School administrators dress as Trump and Clinton in a prison uniform for Halloween

As if Virginia’s Robert E. Lee High School weren’t problematic enough in its name alone, the school is under fire after its principal and secretary dressed up as Trump and Clinton in a prison jumpsuit for Halloween — and then posted the photo on the school’s website. Cue the non-apology apology.

It’s Been a Long Time

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A/N: Ack so please pretend I posted this last night like I wanted to instead of falling asleep.  I was totally gonna post every day but look how well that went.  I do have two stories that I was going to write today, specifically for Halloween day, so I’ll still publish those later I think.  Anyway, this was inspired by a swing ball that I’m in theory going to tonight, so yeah.  It ended up being less Halloweeny and more fluffy, but I quite like it.  Also, I know the song is from the apartment scene in CATWS, but I really liked it and I though it worked well.  Hope you do too!

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He feels hopelessly out of place.

Steve had dragged him to this Halloween Swing Ball, promising it’d be just like the “good old days.”  And for Steve, it’s easy enough to pretend.  

For Bucky, it’s impossible.  

He doesn’t remember a lot of things from before his Hydra days, doesn’t remember memories and events and people, but he remembers little things.  The taste of the bread from the Italian bakery down the street.  The smell of perfume, always lingering about him after a night out.  The feel of his old clothes, much more comfortable than the brand new replica clothes Steve had found for him.

And of course, the weight of his metal arm, hanging limply at his side.

He couldn’t pretend.  It wasn’t the good old days, not anymore.

He watches from the side of the room as Steve dances with a pretty redhead, all smiles.  Steve shoots Bucky a look over the girl’s shoulder, nodding his head as if to invite Bucky onto the floor.

Bucky shakes his head and smiles, if only to make sure Steve doesn’t worry too much about him.  The song ends and a swarm of women descends upon Steve, all too happy to claim him as their next partner.

“You know, there’s a distinct shortage of men here tonight and it’s selfish to stand off to the side brooding when there’s plenty of girls without a dancing partner.”

Bucky turns to find you standing next to him, a coy smirk on your face.  He takes in your replica red ‘40s dress that fits perfectly to your body, the way your skirt swishes as you move, the click of your heels as you move ever so slightly closer to him.  Your tone is light, joking, and for some reason, it puts Bucky at ease immediately.

“I think I’d be doing any woman here a disservice to dance with her,” he replies.

“I’m sure she’d get over it,” you toss back.  “Your face would more than make up for it.”

Flirting.  Something new for Bucky.  Or rather something old, something vaguely familiar but utterly foreign.  He struggles to come up with a response, but draws a blank.  The part of his brain that used words to make women go weak in the knees is closed off, silent, unhelpful.

“I’m (Y/N),” you say, breaking the awkward silence.


“Bucky,” you say, rolling the name over your tongue, trying it out.

“Short for Buchanan,” he says, feeling the need to clarify, for some reason.  “My middle name.”

“And what’s your first name?” you smile.  

“That’s not something I usually tell people right away,” he says.

“I see,” you say, arching an eyebrow.  “Well, the night’s still young.”

Bucky’s confused.  Why are you still talking to him when you could be dancing with someone like Steve?

“So, how about a dance?” you ask boldly.  Bucky’s eyes widen.

“With me?” he asks, doing his best to keep his voice even.  You nod.  “I just told you I’m a terrible dancer.”

“And I just told you that you’re cute enough to get away with it,” you smile.  

“The music’s too fast,” he says quickly and there’s a flicker of something in your eyes.  Bucky was trained to read people, trained to watch for these little moments.  Just for a second, your eyes fall as your confidence falters, before you’re able to maintain your serene and confident persona.  He feels a slight twinge in his chest as he recognizes a look that’s all too familiar for him.

“Well if you don’t want to dance with me, all you had to do was say so,” you smile, not as broad as before.

“No, that’s…” Bucky trails off, wishing that his brain didn’t feel so scrambled right now.  “It’s not that I don’t want to dance with you.”

