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LUKE CAGE, HERO FOR HIRE might very well have been my favorite costume at the NYCC. This totally ripped, 6'6" dynamo was the living embodiment of the character he portrays. “Sweet Christmas!”

ohsososophisticated  asked:

Hi! When you get this, write 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! <3

It has taken me an age to answer this because life, but here we go! 5 things that make me happy:

1) people in costumes/cosplay - I LOVE seeing what people like enough to emulate, and the work that goes in, and how proud they are, especially when someone “gets” it or compliments them. This is why I love Halloween and conventions (besides candy and shopping).

2) people unabashedly loving things - this is part of why it pleases me that “geek” is super in these days. I hate the gatekeeping and the hipster approach, but the fact that people feel more comfortable loving things publicly makes me super happy. People actually celebrating art in whatever form moves them feels like such progress! (this does not mean that “problematic faves” get a free pass, necessarily - but you can still love something that’s problematic!)

3) books! - not just reading, which I love, but also the physical objects. I don’t have a lot of details on this, but like, books as objects, whether or not there are any words in them, really get me. One of my life goals is to completely produce a book of my own - write it, print it, bind it, all myself. I also really like printing presses.

4) dance - I am not an exercise person by default. I would much rather sit and read or play videogames, or spend money than, like, move. I hate sweating. BUT, since finally allowing myself to pick it up 6 years ago, I can’t imagine my life without dancing. Ballet kept me (arguably) sane through law school and bar prep, and it has taught me a lot about being a person, as well as about the actual discipline. I took up ballroom dance late this past summer, at my parents’ behest, and I love that, too! It’s so different to ballet, but I find they really only help each other out. Anyway, I’m not like amazing at either kind, but I love dancing, and I love how everyone involved is so kind and supportive and we’re all dancing because we want to feel like we’re beautiful and strong and part of the music.

5) (I will not cheat and say dogs) RPGs - I am a terrible roleplayer, I just haven’t figured it out in the…10 years? that I’ve been doing it, but I love them so much! In the first place, I love regularly gathering with people whose company I enjoy, whether or not there are games. But I also love getting to be a part of someone’s story, and spending hours at a time with friends playing pretend. I love how many different systems there are to explore different worlds in different ways, and I really like dice. Currently I’m playing an outrageously charismatic (CHA 28) necromancer with a loyal spelleton (spellcasting skeleton) called Leonard McCoy (Bones for short, obvi) and up to 4 regular skeleton henchmen (my dead gay sons, whom I love). 

So those are fairly assorted, but that’s 5 things that make me happy! Idk who the last 10 people in my activity who aren’t @ohsososophisticated are, so tag amongst yourselves, and share the happiness!


HorrorHound Weekend

A Nightmare on 1428

Plastic Man loves to read One Piece . He’s dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy once at Halloween or a convention and He has tried out a few of Luffy’s fighting techniques. He’s gotten compliments and picture asks at the conventions. He wants to do either a Supernova group cosplay or Straw Hat cosplay. But, He’s got no such luck . Firestorm and Booster Gold did agree to go as Ace and Sabo .

First Meeting Au’s Based on Real Life First Meetings

- “we’re at a party/convention/something and we only know each other through a mutual friend/mutual friends but you heard about a cheap chicken place nearby and im starving so we end up going to find it together but apparently it’s been swallowed by the void because we’ve been walking for half an hour and not only is there no chicken place by i have no fucking idea where we are” au

- “we were at a halloween party/convention and it started pouring down with rain. now we’re both in the bathroom dejectedly wiping off face paint and fake blood and could you pass me some more toilet roll because this paint is as stubborn as my mum when you try to tell her shes wrong.” au

- “we’re in a group chat together and everyone else is asleep and apparently four AM is a great time to share bad porn videos with each other. how about we take this into private message?” au

- “you’re in my English Literature class and we’re reading Antony and Cleopatra and apparently we have the same juvenile sense of humour because I can see you trying not to giggle over Sextus Pompey and maybe we should sit next to each other because my friends are Not Entertained” au

- “you made a post on some social media website about a hunger games surrounding *insert stereotype here* and I commented/reblogged/retweeted saying that my hometown/city/borough/county would totally win and hey it turns out we live in the same place” au

- “our friends are talking and we’re sort of awkwardly off to the side but holy shit some prick you hate just passed and you’re unloading all the dirt onto me and can I just say that I’m such a slut for gossip and I really love you right now?” au

Hey guys!  Official Sock hats are TEMPORARILY on hold!!

My sister ran into a couple road blocks in the past couple weeks; she was sick for a few days, and there was a miscommunication about an order she’d placed for buttons.  She’s got approximately 40 hats to make right now, and messages still coming in as I type this, and a lot of people wondering if their orders will make it in time for Halloween or a convention coming up.  It’s all a little overwhelming right now, so we’re taking the listing down temporarily until she can get caught up.

Hopefully this will mean she can get her current backlog of hats done and sent off for you guys who would prefer to have them by a deadline.  And then once we’re back on track, we’ll open them right back up again!!  

Thank you for all of your support, patience, and understanding.  The response has been great, and we really appreciate your business!!  I’ll be sure to make a post and let you guys know as soon as they open up again!