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So about this project. For awhile now I’ve noticed almost every single time I see a darker skinned black woman “going viral”, she’s half naked, oiled up, and/or sexualized in some way shape or form. It’s very rarely ever “Look at this amazing dark skinned woman who accomplished this thing.” Or “Look at her smile, she’s gorgeous”.  Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. There is nothing wrong with darker women and black women in general being free and expressive about their sexuality and provocative features. BUT that is NOT ALL they are. They are so much more than sexual beings, but for some reason, that seems to be almost the only thing that grabs viral appreciation. So here’s my attempt to have darker skinned black women go viral for just being cute, creative, stylish, bubbly, beautiful, and black. Aside from the videographer EVERYONE involved in this project IS A BLACK WOMAN. I hope you guys like it. I ask that if you enjoyed this and agree with my objective, share it with a few people please.

A special thank you to @aggienes, I couldn’t have done this without her.

Photographer & Creative Director: @ohpenmike @ohpenmikephotos
Stylist: @ohpenmikephotos & @aggie_hair
Hair-Stylist: @aggie_nes @aggie_hair
Graphic Designer: @pepitapepper
MUA: @chidi.mma
Models: @kristiatolode @misskellykel @chiepodeu @yanjusofine_

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Ciara as “NAKIA” in Black Panther 😍😍😍