DIY Snake Cake Tutorial from Schooled in Love. This is a 6 foot long cake! The secret to its shape is bundt cakes - lots of them and rice krispie treats. Go to the link to see how she made the Cobra Cake. This would also make an awesome basilisk cake for a Harry Potter themed party. For more Halloween cakes go here.

DIY Halloween Open Grave Cake Recipe from Mr. Jeff McCarthy.

There is a recipe for Lemon Sponge Cake at the link. Jeff McCarthy wrote this about this cake:

The cake itself was a lemon sponge, the filling vanilla butt cream and fresh blueberries and raspberries. The coffin is made from the same, minus the berries, and glazed with chocolate and crusted with cocoa nibs. I made the tombstone out of chocolate shortbread.

DIY Spiderweb Cake Recipe and Tutorial from The Cake Blog. This is so easy - the toughest thing will be to not burn your fingers. Melted marshmallows are wrapped around your cake in a messy web. For more Halloween food like the Blood Fountain, Skin Cake or Brie Coffin Cheese Cemetery go here.

This is how the stringy marshmallows look on a darker cake from Say It with Cake.

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