Back in August, I attended ScareLA, the first Los Angeles Halloween Convention. Here’s my latest pictorial featuring over 150 photos of all the wonderfully horrific things to see at the event. Pumpkin carving is apparently much easier when you have a handy circular saw.


The Stan Lee Interview @ Comikaze 2015

How we spent our Halloween weekend?  Well, a road trip to SoCal for Stan Lee’s Comikaze @ the LA Convention Center. 

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Here it is, folks. The final installment of my Kandy Coated Kackles halloween mixes (for now…).  Its been very hard to keep these filled with good songs every year, so I’m saying this will be the final year until I can collect a backlog of some new tunes.  But I feel like volume 20 is a good place to leave it.  At first I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the coffin with this one, but little by little new selections began to manifest in front of me. I think this is one my best mixes. Its also the longest one, clocking in at 2 hours!  There’s plenty variety here, I hope you’ll all be very surprised.  I get lots of messages about these mixes and it really makes me feel good that people are so into them.  Also go here for the KCK Master Post, where this one will be added too. Hope this one makes your bones shiver and your nerves quake.



1. Halloween Convention of Spooks/ 2. I Wish I was a Jack O’ Fire- Pine Hill Haints/ 3. Secret Treat/ 4. Halloween- Mission Creeps/ 5. I’m a Ghost- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms/ 6. Secret Treat/ 7. Train to Satanville- Gin Gillette/ 8. Werewolf Blues- The See No Evils/ 9. Dark, Dark, Dark- Scary Spooky Stories/ 10. Triple Hexxx Curse- Grim County Coroners/ 11. Horror Business- The Misfits/ 12. Zombie Radio- Vince Ray & The Boneshakers (explicit lyrics)/ 13. Witch Girl- The Mystrys/ 14. Secret Treat/ 15. How to Make a Monster- Rob Zombie/ 16. Secret Treat/ 17. Midnight- Hank Levine & The Blazers/ 18. I Hear Voices- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins/ 19. Curse of the Poltergeists- Lonesome Wyatt/ 20. Secret Teat/ 21. X Files Theme- Mark Snow/ 22. Horror Movie- Skyhooks/ 23. Sinister Stomp- Bobby (Boris) Pickett/ 24. Secret Treat/ 25. Walk of the Mummy- SLK/ 26. Out From the Grave- Cult of the Psychic Fetus/ 27. Secret Treat/ 28. Mostly Ghostly- The Creatures/ 29. Weerdo the Wolf- Frankie Stein & His Ghouls/ 30. Secret Treat/ 31. Creature from the Black Lagoon- 3D Invisibles/ 33. Secret Treat/ 33. Witchy Red- Dr John/ 34. Werewolf- Michael Hurley/ 35. Secret Treat/ 36. Devil Do- Holly Golightly/ 37. Sing You Sinners- Smith Ballew/ 38. The Twistin’ Ghost- Maximillian/ 39. Secret Treat (explicit lyrics)/ 40. Trick or Treat- The 4 Flops/ 41. The Skinny Toe- Scary Spooky Stories/ 42. Jeepers Creepers- Pinto Colvig/ 43. Happy Halloween- Miketama/ 44. Secret Treat/ 45. Young Frankenstein Theme/ 46. The Night Stalker- Teddy Durant/ 47. Secret Treat/ 48. Shadow Crypt- Demented Are Go/ 49. Bury Me Deep- Chance Halliday/ 50. Riders in the Sky- The Ventures/ 51. Dead Man’s Bones- Dead Man’s Bones/ 52. Secret Treat

Happy Halloween, folks. Thanks for listening. Back to the grave I go…


HorrorHound Weekend

A Nightmare on 1428


So we went to a Tattoo Convention and… yeah ;) PS my friends and I are super original with our ideas :p

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Star Trek TNG Starfleet Girls’ Tulle Dress

PLAYGROUND: THE FINAL FRONTIERTNG introduced a lot of new things onto the Enterprise: the ship’s counselor as a member of the senior staff, androids, and kids! Thanks to new Starfleet practices, personnel were finally encouraged to bring their families aboard, and we got to see the interactions that would occur between Starfleet officers and very young citizens of the Federation. Not that it always went swimmingly - case in point: “Shut up, Wesley!"For every little girl who dreams of flying aboard the Enterprise as a member of Starfleet, we now have an appropriate uniform for her! Stretchy, comfy fabric decorated with a glitter tulle skirt, she can choose to join Sciences, Operations, or Command and start earning her pips right away. Move over Ensign Crusher - there’s a new youngest member of the crew!”

Product Specifications
Star Trek TNG Starfleet Girls’ Tulle Dress - Exclusive
Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise
A ThinkGeek exclusive!
Perfect for conventions, Halloween, Trekker family photo shoots, or taking command of the classroom
Choose Blue (Sciences), Gold (Operations), or Red (Command)
Available in sizes 2 - 7
Materials: 95% cotton 5% spandex
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

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