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You'd all fit in perfectly on Halloween or at a convention. Cosplayers are everywhere and there are alot of wierd people out there. I doubt anyone would actually say anything.

“Oh goody. I love fitting in.” He laughs. 

Monstrumologist Halloween Costumes


  • Basically any character or monster


  • Pellinore’s personality disorders
  • Codependency issues
  • Wearing a trash bag and saying you’re Alistair/Pellinore
  • Fire
  • A moldy raspberry scone
  • Child abuse
  • Wearing a mask of a woman’s face
  • Just carrying eyeballs around in your pocket
  • Will’s slowly emerging insanity
  • Pellinore’s occasional insanity
  • Kearns’s very consistent insanity
  • Medical tools
  • The British

Happy Halloween 2015! I really really enjoyed being Belle, it was even worth wearing heels. I just felt so glamorous, which is weird since I was wearing her ‘servant’ outfit. Belle is a glamorous servant, hehe! :D The first pic was with my mom’s phone, which is a lot better than mine. My phone sucks, but I made up for it (?) in more pictures. I’m really proud of this costume, it turned out so well for being a two day project! It is a little low cut, but I just got to show off my “brave beautiful boobs,” hehe!

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday, if you celebrated. I am very tired, but it was totally worth it. Belle will probably be taken out again the next time I go to a convention.


The progression of my Captain Cold gun today, and a bonus with my husband’s Heat Wave gun. 

I’m pretty happy with both of these. The lettering is raised, sadly, so not much I can do about it, but I’ll Photoshop them out in pictures with the real costume. I’m very excited about both my female Captain Cold costume and my husband’s Heat Wave. The plan is to do this for Halloween and our next convention. Stay tuned! I want to have a photographer friend help us recreate the actual Captain Cold and Heat Wave promo shots. 

Plastic Man loves to read One Piece . He’s dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy once at Halloween or a convention and He has tried out a few of Luffy’s fighting techniques. He’s gotten compliments and picture asks at the conventions. He wants to do either a Supernova group cosplay or Straw Hat cosplay. But, He’s got no such luck . Firestorm and Booster Gold did agree to go as Ace and Sabo .


We have an amazing interview with Dyana, founder of Plus!SizedCosplay.  Here is what we talked about.

Q. We would like to know more about you, please introduce yourself! (name/nickname, age, hometown/area where you currently live).

A. Hello there! My name is Dyana, but some of my friends call me Cake. You are welcomed to call me whatever you want- I love getting nicknames! I’m 18, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma here in the States. I’ve lived in Tulsa my whole life, but I’m hoping to travel soon.

Q. For you, what is the meaning of cosplay? How long have you been practicing this hobby?

A. The meaning of cosplay to me is self expression, being yourself- as weird as that sounds, because you’re dressed like someone else! It’s about showcasing your talent, your abilities, things of that source. It’s a great way to make friends, and most importantly, it’s about having fun! You really get a chance to be someone else- and that may help you come out of your shell, if you’re shy, or it may give you a great confidence boost with all the compliments you get on your cosplay. It’s just overall… so fun and enjoyable. I started cosplaying in early 2009, I first cosplayed as an “anime school girl” for a Halloween party at school, then I cosplayed Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance for another Halloween event. My first convention was Defcon8 here in Tulsa- it was so long ago, the convention doesn’t even exist anymore! For that convention, I cosplayed L from Death Note. It was a very beginner cosplay and I had A LOT of fun wearing it and attending the convention in it. 2009-2010 I kind of took a break from cosplaying- I didn’t have a lot of money and was going through some hard times in my life- although I did attend Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 (out of cosplay.) In 2011 I attended IzumiCon in Midwest City, Oklahoma and began cosplaying again- debuting my John Egbert (Homestuck) cosplay. That convention was AMAZING- and I must say a big thank you to my friend Kayla for getting me back into cosplay.

Q. How many costumes have you done? Which of your cosplays is/are your favorite/favorites?

A. Oh lord! I have done close to 30 cosplays- including my casual/closet ones. One of my favourite cosplays to wear was Russia from Hetalia, which has since been retired, but in the near future I do plan on re-making the cosplay and improving on that one. Another cosplay that was just pure fun to wear was my Data (Star Trek: Next Generation) cosplay. I got a lot of pictures taken as Data and tons of people loved the cosplay and even ‘fangirled’ over it! It made me feel amazing when people told me they liked my Data cosplay. Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) was also fun to wear- and not to mention, very comfortable to wear! It’s so hard to choose which cosplay was my favourite- because honestly, I think they all are my favourite.

Q. Which is the character you have cosplayed that is most similar to you (if none that you have cosplayed, then one that you will cosplay)?

