not being afraid of horror is buying a 25 dollar 13 nights of halloween ticket and laughing your ass off as the people you go with are terrified

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Is there going to be a continuation to the halloween Phan tickets? I NEED IT

I go back and fourth debating if I should continue. There is an even more in depth ending that exists but only I know it haha. Not sure if I should reveal it just yet..

NEW FIC: To Believe in Ghosts 


Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou

This new premium dining experience only takes place during Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Enjoy a 3-course Cajun-Creole feast at the Blue Bayou with live entertainment featuring Dr. Facilier, then head over to a priority viewing area for the Halloween Screams fireworks.

Guests will also receive a lithograph of original artwork by animator Eric Goldberg.

Guests MUST have already purchased a ticket Mickey’s Halloween Party before making reservations for this event. Cost is $150 per person (adult or child), including tax and gratuity, and does not include Mickey’s Halloween Party admission.

Tour Bus

Sarah was so excited that she had finally acquired Halloween Jack concert tickets. She was going to go with a newer friend she had made in collage after they had bonded over the singer and all she could think about was how she was looking forward to it. 

Once the were there, the more she thought about it the more she had to get something important to remember this night by. A concert ticket wasn’t enough and with Jack’s tour bus just sitting there, practically asking for her to come aboard she couldn’t let the moment pass her while she was feeling brave. After begging her friend long enough she finally agreed to keep watch while Sarah rushed into the vehicle.  

You’d think that with the situation Sarah would hurry up and find something but with the over whelming sense she had in front of her it wasn’t that easy. She thought she had finally, just about, found a good shirt of his to grab when she saw the flash light of a security guard go by and heard her friend run off without a second thought. So much for being a good friend. So now she was left in the bus alone and to top it off she thought she heard the guard say Jack was going to come back to the bus because the concert was cancelled due to some ruckus.

With a single word. “Damn.” And a look of panic Sarah rushed to hid in one of the bunks and preyed for the best.

Going to Fright Fest together 5SOS

A/n; okay guys so last Halloween I went to fright fest, fright planet, whatever it was called and it was pretty damn scary, if you guys aren’t sure it’s basically a thing that starts at dark and you go into little haunted house things with people in them that scare you, and while you’re walking around they have people walking around dressed really scary and they chase and freak you out. So yep, :-)

Luke: “you know, (Y/N) it isn’t too late to turn around.” Luke says, glancing over at you from the drivers seat. “Uh, it kind of is Luke… You just parked” you giggled. “Shit” he mumbled, opening the car door. You both walk hand in hand to where you give your tickets in. You had to go, it was Halloween and the tickets were free. Plus it cannot be THAT scary, right? As you’re in line you hear girls behind you talking about how in one of the scary houses someone died, and you felt Luke’s hand tense around yours. “It’s okay” you whisper to him, giving him a thumbs up with your free hand. When you both are finally in you stop and take the sight in, and now you were freaked. “Well, where do you want to go first?” Luke asks. “We need to find a bathroom, like now” you say, slowly starting to walk to your left, but you stopped right in your tracks when you saw a bloody clown. “Shit shit” you say, letting go of Luke’s hand and backing up. The clown must have realized you were scared because he gave you the creepiest smile and started waking over to you. Once Luke took in what was going on he was quickly in front of you “come on mate, we just need a bathroom. Back off” Luke said putting his hand on your back. “I can take your pretty little girl to the bathroom” the clown says, trying to look over Luke’s tall frame to look at you. “Yeah, I don’t think so.” Luke said, grabbing you in an embrace and continuing your search for a bathroom and glaring at the clown as you walk by. That’s how the night went on, people trying to scare you and Luke being there to protect you.

Michael: “You look so scared, (Y/N)” Michael says trying to hide his laugher. “Yeah yeah, just shut up and get in line” you say. You and Michael were about to go into the first scary house of the night, you guys had been there for about an hour and you were way too scared to try any of the houses yet. But Mikey had to get his way. “Is it just the two of you?” The lady at the entrance asks you. “Yes” Michael says and looks over his shoulder at you. “Okay, then I’m going to have the group behind you join if that’s alright with you” she smiles up at him. “We don’t mind” he says, grabbing your hand and walking in. So far it’s good, just creepy writing on the walls and small voices. Until you saw someone crawling on the floor which made you jump, “aww look (Y/N). He wants a friend.” Michael says to you pushing you toward the creepy person. “No no no Mikey, stop that shit right now” you say trying to dig your heels into the ground. All you could hear was Michael’s laughs. By the time you got out you were done, with this place and Michael. “Oh look,” he starts and points to a terrifying zombie dragging a shovel. “Over here, dude!” He laughs and points at you. “Michael Clifford!” You scream at him and quickly hide behind him. But it was too late, the shovel noise was getting closer and closer it was right in front of Michael. Your eyes were shut so tight that you felt like you would never be able to open them again. You heard the zombie making some kind of noise, like he was chattering his teeth right in your ear, and a wave of shivers went down your spine. “Mikey-” you were able to croak “please” you whisper. Not daring to open your eyes. “Alright alright,” he says. Embracing you and glaring at the zombie, “mine, back off” Michael says.

Ashton: “Come on Ash, it will be fun” you say, trying to get your boyfriend to go into one of the spooky houses with you. “No (Y/N)! Not after they creepy doll girl chased me! I’m ready to go” he says, checking his surroundings and making sure nothing was about to pop out and get him. Too late for that. “You talking about me, doll face? Why don’t you come into my factory so I can turn you into a doll too” she says and gives him a wicked smile. Ashton inhaled deeply, “please go away” he said, with one eye shut like she was about to really do anything to him. “C’mon” she says, trying to link arms with him. “Nope!” Ashton says and runs off. “Ash!” You shout for him. You sigh and try to follow him, the doll thing quickly disappearing. You pull your phone out and text Ashton, “Where the hell are you?” You type and a few seconds later you get a reply “Drummer Boy- bathroom. not coming out” you sigh and walk over to the bathrooms and knock on the door that says occupied. “You can come on out, Irwin”. You hear the door slowly unlock and you see your boyfriends terrified face. “Is she gone?” He says. “Yes. She is gone” you reassure him. “Thank heavens” he sighs in relief. “Let’s go home, I bet we can have way more fun there than here” he says, pulling you into a hug. “Fine” you say, laughing and kissing his cheek “you are too easy to scare” you say, quickly giving him a kiss and walking to the exit hand in hand.

Calum: “so you’ve been here before?” Calum says, walking through the entrance with you. “Yeah, it was pretty scary but now I have you to protect me” you say nudging him with his shoulder. He just laughs and says “what if I need you to protect me?”. You both walk over to the puppet factory, the last you remembered it was the least scary thing there. When you got in line you realized that you guys had been followed. “C-cal, don’t freak but there’s a creepy guy behind you” you whisper to him, and you instantly see Calum freeze. “Shit” he whispers under his breath, you could tell he was scared but helping him would mean possibly having that guy on your back. The guy got closer to Calums ear and just stares at you. “Screw off” you finally say, surprising Calum and even yourself. But that only made it worse, triggering the creep to be on your case, but before he could get too close to you Calum turned around and backed up to be right in front of you. You saw Cal shiver at the sight of the man with a bloody mask. The guy slowly walked away but started at the both of you the whole time he was walking by. “We are never ever coming back” Calum says, with a sigh of relief. “I agree” you say. You and Calum decided to ditch the idea if staying and just went to the store to pick up a bag of candy and just decided to hand out candy and relax instead.