“But you’re a terrible dancer and the music’s too fast,” you reply.  “A girl knows when to take a hint.”

“No, it’s…I don’t normally talk about it,” Bucky says.  And how can he talk about it?  How can he tell you about everything he’s been through, about everything he’s feeling?  About how talking to you has been both the closest he’s felt to being himself again and also a constant reminder of how far he still has to go?

“You don’t need to tell me,” you say and Bucky feels his heart soften.  “You don’t owe me anything.”

“I think I owe you a dance, doll,” Bucky says and as the words slip past his lips, he knows he’s finally said something right.  He sees you smile and there’s something about the way your lips curve upwards that makes him happy.

“Only if you want to,” you say, and he offers you his right hand.  He gestures to the music, which has changed to a new, slower song.

“They even slowed down the music for us,” he says, and the way you smile as he leads you onto the dance floor melts his heart.

Then he realizes that you have to take his other hand, his metal hand, and he starts to panic.  He hadn’t thought this through, hadn’t thought of something to say.  

But you wordlessly slip your right hand into his left, smiling up at him as you both begin to sway for the music.  He waits for a question, a reaction, something.  But it’s almost as if you don’t even notice.

“So, why’d you come here tonight?” you ask.  

“My friend wanted to come,” he answers.  “We used to dance a bit, back in the day.  You?”

“My friend,” you nod.  “She has a thing for men in historical clothing.”

“And what about you?” Bucky says, not sure where his confident replies are coming from.  “How do you feel about all these guys dressed up?”  You smile bemusedly and give him a joking once over.

“I thought it’d be silly,” you say honestly.  “But I have to say, I’m warming up to the idea.  You do look pretty dapper.”

“Well, you’re a knockout in that dress,” Bucky says and he loves the way you smile, a faint blush rushing to your cheeks.  He loves the fact that he was able to put that smile, that blush there.

For the rest of the song, the two of you dance in comfortable silence.  The steps are familiar to Bucky, but he doesn’t want to push his luck with any of the fancier moves he thinks he remembers.  

The song comes to an end and he leans in, his lips next to your ear.

“My first name’s James,” he says.  “James Buchanan Barnes.”  You smile, as if you do in fact realize the significance of what he’s just told you.

“Nice to meet you, James,” you reply softly.  


Group/Member: BTS/Yoongi

Words: 287

Genre: fluff, slight suggestive content, Halloween!

Summary: It’s Halloween, and Yoongi isn’t too happy about his costume.

Request: anonymous, long time ago, but I decided to save it until Halloween

A/N: Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Yoongi is my baby, so I’ve been so excited for this one! Sorry it’s a day late. Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie

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“Yoongi! Hurry up! We’re gonna be late for the party!” I yelled from the living room where I was waiting in my Elsa costume. “I don’t want to!” I hear him faintly through the door. “What is it now?” I mumble under my breath as I go into our bedroom. Frustration fills me as I see he’s completely ready in his Jack Frost costume. “You’re already dressed! What’s the problem?” He crosses his arms over his chest and pouts, reminding me of a 5-year-old. “I don’t like this costume.”

“Why not?”

“I just don’t.” I sighed. “Besides, I thought you wanted to do couple’s costumes. What do our costumes have to do with each other?” I sit next to him on the bed. “Well, we both have magical ice powers.” His glare pointed at the wall still hasn’t let up. “I’ll tell you what.” I scoot closer, to where our thighs are completely pressed against each other. “If we go to the party, and you wear this costume and are happy about it, maybe I’ll show you a couple of different powers I may have.” That definitely broke through to him. He turned towards me. “How about you show me those powers now.” He leans in to kiss me. Right before our lips meet, I jump up, causing him to face plant onto the bed. “Sorry, but these powers have to be charged up. They won’t be ready for another few hours. Plenty of time to swing by the party and say hi to everyone.” He groans, but finally stands up from the bed. “Alright. Let’s get going.” I squeal in delight, kiss him on the cheek, and skip out of the room with him following behind.


