts the bread behind his back, hiding it from MC
  • they just roll their eyes at him
  • “lets just catch the bus, nerd”


  • Zen had been looking forward to friday night all week
  • cause friday night was movie night
  • he picked a spooky movie to watch with MC, knowing they’d cuddle up to him
  • they were about halfway through the movie
  • just like Zen had planned, MC was curled up in his arms
  • “don’t worry, babe. i’ll protect you”
  • he was tryna b all suave n shit
  • a particular spooky scene was playing when Zen decided to adjust his position on the couch
  • in doing so, he knocked over an empty plastic cup that was on the side table
  • the cup hit the floor with a clamor
  • MC squeezed Zen’s arm as tightly as possible
  • and let out a short scream
  • their reaction startled Zen, and he yelped as well
  • “sorry, Zen. the cup started me”
  • MC was back to normal, but Zen wasn’t over the shock of their literal SCREAM
  • “geez, MC! it was just the cup!”
  • “hey, i can’t help that i get scarred easily. and you’re the one who picked a spooky movie! i was already on edge cause of that!”
  • Zen picks the cup up from the floor
  • “i’m never using this cup again”
  • MC laughs
  • “Zen, dont be silly! the cup didnt-”
  • but before they could finish, Zen walked into the kitchen and threw the cup away
  • there. he will never make that mistake again.


  • Jaehee took MC shopping, needing a break from her work
  • they were browsing around in a clothing store
  • when Jaehee got an idea
  • “Jaehee, what do you think of this?”
  • MC help up a shirt they liked to show it to Jaehee, but she wasnt there
  • “Jaehee? where did you go?”
  • MC feels like a little kid who lost their mom in the store
  • “Jaehee?”
  • the peek around a rack of clothes
  • Jaehee suddenly appears from the other side of the rack
  • “hey MC! looking for me?”
  • without thinking, MC screams
  • “FUCK!”
  • they immediately cover their mouth and look around in horror
  • okay, several people in the recent vicinity definitely heard that
  • at first Jaehee’s mouth drops open in disbelief
  • “oh my god Jaehee im so sorry-”
  • Jaehee bursts into laughter, cutting MC’s apology short
  • her laugh makes MC smile, too
  • they’ve never seen Jaehee laugh this hard
  • she started to talk, gasping for breath
  • “MC, i had no idea you’d be so surprised”
  • they just shrug
  • “what can i say? i’m easily spooked”
  • Jaehee didnt even care that MC just screamed “fuck” in a public place
  • that was freakin hilarious


  • Jumin was woken up by MC’s yelling
  • it was around 2 AM
  • he bolts upright to see Elizabeth 3rd push the door and walk into the room
  • “MC?! whats going on??”
  • they were super energetic when they woke him up, but now they’re looking down solemnly
  • “it was just the cat…”
  • Jumin tilts his head
  • what on earth were they talking about? why were they screaming a second ago?!
  • “i saw the door open and i thought it was an intruder so i woke you…”
  • Jumin looks at MC, then looks at Elizabeth who jumped on the bed a moment ago and now slept peacefully
  • he then looks at the door to their room which was now hanging open
  • he pulls MC into his arms and puts out a hand to Elly
  • “dont, worry, MC! i wont let her hurt you!”
  • wait wait, ok wait
  • Jumin is making a joke?
  • usually when Jumin tries so make a joke he laughs at himself before he can even finish
  • but now, he was keeping up the act pretty well
  • “oh, Jumin! please save me from this violent intruder!”
  • he lays back down, pulling MC even closer and squeezing them
  • he kisses their nose
  • “we’ll just have to sleep real close tonight so i can protect you”


  • poor MC’s tendency to get spooked was like Sevens playground
  • one morning MC was making some pancakes
  • so, as per usual, he decides to take advantage of the situation
  • he sneaks up to them until he’s standing right behind MC
  • and yells
  • he shouted almost right into their left ear, and when the whipped around he ran off to the right
  • “Seven, you asshole!”
  • with the spatula they were using to cook still in hand, MC chases after Seven
  • he runs into the hallway and opens the bathroom door, hiding behind it
  • he hears MC as they walk into the hallway
  • “i swear to god Seven, i’m going to quit cooking for you and then you’ll starve”
  • when MC is in range, he jumps out from behind the door
  • before Seven can even say “boo” MC yelps and uses their spatula to smack him square in the face
  • “gah! my beautiful face!”
  • Seven sinks to the ground
  • MC didnt mean to smack him, but they go along with it anyway
  • they stand over him menacingly
  • “you’ve scared me one too many times, now you have to pay the price”
  • Seven looks up at MC
  • “you look pretty scary with that spatula, MC. are you gonna hit me with it again?”
  • he winks playfully
  • MC was practically growling
  • “Seven, i swear to god”
  • he jumps up and runs away again


