halloween with spg


Throw back Thursday to only about a month ago when I saw @officialsteampoweredgiraffe at Downtown Disney on Halloween! I sacrificed Trick-or-Treating to be there, but, honestly ? Worth it. Especially because, since I was in a semi-casual The Spine cosplay (I was wearing more of it earlier that day, but had taken some things off by then), The Spine called me a doppelganger and Zero called me Pocket Spine! It was so much fun!
My The Spine makeup doesn’t look as good when I’m smiling as when I’m not since the lines are straighter, but, as you can see, I could not for the life of me stop smiling.


🎃After turning The Spine into a pumpkin, Rabbit fly’s into the night!🎃

Happy Halloween!
Well almost Halloween. I actually liked this drawing but I messed it up with my amazing water coloring skills so I did my best to do it digitally……..sadly not the master piece I wanted but I’m happy I finally drew something……take this doge as an apology

SPG Haunted House 2017 Reservations:

-Spare Parts Room, reserved by @jenthdoctor

-Kitchen, reserved by @rally-the-ace Submitted

-Lab, reserved by @clockwork-crow Submitted

-Dining room, reserved by @zalemoonshadow Submitted

-Music Room, reserved by @ashhollow Submitted

-The Hall of Wires, reserved by @v0idfiish

While the deadline is September 15th, it is advised that you complete and submit your room at the earliest convenient time in order to avoid rushing and stress in September.  Thank you. 


Happy Halloween, everyone!