A Very 90′s Halloween

A collection of the best 90’s films perfect for your Halloween movie marathon
▴ The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
▴ Scream (1996)
▴ The Craft (1997)
▴ I Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
▴ Hocus Pocus (1993)
▴ Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Devious - Devil!AU

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Baekhyun Devil!AU // Halloween

a/n: Just something really short that I had in mind, I’m kind of a sucker for mysterious daredevils.

Don’t take those small roads where there’s nobody when you’re alone at night, especially if you’re a girl. Such a simple tip but because you chose convenience over safety you completely ignored it. Oh, how you wish you didn’t..

With a knife pressed right below your ribs the man in front of you threatened to stab you if you didn’t hand over your belongings. “Give me everything!” He yelled.

“I don’t have any more!” You cried out with shaky legs and sweat dripping from your forehead. He already had your purse and there was nothing in your pockets. What more could he want? You smelled something sour mixed with a heavy scent of alcohol, so you could guess why the robber is being like this.

He groaned in annoyance, “You dumb wrench! I said everything!” The knife was pressed even further onto your skin and you feel the pain, looking down you could see yourself actually bleeding from the cut.

“That’s not really a nice thing to call a lady.” 

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As many of you will know, last October (2015) I was the face of the Velour Lashes Halloween Pop-Up event. They gave me the theme ‘Happily Never After’ and asked me to produce 5 still images of twisted Disney Princesses.
It was up to me to choose my favourite of the Princesses, and then come up with the makeup looks for each character.

The five images went viral! They ended up on Fox News USA, Huffington Post, local newspapers, an Art gallery in Slovenia and shared by many celebrities.
So, after THOUSANDS of requests from you guys for tutorials of each Princess, a year on, I have finally filmed them! 

Here is my Snow White makeup creation. 


Challenge Your Shelf Day 276: Halloween Reads

It was a dark and stormy night in a lonely corner of booklr when an unwary blogger stumbled across some delightfully, fearfully creepy Halloween reads. Welcome, dear reader, to HALLOWEEN READS *cue screams and ghostly laughter*

Let’s kick off with a classic H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth showcases everything that is great about Lovecraftian horror

The freaky, psychological horror of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw kept me awake for nights on end- are there relly ghosts? Is she going mad?

Next is an 80s return to Gothic horror with The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Shirley Jackson’s haunting, disturbing We Have Always Lived in the Castle gives me goosebumps even reading the title- I’ve bumped it up my To-Read List in honour of Halloween

A popular YA book Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs has also been boosted on my TBR for October- mostly because I’m a coward and this seems slightly less likely to keep me awake at night with the lamp on and something heavy near my bed

I honestly can’t wait to read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness- I’ve heard so many great things about it on booklr plus I’m a sucker for a good illustrated novel!

Can you HAVE a Halloween reads segment with including master of horror Stephen King and seriously creepy Ed Al Poe? I picked Pet Sematary and The Black Cat because they both feature black cats on the cover which felt Halloweeny

And finally the distressingly scary and sublimely creepy House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski!

Happy reading *vanishes in a puff of smoke*




As many of you know, I was recently contacted by Paramount Pictures to create a Zombie makeup tutorial inspired by the new film ‘A Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse’.

I went to the screening of the film earlier this month, and I was literally on the edge of my seat one minute, and cracking up with laughter the next.
I HATE the idea of being chased, and I am the single most jumpy person in the world, I’m sure of it… so you can imagine what I was like in the cinema watching this. 

I hope you enjoy my take on the Zombies that were created for this film! 

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9) Generally speaking, if it’s a silly doodle, it only takes a few minutes. An inked drawing can take anywhere between 40 minutes to several hours depending on the complexity. As for a colored piece, it usually takes me a few days because I tend to battle with myself a lot over things like color choice and coloring method. I’m still searching for a coloring style I can be truly happy with.