  • V took MC out to the zoo for a date
  • he loved watching them look at all the animals, they were so adorable
  • they went to the reptile house together
  • MC leaned down to look closer at a certain snake exhibit
  • V stands beside them, leaning down as well
  • “do you like this one?”
  • MC smiles and nods at him
  • “yea! when i was a kid-”
  • while MC was talking, the snake strikes at the glass
  • “ah!” 
  • MC yelps and grabs V’s arm
  • he was surprised by the way they yelled but doesnt show it
  • “i know that snake was pretty scary, but theres glass there for a reason”
  • he beams at MC, trying to cheep them up
  • “i know, i know. it just surprised me. i get spooked easily”
  • V blushes
  • he finds it so adorably endearing that MC is so innocent 
  • he wraps his arms around MC, hugging them
  • “well lets go see the polar bears. i think they move pretty slowly for the most part”
  • “okay, V!”


  • Saeran lived for Halloween
  • he was ready to spook MC so hard, on the spookiest night of all
  • he even dressed like Jason, since MC is terrified of that movie
  • this is gonna be so funny
  • he lies in wait behind some bushes
  • MC returns from their shopping trip, grocery bags in hand
  • when they start walking up the driveway, Saeran pops out from the bushes and yells
  • MC lets out a blood curdling scream and drops their groceries
  • they even threw the milk the were carrying across the lawn
  • MC crumples to their feet
  • Saeran takes his mask off and sits next to MC
    “oh my god, i got you so good! you should have seen-”
  • …wait…
  • is MC crying??
  • shit.
  • “babe im so sorry. i thought you would think it was funny…”
  • MC wipes tears away from their face
  • “it’s okay, Saeran. you just really startled me”
  • he pulls MC into his lap and squeezes them in a hug
  • “i’m so sorry. please stop crying. please?”
  • “Saeran, i’m fine. you have to carry in the groceries, though”
  • “of course!”
  • MC could see that Saeran felt super guilty about making them cry
  • they’ll bring this up later when they want something out of him


good news!!

i finally updated my masterlist!!!

if you’re wanting the redirect to the page on my blog, u can click the word masterlist up above right there ^^ however i am going to copy and paste it under the read more tab here in a sec

anything from when i previously updated my masterlist (uh about seven months ago oops) until about april?? when i changed my writing style will be missing. to view those, you’ll need to go to my /tagged/5sos-blurbs and go about 25-30 pages back?? i will not be adding those!!!

also, on the masterlist you’ll see a line of lil star thingies??? those are the separation between my old style and my new style. anything under the stars is new and everything above is old. also here is a handy dandy masterlist i created for all the number blurbs i did/am doing

enjoy my lovelies, and if anything isn’t working, please let me know!!! (apologizing now to any mobile users lmao)

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grin-without-a-kitten  asked:

(Ok trying this again) Did MC introduce Jumin to Cats with a surprise theater date and spent the evening wondering whether they're regretting it or not? Did Jumin introduce MC to it and drags them to WEEKLY showings because of course they picked the bf who can actually afford innumerable musical tickets (but only ever goes to thaT ONE FUCKING SHOW). Does Jumin research the possibility of acquiring such a magnificent suit for MC? These are the important questions.

oh man

the first time Jumin saw cats HE WAS IN AWE

and the second time?

he bought out the whole theater out for him and MC

of course now MC regrets showing it to him because IT’S ALL HE EVER TALKS ABOUT







H        A           L             L           O           W             E         E               N

A       A

L             L                                                   L      A     H    

L                   L                                   L                                A

O                        O                           O        ◕             ◕          L

W                              W                    W                ●                 L

E                                       E             E                                     O

E                                               E     E               N    N             W

N                                                      N        N                  N      E