A. I think most the characters I cosplay reflect a personality aspect of me. For example, I cosplayed Pinkie Pie and she loves to make people happy, make people smile, and overall bring fun to any situation and I think I’m like that, quite a bit actually. I love making my friends happy, doing good deeds for people, just the small things that brighten people’s day. I cosplayed Sherlock Holmes (from the BBC Series) too, and I think I’m like him in the sense that I’m a little strange, quiet, clever and sarcastic. Overall, I really think that the most similar to me that I cosplay/cosplayed is/was Mako Mankanshoku from Kill La Kill. She LOVES food- sushi, croquettes, rice balls- which happen to be all my favourite foods! She is silly, adorable, loves, cares and would do anything to help her friends and family.

Q. Could you tell us what is your dream cosplay?

A. I have SO many dream cosplays! I really, REALLY want to cosplay Princess Peach (Mario series), Fat Princess, Ira Gamagoori (Kill La Kill), Jenkestsu!Satsuki (Kill La Kill), Worf (Star Trek: Next Generation)… and many, MANY more. I know I will be cosplaying for the rest of my life.

What events do you visit in Cosplay? Have you won any cosplay awards in these events?

A. I go to all kinds of conventions, meet ups, photoshoots, gatherings, things like that. I attend all the conventions that are held in Tulsa, Oklahoma- especially Tokyo in Tulsa. I sometimes attend out of city conventions, but as for now I am sticking to local conventions. Hopefully this year, I will be attending ACEN (Anime Central) in Chicago. I have not won any awards yet for my cosplays because I really don’t enter them in contests or anything.

Q. What is your best cosplay memory?

A. This one is a tough one… I’ve had lots and lots of amazing memories over the years in cosplay and attending conventions- but something happened recently that is now my favourite memory regarding cosplay and conventions. Recently, I attended Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 and held my Plus Size Cosplay panel- a little over 60 people attended and it was absolutely fantastic. It went so great, everyone loved it and I even made some new friends- a lot of people even recognized me from my Facebook page- which was exciting! After the panel I stayed a little bit to talk to everyone, people thanked me, complimented my cosplay, and then I walked out shortly after once everyone was finished talking. An older women approached me, she had tears in her eyes and told me that she just wanted to thank me for having this panel. She then told me that her daughter has been hating her body, being afraid to cosplay because of her weight, and hating clothing shopping because of her size. This made me infinitely sad and made me want to talk to the daughter, give her a big hug and tell her she was absolutely perfect. The lady kept talking and I kept listening, she told me that her daughter had found my panel and Facebook page and had been no longer afraid to cosplay because of her body, she was happier, she was more outgoing, and trying to love her body just how it was each and everyday. At this point, there were tears in my eyes as well and I had to keep wiping them away. It was so inspiring to me, I felt like I had truly made a change and difference in someone’s life and how they view themselves in a positive way. She told me that people, especially girls need to hear positive weight representation in the media, cosplay world, and the real world- how important it was that I keep hosting this panel so that the world will spread and more people will be accepting and loving of their bodies. I gave her a big hug and told her my thanks and appreciation. That meant SO much to me- and it will always mean so much to me.

Q. While on the subject of your page, please tell us more about you Facebook page, what drove you to take this initiative?

A. It’s a page for plus sized cosplayers! We have little giveaways, shout outs, features, show cases, contests- and most importantly a positive outlet for plus sized cosplayers to show their talents! I felt that plus sized people needed a positive support place to feel welcomed, accepted and comfortable showing off their awesome cosplays!

Q. How people reacted? Did you receive support for your page?

A. Well, I think the page is doing pretty well. Everyone seems to love it, support it, share it all around- and we’ve received NO hate for it! I am so happy that everyone loves and supports it.

Q. Do you have a memorable story related to your page?

A. Not really one in particular… But we have over 2,000 likes and keep climbing- so that’s pretty memorable!

Q. There’s a lot of controversy around the topic of physical similitude between cosplayer and character, what’s your take on this matter?

A. Cosplay who you want. If you want to cosplay big characters and you’re skinny- COSPLAY BIG CHARACTERS! If you’re big and want to cosplay skinny characters- COSPLAY SKINNY CHARACTERS! Cosplay who you want, as long as you’re comfortable and having fun- that’s really all that matters!

Q. Do you think there’s discrimination or bullying in this subculture?

A. Unfortunately, yes, there is. I’ve experienced myself- especially while wearing and posting pictures of my BBC Sherlock cosplay. People saying “Sherlock isn’t fat! You look disgusting” and saying things worse than that, this took place on my personal Tumblr. I’m not entirely sure why people care what my weight is and how I look in a cosplay- I’m going to cosplay who I want to cosplay and not let the people who say crappy things about it bring me down.

