When I was like 11 I started getting into dressing myself how I wanted but my mom would never ever let me leave the house because I’d put on some crazy outfit and by 13 I kept trying to go out in crazy and “inappropriate” outfits and my mom was like “When you’re older, you’ll understand why these outfits don’t look good and are slutty looking.” But then I went to live with my grandparents at 14 and I’ve been dressing like you pressed the “randomize” button on Sims ever since.

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

  Happy Walpurgisnacht everyone!   Today is Walpurgisnacht (Walpurgis night).  Not only is it the night before Beltane but it is the literal half-way mark until Halloween.   Much like Halloween it is believed that the veil between worlds is thinner now than most other times of the year.   It is a night when witches, faeries and goblins hold festivals deep in the forest to exchange spells and to dance.  



Creepy-Vintage-Halloween-019 by Vikki Swink

Some of my spooky experiences: 

  • When my bedroom door is open I see figures peeking around the door frame or walking by, even when I’m home alone
  • I went to go get a water bottle one night and before I turned on the light there was a figure of a man standing in my living room. When I turned the light back off he was gone
  • When I was a kid I heard someone breathing behind me when I was laying in bed, even when I held my breath
  • I heard/felt something scratch along the bottom of my bed (there are drawers underneath nothing could have gotten under there aka my cat)
  • I heard something scratch along my headboard
  • Sometimes late at night when everyone is sleeping I can hear a man talking in the living room
  • One morning I came out to find the cabinets open
  • When I had a sleepover with my friend we were sleeping in the living room and I felt this intense sense of dread and anxiety come over me. I felt like we were being watched from the corner of the room, so I made my friend wake up and come sleep in my room with me