Transworld 2009: Professional Halloween Prop show


The convention was so freaking fantastic! We got lost on our way and I’m tired and feel like shit but we met so many beautiful people and sang the whole musical in front of the building haha. I couldn’t eat with the vampire teeth and struggled with laughing but it was totally worth it :3 hopefully the rest of our group will join next time (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And please appreciate my absolutely adorable veronica

Damien Bloodmarch sfw fluff head canons

-While you’re making breakfast, he’ll come up and hug you from behind. He enjoys the aroma of the food, plus he adores putting his head on your shoulder.

-During anime conventions and Halloween, he plans out different couple cosplays. His favorite is Sasuke and Naruto.

-Gets dysphoria quite often, so you always caress and kiss his problem areas (same way around if you have a trans mc)

-If you aren’t home, he’ll snuggle with a huge body pillow.

-He always asks for you to read to him, which of course you do. You can’t turn him down.

-At times you’ll catch him singing in the shower. You’ll join him, he gets flustered but keeps on going.

The Halloween Tattoo Bash 🎃 Thanks for having us!

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So I dressed as a male character and got correctly gendered. Point of this story is 10/10 would recommend for Halloween or comic conventions, bonus points if the character shares your name

Aw that’s awesome!! So happy for you!

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I love your blog so much!! <3 Could I get a headcanon for Yamada, Aizawa, and Toshinori where their fangirl/boy s/o cosplays as them for Halloween or a Convention and how they would react with them getting into character for the event? :D Thank you!!

Halloween is a bit different in Japan than in the U.S. As, in Japan it’s typical for adults to celebrate with dressing up and attending parties. I’ll assume the setting is at a random street party in Japan - Mod Honey

Yamada Hizashi

  • He sees them and immediately makes a beeline towards them, so stoked in seeing someone among the crowd dressed up like him—running up to them his phone already out
  • “Hey, Hey! Listener! NICE OUTFIT!” Yells excitedly and when they greet him in character he laughs and throws his arm around them and asks for a picture
  • Buys them a couple drinks—or a snack and chats with them, loving how he’s practically conversing with himself; wholeheartedly amused
  • If he attended the party with a couple of friend—*cough*Aizawa*cough*— he’ll definitely show them off to them. Cue Aizawa groaning in the background

Aizawa Shouta

  • Low-Key embarrassed as he passes by, pulling his scarf to cover his nose. Grumbling about the media and incoherent things
  • When they see him and approach him he cringes when they’re ‘in character’ he dies a little inside because he starts to think ‘Do I really act/sound like that?’
  • Definitely not rude though, he’s just astonished and flustered someone would dress up as him—as he is a Underground Pro Hero—and probably straights up tell them to drop the act
  • Though he softens the blow of telling them to stop ridiculous acting ‘like him’ by complementing their costume and appreciating their enthusiasm for him; chats with them for a bit before going on his way—can be persuaded to take a photo with them; he won’t smile though 

Toshinori Yagi

  • Straight up embarrassed, dying inside—in a good way—when he hears a familiar laugh followed by “I am here!” Really doesn’t know what to do with himself for a moment
  • Pushes the initial embarrassment away and transforms and greets them—if he’s still able to—though he’s clearly flushed when the cosplayer keeps in character, slightly stumbling over his words
  • Compliments there outfit and pulls them in for a hug and sits them on his shoulder when they ask for a photo
  • All around very kind—but shy—though he can’t stay for long as he has his limits. Quickly finds an excuse to exit as a crowd starts to build around him and disappears around the corner; warms his heart that people still like him

—— Bex with Michael Myers’s cosplay at Kid Kon convention in Pasadena, California [June 10, 2017]

≼ ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ ≽ ⇢ _the_real_michael_myers

« At #kidkon @bex_tk met her match as this wasn’t Brandon James aka #ghostface from the #mtvscream #scream she met #michaelmyers #therealmichaelmyers she is such a awesome fun person thanks for showing up! Was awesome to meet you and interact with you! Was such an honor »

oc ask game time
  1. who would own a pet spider
  2. who loves aquariums
  3. who would live off of macaroni and cheese given the chance
  4. who’s favorite time of day is 2:36 in the morning
  5. who waits for the movie to come out on dvd instead of seeing it in the theater
  6. who has really bad seasonal allergies
  7. who would absoLUTEly fuck a clone of themselves if given the opportunity
  8. who would start a fight if someone dissed their starter pokemon
  9. who would always cry about Bambi’s mom no matter HOW many times they’ve watched it
  10. who HAS to sleep with their socks off
  11. who always gets second place in mario kart and is always super salty about it
  12. who gets their hand stuck in a pringles can
  13. who has WAY too many stuffed animals
  14. who always spends like 20+ dollars on those claw grabber games bc they really, really want what’s in them but really, really suck at them
  15. who drinks out of the carton
  16. who puts the near-empty carton back in the fridge
  17. who sleepwalks
  18. who gives everyone really dumb nicknames that have literally nothing to do with their actual name
  19. who breaks or loses their headphones every two weeks
  20. who would get flowers for themselves bc they fucking deserve it
  21. who has the really specific favorite color
  22. who would have the dumbest superhero name
  23. who will immediately become ride or die for someone if they buy them food
  24. who draws in the steam on the mirror after a shower
  25. who never puts anything on their hotdogs
  26. who will follow the ice cream truck for like ten blocks to get what they want
  27. who would fall for super cheesy pick-up lines, you know the ones
  28. who likes pineapple pizza
  29. who will drop everything to sing and dance along to Bohemian Rhapsody whenever and wherever it comes on
  30. who wears those logo t-shirts for halloween and conventions as a “costume”

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You remind me of Sailor Jupiter ♥

YES. YESSSSS. I love Sailor Jupiter so much, I’m incredibly flattered by the comparison. I’ve thought about making or purchasing a nice costume of her outfit for Halloween or a convention ;-; She’s such a powerful champion, I’ve always wanted to be that strong. Thank you so much for sending this!!

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Monstrumologist Halloween Costumes


  • Basically any character or monster


  • Pellinore’s personality disorders<br.>
  • Codependency issues
  • Wearing a trash bag and saying you’re Alistair/Pellinore
  • Fire
  • A moldy raspberry scone
  • Child abuse
  • Wearing a mask of a woman’s face
  • Just carrying eyeballs around in your pocket
  • Will’s slowly emerging insanity
  • Pellinore’s occasional insanity
  • Kearns’s very consistent insanity
  • Medical tools
  • The British