Q. If you think there is, what makes you continue doing cosplays?

A. I continue to do cosplay because I want to cosplay. I love it, it’s my true passion and I don’t think anything could make me stop. I want to change the way people see cosplayers. I want everyone to see cosplayers as beautiful, talented and looking great in their cosplays no matter what.

Q. What would you tell the new generation of cosplayers?What positive advice would you like to give to those who don’t dare cosplaying their favorite characters because of their love handles?

A.  Be bold. Cosplay who you want to cosplay and don’t give a rat’s half if people give you crap about it- because whoever you are cosplaying, you will look fantastic, beautiful and stunning in that cosplay. As long as you’re having fun and enjoying yourself- you’re doing it right

First Meeting Au’s Based on Real Life First Meetings

- “we’re at a party/convention/something and we only know each other through a mutual friend/mutual friends but you heard about a cheap chicken place nearby and im starving so we end up going to find it together but apparently it’s been swallowed by the void because we’ve been walking for half an hour and not only is there no chicken place by i have no fucking idea where we are” au

- “we were at a halloween party/convention and it started pouring down with rain. now we’re both in the bathroom dejectedly wiping off face paint and fake blood and could you pass me some more toilet roll because this paint is as stubborn as my mum when you try to tell her shes wrong.” au

- “we’re in a group chat together and everyone else is asleep and apparently four AM is a great time to share bad porn videos with each other. how about we take this into private message?” au

- “you’re in my English Literature class and we’re reading Antony and Cleopatra and apparently we have the same juvenile sense of humour because I can see you trying not to giggle over Sextus Pompey and maybe we should sit next to each other because my friends are Not Entertained” au

- “you made a post on some social media website about a hunger games surrounding *insert stereotype here* and I commented/reblogged/retweeted saying that my hometown/city/borough/county would totally win and hey it turns out we live in the same place” au

- “our friends are talking and we’re sort of awkwardly off to the side but holy shit some prick you hate just passed and you’re unloading all the dirt onto me and can I just say that I’m such a slut for gossip and I really love you right now?” au

Hey guys!  Official Sock hats are TEMPORARILY on hold!!

My sister ran into a couple road blocks in the past couple weeks; she was sick for a few days, and there was a miscommunication about an order she’d placed for buttons.  She’s got approximately 40 hats to make right now, and messages still coming in as I type this, and a lot of people wondering if their orders will make it in time for Halloween or a convention coming up.  It’s all a little overwhelming right now, so we’re taking the listing down temporarily until she can get caught up.

Hopefully this will mean she can get her current backlog of hats done and sent off for you guys who would prefer to have them by a deadline.  And then once we’re back on track, we’ll open them right back up again!!  

Thank you for all of your support, patience, and understanding.  The response has been great, and we really appreciate your business!!  I’ll be sure to make a post and let you guys know as soon as they open up again!

My Thursdays with Oakley - A Halloween special

Oakley and his playmate are back for a quick, smutty intermezzo. Beware, angst, bits of non-consensual stuff and a little gore is to be found here.


I was more than happy that Oakley didn´t insist on celebrating Halloween in the conventional, classic way. As far as he told me, he was invited to at least fifteen parties, and I myself, well, got two invitations anyway. How bored I was by that idea. I didn´t need to dress up in order to get drunk and embarrass myself at my friends´ places or at some bar.

Generally, I like the idea of this holiday: scaring evil spirits away with dressing up in terrifying disguises or taking a moment of silence to commemorate dear departed ones, as some cultures do.

Also, handing out sweets to dressed up kids was fun. Just seeing how happy they were, in their neatly made and cute little costumes, cheered my heart.

One of my problems with Halloween was that whenever I came up with a clever idea for a costume, which was at all times far from the typical Slutty Officer of Sexy Zombie Nurse, the painstakingly tailored piece of guise was either shredded to tatters by some drunk idiot at the first party I went to or christened with beer or vomit at the last. Let alone my frustration when people didn´t recognize what I was masquerading as. I suppose even Anne Boleyn was a choice that overwhelmed my friends´ investigative skills at a Famous Dead Sovereigns themed Halloween party, though I showed up with an artfully severed head and an I love Henry – paper pennant. 

Long story short, my enthusiasm for this tradition diminished over the years, but I guess that just happens when you grow up.

Oakley seemed to sense my un-willingness to go to one of the upcoming parties and planned something completely different, a circumstance I was thankful for. It still surprised me that this boy, who had caused me so much heartache and desperation before we finally resolved our issues and got together, could be so sweet and considerate, if he wanted to.


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