My straight guy friend did not watch the new Ghostbusters (he wants to, though), and I told him I would be Holtzy for Halloween, so he wanted to see her. I sent him that character vignette on youtube, and his reaction was: “She’s awesome, can’t wait to see your costume. Her personality and gestures you have already.”

tonight i am a dead woman named Alexandra Brown, the daughter of a well-to-do russian immigrant who married a man called Robert Brown. Bobby was sent off to fight the Nazis and was killed. after a few years trying to make it on my own, i hung myself. my greaser nephew, Theo Brown, is attending a halloween party tonight. my ghost will watch over him.

I really struggle with the end of summer days on JET, only because I see everyone else in the office in their classrooms, and I want to be there too. I don’t get asked to teach any of the lessons around testing time, so several points in the year have me just desk warming for a full month at a time, sometimes longer. Sigh.

I’m keeping myself busy by making my bullet journal daily log pages for the following week, and planning out some lessons for the next month. But other than that, there’s not too much I have to be doing.

Guess it’s a walk-around-and-loiter kind of day. Hope y’all don’t care that I’m observing your classes muahaha.

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yo wat up it's your boi Halloween anon back at it again this the spicy jokes (cringe)

omg it’s great to have you back, i was wondering when i’d hear from you again! i actually went into a halloween store today and thought of you so great timing